Some homes simply beckon you to come inside. This one by Pamela Pierce Design certainly beckons us…
And, just as we expected, when we “stepped” across the threshold, this one didn’t disappoint. We love everything about this kitchen. The steel windows, the stainless island, the bull over the window. It’s the kind of place we can see ourselves procuring fresh herbs and whipping up a culinary masterpiece. (You know, theoretically.)
There’s nothing we love more than mealtime, and it’s always better when it’s spent with family and friends. The picnic table and open shelves with a sophisticated air give this dining area that unique combination of laid back and chic.
This whole house feels like a spaaaaahhhhh! We used to be convinced that every floor needed an area rug, but we’re changing our minds left and right. This room is a perfect example of how bare floors can feel light, bright and, most important, clean.
We don’t have to tell you that we’re wild for neutrals. And the pops of fresh green contribute to the organic feel.
We are short of breath over this room. The simple furniture, reclaimed floors and stunning doors are positively jaw dropping.
A mix of old and new is really the only way to go when designing a home.
These indoor shutters are an amazing way to make the room feel sparse yet finished. And you know we are all about a canopy bed!
Chandelier + Marble + Clawfoot tub = Dream bathroom. 
We’re big twin bed fans anyway, but these might be the most fabulous we’ve seen. This house makes us wonder why we ever, ever feel like we need to spice up our neutrals. These pictures make us feel like we can take a deep breath!
Sometimes that all-important outdoor living room can be filled with little-thought, seemingly forgotten pieces. Not here. This gorgeous patio blends seamlessly with the rest of the home.
Nothing lends that “I’ve been here forever” feel live ivy-covered walls. Funny because we’d have no problem being here forever! We hope you have a wonderful day!