We’ve always, always loved old houses. Why? For their amazing finishes, of course. The moldings, doors, window casings… Older homes often contain the kind of woodwork that is nearly impossible to duplicate–and, even when it’s possible, is way too expensive to be realistic. 


At least, that’s what we thought.


When we stumbled across Metrie at the Design Bloggers Conference a couple of years ago, it was love at first sight. (Well. Love at first selfie. We met the Metrie crew at their selfie booth…)


This is what we had been searching for, that missing link that creates new homes that have the look and feel of old houses–minus the faulty plumbing and questionable electrical.


The Then & Now Finishing Collections makes it affordable and ridiculously easy to add charm–in a variety of different styles–to any space. 


Choose your moulding profile–referred to as a “scene”–then pick baseboards, casing and crown, interior doors and wainscoting. It is a simple, simple process (We know! We’ve been through it!) that allows you to customize your look easily.


Metrie’s artistic Collections provide a simple and cost effective way to transform blank, boring rooms into works of art. We thought we knew the importance of these finishes, but when you really see what can be achieved, it’s astounding!

Lisa Mende Design

Select pieces from the beautiful Fashion Forward Collection, for example, turn a space lacking in personality to an opulent dream room.

Lisa Mende Design

Just a few simple touches, like these incredible doors, take a plain, boring bathroom and turn it into a glamorous spot for even the most discerning homeowners. (Or feline friends!)

Lisa Mende Design

Finish it off with unforgettable hardware for a look so customized, so chic, so very one-of-a-kind that it instantly adds the kind of character formerly only belonging to days gone by. Obviously, we are big, huge fans of this inventive company. If you want to know more check out their Then & Now Finishing Collections and keep up with Metrie on social media! You won’t believe the transformations!