Things We Love: Streamlined and Chic

Tory Haynes Interiors



In the post-Marie Kondo world, everything has changed. 



If tidying up is life changing, so is streamlining. Studio McGee has mastered the perfectly finished but never overdone look in this stunning California home.



Sure, some stuff brings us joy. But do you know what brings us more joy? Clean countertops!



And getting rid of the waffle iron that I was certain would make me the world’s coolest mom. You know the kind. It had all the plates so I could make ghost waffles or Christmas tree waffles or heart waffles or Mickey Mouse waffles or whatever. You know who doesn’t make great waffles? Me. Do you know who does? Nature’s Path. 



I tend to be a food hoarder. I don’t know why. I blame it on not having a Whole Foods close by and getting there three hours away and thinking Wait. Do I have too much quinoa or do I need more quinoa? And then I buy the quinoa and then I get home and I already have four bags and how on earth are the three of us going to eat that much quinoa? That stuff expands. But these shelves are goals if ever there were goals. No food hoarding in this kitchen.



I am, fortunately, a bit of a bathroom minimalist already, so that’s slightly less of a challenge. Even still, a vanity with lots of storage is part of the plan for my post-Florence bathroom. 



We’ve always thought that freestanding tubs look minimalist. Mine arrived a couple days ago. It is absolutely gorgeous. And 1400 pounds. There will be a crane involved. Don’t worry. I’ll post a video on Instagram! (@kristywharvey)



Baskets everywhere are the absolute best for storing until you can get to things so they don’t become clutter. 



And who really needs all that stuff on the nightstand collecting dust? Well, I mean, I have a pile of books the size of a small SUV, but I am reading those. So they aren’t collecting dust. They’re necessary.



Are you a fan of the streamlined and chic look? Or are you in the more is more camp? They certainly both have their merits, and we adore them both!

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We love seeing you here!

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Tips for Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom Retreat

Jackson & Leroy


Good morning, chic readers! As the world spins faster and we get busier, it becomes increasingly important for our homes to be the soothing retreats we need to unwind. There’s no place where that is more important than in the first place you see in the morning and the last place you visit at night: the master bathroom. Take a peek at some of our favorite tips for creating a spa-like master bathroom retreat. 

Amber Interiors


  1. Maximize Light. If you have the luxury of a bathroom free from neighbors, natural light is one of the fastest ways to make a bathroom feel open, airy and spa-like. 
Michael G. Imber


2. Invest in Quality. There are some rooms in the home where you can get by with scrimping, but, in the bathroom, where everything from floors to faucets to drains get a ton of use, it makes sense to invest in the best quality you can afford. (Even still, you never know when a problem like a blocked drain can arise, so it’s a good idea to have your favorite plumber’s number on hand!)

spa-like bathroom
S.B. Long Interiors


3. Glam it Up. From beautiful brass or stainless accents to pretty light fixtures, a little glamour can go a long way!

spa-like bathroom
Beth Webb Interior Design


4. Don’t Forget Storage. There’s nothing worse than creating a stunning bathroom only to have it filled with clutter. Plenty of storage ensures that hair irons and toiletries stay out of sight but readily available.

spa-like bathroom
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


5. Make it Feel Like Home. Depending on what kind of feel you want your bathroom retreat to have, incorporating vanities that feel like furniture and comfort items like chairs from other rooms can really make your bathroom comfortable and in keeping with the tone of the rest of your home. 

spa-like bathroom
Suzanne Kasler Interior Design


6. Make a List of Must-Haves. In any room, it’s important to focus on your priorities. For us, it’s always the bathtub and the light fixtures, but whatever your priorities are, make sure to put them in the budget first so you know where to splurge and where to save. 

spa-like bathroom
Tammy Connor Interior Design


7. Don’t Forget the Architectural Details. As with any room, it’s the details that really make a room memorable. In a spot with so much moisture, art can be tricky, so focusing on fabulous molding and woodworking details adds interest.

spa-like bathroom
Beth Webb Interior Design


8. Make it Comfortable. Maybe it sounds obvious, but any room that you want to feel like a sanctuary should be comfortable! We love this sweet and cozy vanity stool!

Jenkins Interiors

9. Play it up with Pattern. Let’s face it. Bathrooms can be boring. In a room where you want to stick with a simple palette, a little bit of pattern can go a long way toward defining a space. 

spa-like bathroom
Beth Webb Interior Design


10. Keep Your Favorite Essentials on Hand. Our favorite tip is the simplest: Make sure keep your favorite spa-like essentials on hand. Pretty sponges, favorite bath salts and that shampoo that makes your hair feel like you’ve just had a keratin treatment are inexpensive luxuries that add so much to your bathroom without a bit of demo!


What are your favorite ways to make your bathroom feel like a retreat?

The Secret to Southern Charm

Speaking of Southern Charm, if you haven’t checked out my Peachtree Bluff Series, beginning with Slightly South of Simple and continuing with my latest release, The Secret to Southern Charm, what are you waiting for? Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to get up to day on the Murphy girls and Peachtree Bluff, Georgia, a town where the breeze is warm, the sun is shining, and nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems!




The Magic of Mirrored Furniture

mirrored furniture
Beth Webb


Good morning, chic readers–and Happy President’s Day! Some design trends come and go, but others capture our imaginations and seem to stay on the scene for years, becoming classic pieces that shape our interiors.

living room mirrored furniture
Beth Ervin Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


For us, mirrored furniture, is one of those things, adding a touch of glamour or, when done right, a bit of Hollywood Regency style to any room.

mirrored furniture
Phoebe Howard Design


And Out There Interiors is one of our favorite spots for finding all the mirrored pieces we adore, from a pretty chest that accents a space in style, 

mirrored furniture


From a simple splash of mirrored style,

mirrored furniture
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


To an entire gorgeous dressing room covered in pretty panels, mirrors always make a statement. 

mirrored furniture
Alessandra Branca


When it comes to mirrors, the more the merrier we say! A chic bamboo table with mirrored accents combined with that stunning coastal mirror over top makes such a statement. And that chair is the perfect finishing touch!

mirrored furniture
Laura U Interior Design


For a glamorous bath, just add mirrored vanities! They add instant appeal.


