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Things We Love:Bathroom Mirrors

Timothy Whealon Interiors




So many considerations go into creating a beautiful bath that is not only a sanctuary but also a reflection of you.
Michael Pierce Architect
Fixtures and faucets, tile and towels all help define the personality of one of the most-used rooms in the house.
Timothy Corrigan Design
But, for adding the special spark of mood-defining impact, adding art is a necessity.
Anne Miller Design
The black and white floors and traditional bathroom vanity in this bath go a long way toward defining this space. Adding the Venetian mirror and staid art adds to the elegant feel.
One Kings Lane
In regard to bathroom art, we love keeping it simple. This stunning black and white Picasso adds whimsical style.
Karyl Pierce Paxton Design
Even more than just what’s hanging on the walls, bath accessories make a bath feel super luxurious.

Phillip Gorrivan Design
We’re quick to jump on board with pretty much anything nature-inspired. This stunning piece looks amazing on the wall — and the clear glass ensures that it fits in with any decor.

Munger Interiors
So… we know we said a second ago that we love simplicity in bathroom art. But when the bathroom vanity, floors and furniture are super clean and sleek, throwing in a show-stopping piece of modern art adds that instant wow factor.

Curtis and Windham Design
Nothing personalizes a space quite like art. What a great way to wake up — or go to sleep — dreaming of exploring the world!

Modern Craft Construction
A stunning piece of contemporary art is a fantastic, whimsical contrast to the more staid elements of a traditional bath. The art also adds so much light and personality.
Urban KaleidoscopeThe best thing about art is that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. In a space as personal and private as the bathroom, having art that makes you excited to wake up in the morning really is the most important thing! What’s hanging on your bathroom walls? Thanks for making us a part of your day!


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In Good Taste: Sage Design

Combining form and function while keeping an eye toward a home’s historical context is easier said than done.
But it’s a design idea that, in philosophy and practice, is what makes Sage Design‘s work in such good taste.
Gray oak floors with a matte patina in this kitchen are simple and classic but still feel casual enough to be comfortable.
Kitchen storage is something we can never get enough of. Islands like this with plenty of space for cookbooks are always our favorites.
Open shelving adds that instant homey, cottage feel even in the grandest of homes.
Let’s face it, no matter where the party, everyone wants to be in the kitchen. Why not embrace it? This sofa is the perfect place for guests to gather.
Nothing brightens a classically beautiful kitchen like a splash of color from a bunch of fresh stems.
These open shelves must be the most beautiful we’ve seen. They’re so elegant and perfect for showcasing simple essentials.
A splash of black is practically a prerequisite for a gorgeous room. But in the bath it’s often overlooked. 
This black and white take on a classic clawfoot is statement making.
This is one of those bathrooms where every detail was remembered. The recess in the wall is ideal for storage of towels, toiletries and all the necessary bath accessories.
More storage where it matters most!
What a beautiful way to start (or end) the day!
We hope, wherever you are, you’re day is starting just as well!

We’re so excited because we’re heading to NYC at the end of the week for a much-needed girls’ trip! We can’t wait to attend this event for Howard Slatkin’s gorgeous book, Fifth Avenue Style. Is anyone else going? We’d love to hang out! (I mean, in real life. We sort of hang out every day already… !)


In Good Taste:Drummonds

We all know that to-die-for bathrooms sell houses. But we think they’re so much more than that. The bathroom should be a sanctuary, a haven, a place to actually be by yourself for a second!
Of course, we don’t all have the budget for a solid carerra marble bath. (We know… Seriously? Amazing!) But, even if our baths aren’t cavernous and one of a kind, it’s always nice to get a little inspiration for those special touches that make it feel relaxing.
In the drool-worthy bath category, we think Drummonds designs all-stars. That’s why their work is in good taste this Tuesday! 
Tubs come in all shapes and sizes these days, but, for our soaking, there’s nothing like a cast iron tub. This one looks perfect for relaxing in bubbles up to our necks!
We’re fans of the bathroom/sitting room combo. If you have the room, why not? Who wouldn’t want to get out of the tub beside a roaring fire?
This stunning double sink is one of those incredible combinations old and new that add so much character to a home. It’s pretty obvious that all of Drummonds’ products are handmade.
Bathing is great. Bathing with a view is better. Did you see that hardware? We think our hearts just skipped a beat…
Talk about juxtaposition! This combination of rustic beams and upscale finishes is like nothing we’ve ever seen…

And we think it’s fabulous! That marble tub is incredible, but we’re even crazier about that fantastic towel bar. The ladder look is amazing and practical. Who can get by with only one towel?  
What does your dream bath look like?

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House Tour: Beaufort Update!

 So, you know we’re dedicating our Wednesdays to house tours. We thought this Wednesday might be a good time to give you a little update on the Beaufort house! If you’re thinking What? This is PROGRESS! check out our before pictures here and here. Obviously, this is only primer on the walls and a couple of spindles have been painted white to test. But it’s amazing how big of a difference just a little white paint can make!
 Our original plan was to rip out this fireplace and start over. As it turns out, it was going to be a major structural deal, so we’re experimenting with other options. It’s amazing what an eyesore it was before and how much better just this little tester paint looks! 
 Dark half bath door primed! 
 The upstairs master bath is painted, and I am obsessed with this color. It’s one of the only times in my life I walked into a room and thought, “Yup. Nailed that paint choice.”

Here’s another view.
 The floors up here were painted brown, so we’re exploring some options. They might possibly be able to be sanded and refinished, but we’re trying a little white paint just in case it doesn’t work. We love it! It’s so fresh. 
 The bathroom has been painted too. And, no, this fabulous chair isn’t staying… We’ll auction it off to the highest bidder 🙂

Untold baths are going to happen here, just admiring the view out the window!
 Little Will’s bathroom tile is finished as well!
 We think the gray grout looks great!
 Laundry room! It’s small for a reason, people.
 The lighting is clearly not finished in Will’s room. Sorry for the horrible pictures.
 We might seal these window frames off and leave them looking rustic. We think it would pair well with the built-in ships beds. This is one of those times, like normal, where we walked in and thought: “We picked that color…”
The blue lines in the hall wall are the site of the future third floor demo, affectionately named the “stairway to heaven.” And, let us tell you, when you get out on that widow’s walk, you feel pretty close to it! We’re hoping to bust that ceiling out this week.
The floors in the kitchen/mudroom are down. We can’t wait to see this place with a pair of chaises!
We’ve come a long way, baby. 
As a reminder, here’s the old kitchen. Ahhh, memories!
The upstairs guest room with shiny, new paint! Is it weird that I miss the pink walls?
Mom and Dad’s bathroom floor is down and the tub and tile — sans grout — are in! 
Shew! We can’t wait to show you even more progress in a week or two when we go back to check on things. 
We’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s safe to say that this project will be finished one day… Thanks for visiting us today. We hope you’re having a wonderful day!


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