Connecticut Garden Tour


Good morning, friends! We hope you’re having wonderful week! 


We normally do a house tour on Wednesday, but, in the spirit of summer, we thought a garden tour would be even better!


All Dressed in White


Architectural Digest

It’s after Memorial Day, and it’s official: white is back in a big way! 

Architectural Digest

From a classic shade for a timeless home exterior,


All Dressed in White…

Happy Easter, friends!

In Black and White

Kelly Wearstler’s Home via Lonny

 The grandest statement in a fabulous entrance hall,

Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Crisp and calming in a beautiful living room,


Black and White

Windsor Smith Interiors

It is, inarguably, one of the most classic color combinations. 

Michael Stavaridis Photography

For traditional office supplies that always work their hardest, 


Green and White

Eric Piasecki Photography


Springy, fun, and oh-so fresh, green and white is one of those effortless color combinations that Mother Nature herself dreamed up for us to enjoy.

Stone Gable

 A simple baguette is totally transformed by crisp, white paper and a hint of something green…


Design Chic

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Design Chic

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