There’s a lot to be said for the way a home looks, sure.
But, for us, it’s even more about the way a space makes us feel.
Relaxed, calm, happy, content…
Those are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when we consider how we would most like to be when in the places we spend the most time.
Those are the same adjectives that come to mind when we view these gorgeous spaces designed by Wendy Posard and Associates.
The team’s interiors are clean yet finished, soothing yet energetic.
When we feel like we’re looking in a room where we’d like to sit and stay awhile, that’s how we know we’ve found something that’s in good taste!
Everything about this kitchen is amazing, but the floor really takes the cake! So cool!
That classic black and white is an unbeatable combination, even in the kitchen. And we love our flowers just like this: fresh, fragrant and far from contrived.
But, then again, some spaces are simply magical all on their own…
The ideal combination of a perfect view from the inside out and the outside in!
The mixed materials in this house add charm and undeniable curb appeal. It’s so very inviting!
Speaking of inviting… You’re all invited to visit our friend Mary Ann at Classic Casual Home!! She is hosting a giveaway to help Ugandan women widowed by AIDS support themselves and their children. What an amazing cause!
Thanks, everyone, for visiting us today. We appreciate you all so much!