House Tour: A City Residence


Good morning, chic friends! Our friends at Skurman Architects have a treat for us today! A beautiful city residence that is perfection from the outside in.


Inspirational Architecture

 Meyer and Meyer, Inc.
If we were ever drawing a home from scratch, we think it would take the rest of our lives. That’s because we positively love most styles of architecture. We can completely picture ourselves, for example, in this sprawling, classic Georgian. 

Wall-Morris Design
Of all the styles of architecture, French is probably one of the tops. Just like French wine, it only gets better with age!

Decor de Provence
French Country is another timeless style that we could completely envision ourselves in. We can picture coming in from this incredible garden to a casual chic decor complete with a couple of very large yellow labs making themselves at home. What could be better than that?

Wallace Architects
A fabulous farmhouse — complete with crops out the window and wellies by the door — seems like such an idyllic life.
Centers and Squares
Nothing is more classic than Colonial style… It is that beautiful house with the white picket fence that dreams are made of. 
Simply Seleta
My favorite all time Colonial is the one from Father of the Bride — the Steve Martin version. I first saw it when I was seven and have dreamed of a Colonial ever since!
Charleston Style
The outdoor porches of Charleston style living are so quintessentially southern. 

Janof Hald Architecture
But, then again, the eco lifestyle and clean lines of modern architecture are nothing if not completely appealing. 

Evo Architects – Timber Facade
The idea of a small footprint and a green, streamlined life is so very chic — and incredibly stylish.
We hope you’re all having an amazing weekend — and recovering from all the black Friday damage you did!


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In Good Taste: Andrew Skurman

So we know, we know: you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But, sometimes, good taste is evident before you even get inside.
And so it is with Andrew Skurman Architects. The outside is undeniably divine…
But delve deeper, and it just keeps getting better.
This fridge is definitely our taste. 
If there’s anything better than farmhouse sinks, it’s double farmhouse sinks! (If you want more, check out this post 🙂 )
We love antique linens, and our bathrooms overflow with them. But our kitchens? Never thought of it. Seems like a good new plan!
It’s nice to be reminded that great adventure is only a sail away.
Whoa. Right?
This palette is so soothing and elegant.
There are no words for this closet. What a dream!
A bubble bath in a fabulous tub like this is the perfect way to end a long day.
Another cover that, we must admit, we’re judging. We give it a 10! 
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In Good Taste: Robert Brown Design

November’s Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle cover designers, Robert Brown Design, caught our eye with their gorgeous design and striking details.

This firm is known for “clean lines, classic proportions and extraordinary furnishings.”
It’s no wonder that this firm is widely celebrated and, we think it’s safe to say, their incredible work is certainly in good taste.
It was the firm’s flawless blend of modern art with traditional furnishings and architecture that initially drew us in, but these antique prints are so beautiful.
We love how they can throw in a French antique to add sophistication, while still keeping the room clean, streamlined and not one bit over the top.
Robert Brown’s designs are all about being inviting. This bedroom definitely draws you in.
We love the use of matching patterns of wallpaper and shades. When it’s done properly, like in this bath, it’s perfection.
A perfect vignette for taking advantage of the afternoon sun.
What a fabulous nook for pure relaxation. This painting is a flawless focal point, and curling up beside that fireplace looks incredible.

This room is so warm without being dark or dull. The architecture is amazing, and the furnishings are the ideal finishing touch.
We hope you’re all having a wonderful day!


Things We Love: Dormers

  What a beautiful way to add character and welcome sunlight to your home.  Happy Wednesday, everyone!


In Good Taste: Architect Matthew Sapera

We hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Easter holiday! We’re getting back into the swing of things today enjoying the fabulous taste of architect Matthew Sapera
We adore the detail work and molding on these walls. It goes to show that, with the proper touches, white walls are anything but boring.
Ahhhh… what a gorgeous place for a bubble bath. Simply striking.
Who couldn’t use more closet space? We know we sure could. We adore the idea of everything being hidden by matching doors like these. It’s so streamlined.
Painted paneling is one of our favorite looks, especially in a beach house. It’s a way for even a new house to feel like a bit of a throwback.
We put a black and white striped rug like this in baby Will’s playroom, and we love it! It’s such a bold statement on the floor. Aren’t those black stools amazing? The design is so striking and creates extra seating without taking up visual space. That’s especially important when there is a gorgeous view on the other side!
The perfect place for catching up! That campaign chest looks like it was made for that spot. We love little nooks like that!

The neutrals in this kitchen make it feel so clean. That is one of the most important attributes of a good kitchen, after all.
Frameless shower doors make a bathroom feel so much bigger!
Using painted paneling and beams on this vaulted ceiling makes it feel more spacious without seeming cavernous. The splashes of green make a great statement.
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