Five Mile River Home


 We always love Lynn Morgan’s fresh and lovely designs and this Five Mile River home is certainly no exception!


Gallery Wall Reveal!


Happy Monday, everyone! We’re so excited to share our gallery wall reveal with all of you today! This is a major wall in our house, and we have hemmed and hawed over the perfect thing for this space. This challenge was our answer! 

gallery wall fiona johnson photography

 We love all sorts of different configurations of gallery walls, as you all know. Symmetrical or just a little bit unsymmetrical, we think they’re all quite fabulous. But, as you’ll see, going with symmetry for this behemoth of a wall was a pretty obvious choice. 


The Impact of Art

Few things have the power to transform a room like gorgeous art.
The perfect piece can add dimension, color, personality, and, of course, a stunning focal point.
It’s no surprise that we are in a huge contemporary art phase. 
That’s why we’re so thrilled about our newest sponsor, Brent Baker!
His contemporary art is fresh, fun and inspired.
It would be that divine focal point in any room. Here are a few fabulous rooms that prove the power of a proper painting:
South Shore Decorating
Lucas Studio via House Beautiful
Amanda Nisbet Design
EJ Interiors
Veranda Magazine
Phoebe Howard
South Shore Decorating
Erin Gates Interiors
Thanks so much for visiting us today! We hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend!


Monday Musings: Loving Kendall Boggs!

A Black Tie Affair

If you read our blog, you know how much we LOVE artist Kendall Boggs. That’s why we are so excited that she is expanding her skills and branching out into modern art. “A Black Tie Affair” could be our favorite (though it’s really hard to choose a favorite…) and we think it would be the most fabulous wedding gift for someone very, very special!

“Dreaming” makes us do just that. We think we would be so much more creative if we had this painting hanging in our homes and got to walk by every day.
Grey Skies
Grey skies never seemed so inviting!
A Field of Gold
The tones in this painting are gorgeous.

We’ve always loved blowing on these “wish flowers.” If we had one now, we think we’d wish for this painting!
Dripping Trees
Dripping trees has always been on the top of our Kendall list. It has sold, but she’s happy to do commissions!
Summer Trees

Summertime all year round!

The subtlety of this is incredible.
Poppies I
These poppies can’t help but make you smile!
The Debutante
Now, of course, it will be hard for anyone to paint anything that holds as much esteem in our minds as Kendall’s dresses.
They are so ethereal and so lovely. And I’m so lucky because I have one hanging in my house to look at every day! It always makes me smile!

Check out Kendall’s blog for more beautiful art and other super fun tidbits!

Don’t forget to enter our bowtie giveaway! Only one more week!

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