Or just a touch, mirrored furniture always makes a splash! Are you a fan of mirrored furniture? If you were going to add a piece to your home, which room would you choose?

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love seeing you here! Wishing you a wonderful week!




Things We Love: Decorating the Console

entrance with console
Tracery Interiors


Finding a piece of furniture we love is usually easy. It’s styling it to make it blend beautifully in the room that can be harder!

console with flowers and wallpaper
Pimlico Interiors


Console tables are some of our favorite pieces for tricky spaces. 

console with books
Linda McDougald Design


From that spot in the entrance hall that begs for a little something more…

console with flowers and mirror above basket below
Dana Wolter Interiors


to that pretty wall between two windows…

gold console with flowers
Suzanne Kasler Design


There are so many great spots for a console table. As this photo shows, it can even serve as an impromptu bar! These homeowners get extra points for greeting guests with champagne!


We have used console tables as desks in small spaces, and we adore the idea of keeping an ottoman underneath for instant transformation into a chic (masculine) vanity. And talk about a one-of-a-kind accessory! We can all use a helping hand every now and then.


If we had to pick one thing that we thought was most important over a console table, we’d say it’s the art or mirror over it. But why choose? This mirror/photograph combination is perfect.

gray console with flowers
Massuco Warner Miller


A pretty table is a great spot to display favorite things–and incorporate favorite colors. This yellow really pops!

entrance with console table
Anna Burke Interiors


One thing we always focus on is height. Lamps, candlesticks and vases like this are great ways to add it!


console painted and filigree
Massuco Warner Miller


Sometimes less really is more. With a console this beautiful, there’s no need to fill it with a bunch of stuff!

Brunschwig and Fil Touches wallpaper
Alyssa Rosenheck


Sometimes we think we have to choose one statement piece, but this vignette proves that isn’t true. So many fabulous things going on here!

beach style console
Munger Interiors


Using all that vertical space is always a great idea. This basket full of beach towels is cute and functional!

console table on the porch with mirror over it
Suellen Gregory Interiors


A statement mirror, height on the end… This outdoor table is gorgeous–and, better yet, party ready! We couldn’t love it more. What’s your favorite way to style a console table?

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House Tour:Suzanne Kasler


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… For a house tour! When that house is the peerless Suzanne Kasler’s, it gets even more wonderful!


Kasler’s home designs are the ultimate in luxury, the kind of spaces that Pinterest boards are made of. (We know. We’ve already pinned all of these photos…)


It’s the little things: a hint of blue on the ceiling that coordinates perfectly with a pop of orange for interest…


A gallery wall that is perfectly imperfect…


A fabulous piece of art that makes all of the other neutral elements in the room come to life.


This elegant dining room is just the right place for gathering friends and family over the holiday for a delicious meal. Luxe elements keep it formal while seagrass and modern pieces keep it from becoming stuffy.


Talk about the perfect place for holiday entertaining! We love this room too!


You know already how we feel about getting the bar all stocked and ready for entertaining… This intimate nook is great for grabbing a chat with friend.


Or, better yet…


We do simply adore a gorgeous pair of twin beds, and the benches at the end are the icing on the cake!


The architectural details in this beautiful master retreat make it even more fabulous!


And more fabulous still!


Every lady needs her own space to get ready in the morning…


And, maybe even moreso, a place to cap off a fabulous day with a sip of champagne!


For reflecting, swimming or catching a few rays, this is the most perfect pool, making this lovely home as glamorous on the outside as it is inside. Add a wreath and a decorated tree, and we think we could move right in! Don’t you just love seeing how designers live in their own homes? We know we do!

via One Kings Lane

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Things We Love: Bathroom Style

Jute Interiors

It serves a very important purpose, sure. But, to us, the bathroom is also one of the best places in the house to have a little fun!


Gorgeous vanities, too-good-to-be-true tubs, faucets that make your morning shower an experience… They are all details that personalize a space.


Glass Shower Doors

Allsberg and Parker

Happy Thursday, friends! We’re getting so close to the weekend! We have had a fun few days in Georgia and are making our way back home to NC today for some more Dear Carolina events. It has been a great few weeks, and I can’t thank you enough for your support! 

1 jennywolf inter
Jenny Wolfe Interiors

There’s nothing like a long, hot shower to take away the stress of the day, and we adore the clean look of a glass shower door to make a bathroom feel modern and sleek.

Master bath

And, of course, there’s nothing like your own bathroom vanity with all of your necessities organized and in their proper spot. 


What’s On Your Vanity?


 What’s on your vanity? It’s a question that the lovely Sarah from 702 Park Project posed to us. And one that we were happy to answer! This is my sort of all-purpose getting ready area in my room in Beaufort. And, as you can see, it’s pretty sparse. That shell box is HUGE, and it’s perfect for tucking my essentials right inside of. We keep it simple down there, so a little swipe of Bare Minerals and some mascara and I’m out the door — much to the relief of my two Wills who are always ready for the next activity! Keeping the top clean makes it easy for this space to double as my desk. It has a gorgeous view and is always inspiring!


A girl really can’t have too many vanities, though, can she? We’re fully obsessed with this one. And I’m thinking Mom needs this one in her bedroom. Or maybe in the guest room.


Design Chic

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