It’s no secret that we are crazy for Phoebe Howard. So it seems to follow that we would positively adore the fabulous designs of her son, Andrew Howard. He may have a famous mother, but his inspiring designs stand all on their own. Andrew Howard’s fresh, relaxed style with a coastal touch makes it easy for us to say that this designer’s work is in good taste!
We hope you are all recovering from a fun-filled holiday. Just a few days until we get to celebrate again!


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An Organized Office

Deane, Inc
If you’ll remember, our New Year’s Resolution was to get organized! It started out very well, like most resolutions do. We cleaned the cabinets, cleared the clutter, took loads to Goodwill. But then, slowly but surely, the papers start to pile up again and that once perfect pantry full of glass jars has a few stray chip bags in it…
Carolyn Espley Miller
But if there’s one room that we’d like to get back on the horse with, it’s the office. This would be the ideal: Going truly paperless without a hint of clutter in sight. 
But the reality is that we need office storage. We have to have cabinets and shelves for filing and storing.
Bruce Glickman and Wilson Henley
We absolutely adore office bookcases and love the idea of stashing papers and supplies in baskets that are readily available. I’d like to find storage boxes just the right size to tuck into my rattan baskets!
Sometimes I think a detached office like this is my only hope. When it’s easily accessible, it’s too easy to drag in clutter from other rooms.
Style at Home
It would definitely never do for my office to be in the kitchen. I have a hard enough time keeping mail and papers out of there as it is!
We’re definitely not afraid of leaving boxes and folders and files out in the open — as long as they’re stylish!
Phoebe Howard
Working with a view is always a good choice!
Martha O’Hara Design
We read that green is the best color to use in an office because it promotes focus! We definitely need that some days…
Marcus Design
This office is such a great mix of functional and comfortable, and it’s super chic without being unrealistically sparse.
Amy Neunsinger Photography
Aren’t library ladders the best? And talk about more storage! 
Dallas Shaw’s Office
French chairs are some of our favorites and are comfy enough to make excellent office chairs. We love this room divider too!
Fieldstone Hill Home
How do you keep your office organized? Do you have a great system we need to know about? We hope you’re all having a fantastic day!Photobucket

Beautiful Blues

Ali Schwartz Design
Phoebe Howard Design
House Beautiful

Thomas O’Brien Design

House Beautiful

Watermark Coastal Homes

LDa Architects

Tracery Interiors

Linda McDougald Design

Kelley Interior Design


Beach House Bedrooms

Phoebe Howard Design
We are so close to having the Beaufort house finished that we have beach furniture on the brain! 

We have bought most of the pieces for every, single room in the house, and they are waiting patiently in an unnaturally crowded storage unit.
Mona Ross Berman via House Beautiful
The exception: Will and my bedroom!
Cabot Cove, Kennebunkport, Maine
I know. How is that possible? Do you ever find yourself so caught up in all the public spaces of a house that you forget to worry about the rooms that you will use the most?
Coastal Living
Somehow, an order got lost in the shuffle, and we basically have a mattress and an adjustable frame for our room. Really, though, when you get right down to it, those are pretty essential pieces to have!
Erika Powell
These gorgeous rooms have me dreaming of the couture of the design world: bespoke bedroom furniture. Everything is better, after all, when it’s made just for you.
Beach Chic
But, three to four weeks from (first and second floor) move-in date, I’m thinking it’s time to concentrate on finding something simple and pretty — and in stock — to grace a room in which I hope we will spend many, many happy years. 
Erika Powell – Urbangrace Interiors
We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, how much cuter can you get when sleeping a crowd?
Style at Home
Bunks are probably one of our all-time favorite things for kid’s rooms — especially on vacation. They just feel fun, and, for some reason, a little mischievous.
These built-in beds are the look we’re going for in little Will’s room. We ultimately decided against bunks, but there will be three beds for when he’s old enough to have friends come stay. 
Nine + Sixteen
This is the ultimate use of space, not wasting an inch and still undeniably charming and even complete with storage!
Summer House
We love everything about this room from the coral lamp (which may be making an appearance in our house) to the lacquered nightstand to the monogrammed headboard to that to-die throw at the end of the bed. So, any suggestions for my poor, forgotten room? At least I love the paint
Wherever you rest your head tonight, we hope it’s wonderful! Happy weekend!


Sisal Staircase


Jill Goldberg Design


Branca Design

Easy Living

Timothy Corrigan Design

William Hodgins


Gil Shafer Architect

Phoebe Howard

Elsa Soyars

Canal Blog


Barry Dixon


The Impact of Wallpaper

Phoebe Howard
Paint may be most popular, but nothing pops like a fabulous wallpaper. From chic, classic patterns to prints that make us say, “Wow!” there’s a perfect paper for every wall!
Summer Thornton

Marjorie Johnston and Co.

Thibaut Wallpaper
Amanda Nisbet Design

Amanda Nisbet Design

Amanda Nisbet Design

Daily Crush

de Gournay Wallpaper

Thibaut Wallpaper
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