House Tour: Bald Head Island


 We must have North Carolina on the brain this week! A gorgeous designer yesterday… A fabulous house today… 


 Of all of the amazing and travel-worthy spots in our state, Bald Head Island is one of the most unique — and one of our favorites! Leaving your car on the mainland, traveling by ferry and getting from place to place via golf cart couldn’t be more of an escape or more relaxing. And Lisa Sherry of Lisa Sherry Interieurs‘ Bald Head home couldn’t be more fabulous or swoon-worthy if it tried! (She’s pretty fabulous herself!)


Beach Chic

Patrick Ahearn Architect

 It’s only Tuesday, and we’re dreaming of a weekend at the beach again already… It’s just that time of year I guess! From sailboats to sea shells to a hint of nautical rope, we’re celebrating those tiny touches that take a home from chic to beach chic. We hope these photos make you feel like you’re on a mini-vacation today!

Noah Webb Photography


One Kings Lane
SR Gambrel
Andrew Maier
APD Architecture
Lee Ann Thornton
Lynn Morgan Design
Andrew Maier Design
Pizitz Home and Cottage
Molly Frey Design Eric Roth Photography
Pizitz Home and Cottages

 Thanks for stopping by and making us a part of your day.   Wherever you are, we hope it’s amazing!

House Tour: Sullivan’s Island


In Good Taste: Pizitz Home

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pizitz Home and Cottage! We’re crazy for the laid back style and clean, easy living of this store and interior design business in Seaside, Florida. In good taste? We’d say so! Take a look around and see if you agree.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, sweet friends!


Things We Love: Painted Paneling

Dresser Homes
Nothing adds that infusion of laid-back, casual style like painted paneling.
Heather Bullard Photography
It is that spot of well-worn, “Oh, I’ve been here before” wisdom that can define an old home and make a new one feel seasoned.
Jessica Glynn Photography
It’s that touch of dimension and texture that makes a plain, white wall feel anything but boring.
Gianetti Home
It’s a simple way to give an infusion of style to those small spaces without making them seem overwhelming.
Matthew Sapera Design
Of course, we probably don’t even need to tell you that we love it most in a beach house.
Coastal Living
Even if you don’t have one of those great, old cottages with original, breathable tongue and groove, it makes it feel that way.
Kay Douglass Design Atlanta Homes Magazine
I’ve just realized that this post is supposed to be on painted paneling in general… It seems we might have a penchant for white. What a surprise!
White painted paneling is such a pretty contrast to a dark table and floors. 
Tracery Interiors
Plus, it just makes everything feel light, open and airy.
And, when you get right down to it, we can’t really think of a better way to feel!
Oh my goodness… Is it Thursday already? Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?!


In Good Taste: Boxwood Home and Interiors

Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon a designer whose interiors make your heart race? That’s what happened to us with Boxwood Home and Interiors. Their whole aesthetic is just our style. We think you might agree that these designers’ work is in good taste!
This zebra fabric is wonderful! We adore these bamboo pagodas.  
What a happy, happy entryway! Nothing beats a sunny yellow used in a way that isn’t overwhelming.
This might be one of our all-time favorite rooms. Just looking at it is relaxing. Using neutrals without feeling bored can be tricky, but we think they nailed it with this room! 
Seagrass underfoot is such a good feeling. It’s definitely our top carpet choice. 
We don’t think we’ve ever seen a bamboo piece painted like this. So fabulous!

Such a soothing blue! A pair of sofas is one of our favorite things… blue hydrangeas are another.
Love the colors in this kitchen. 
We simply adore a cozy nook.
This turtle is amazing! 
The repetition of the entryway rug up the stairs gives such a cohesive look. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this taste of Boxwood Home and Interiors as much as we have! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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