We’re all for winter. Really we are. Fires and hot chocolate and a few good snows for sledding.
But then, some time around now, we start dreaming of warm sun on our faces, toes in the sand, putting the winter coats into storage.
And we’re ready for either Spring or a warm vacation ASAP.
We think Malibu would do nicely.
If Tobi Tobin happened to invite us to her Malibu home, we wouldn’t decline the invitation.
We wouldn’t mind curling up on these couches, windows open, breeze pouring in in a soothing way, not a get-another-blanket kind of way.
We would feel right at home amidst the charming touches and laid-back decor.
Yup. We think this place would be perfect for our Spring break.
A charming breakfast nook with the sun streaming in…
Fresh flowers on the nightstand…
This house knows just how to welcome guests.
Are you dreaming of warm breezes and bare feet today? 
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In Good Taste: Sea Island Builders

We know we’ve said this before, but, as much as we love old houses (We must to still be hanging in on the Beaufort renovation after more than a year…) we absolutely adore the “new old” house. All the charm and detail of a place centuries its senior, the “new old” home is efficient, easy-to-maintain and combines the convenience of the new with everything we love about the old. 
The trick is finding the perfect builder. When we spotted this Low Country gem, we had to find its creator. When we did, we realized that it isn’t just this house. All of Sea Island Builders’ work is in good taste!

We adore a home that appears to be a tiny cottage from the front but still has plenty of space. A garage is nearly a necessity in the salt air, and it’s all the better when it doubles as a spot for guests. It’s easier to say “the more, the merrier,” when you don’t have to share your bathroom!
This room is the ultimate place for lounging — especially on a rainy day. We can see this being the best spot for older kids and teens to congregate after a long day on the beach or the boat!
This aesthetic is so perfect for a beach home. It’s simple, uncluttered and easy to maintain. Wet bathing suits are welcome on the dining chairs and the sand can be swept right out the door!
Banquettes are, in our opinion, one of the best uses of small dining spaces. They take advantage of every square inch of available room, hold tons of people and can be used for lounging any old time of day. We wouldn’t ever want to leave this sunny spot!
Wow! We love adding interest to that fifth wall, and these ceilings are phenomenal! That barrel in the hall adds loads of height and the coffered ceiling in the living room complements the built-ins.
Shingles are without a doubt one of our favorite picks for a coastal home. In a bright — but not too bright — Bahamian color, this home is so welcoming. You know, even from the outside, that, inside, a good time is had by all!
We seriously can’t get over the details in this space. That paneling is just the right laid-back fabulous, and the ceilings everywhere are a true focal point.
We love dining rooms, but, when a breakfast bar is around, they seem to get used less and less! This eat-in kitchen is ideal for grabbing a quick bite without the muss and fuss of setting the table.
King Arthur had something going all those years ago when he started meeting with those knights at the round table. Round dining tables add such intimacy to a dinner party and the feeling that no one around the table is too far away to talk. The octagonal feature in the ceiling mirrors the table creating a sense of balance and the feel that the table was positively made for the room.
The earth tones of this kitchen blend with the wilderness outside the doors to create a feeling of harmonious living. The continuity between indoors and out is so soothing.
One of the best things about the beach is enjoying it with friends! Little nooks like these that double as extra eating and sitting space are crucial for adding guests while keeping everyone comfortable.
This wall of sailing flags is the perfect nautical chic touch. Those gorgeous doors set the tone of the house from first glance.
We’re speechless over this staircase! It is truly a work of art and an out-of-the-box way to get from one floor to the next without hogging so much room with a massive staircase. We bet the view from the top of this spiral case is something else!
Everything about this kitchen feels low maintenance and clean. The bar stools add the right amount of industrial personality without overwhelming the space.
We are all about outdoor living, and this screened porch couldn’t be more inviting. Don’t you just love an outdoor fireplace? It makes the room livable all year long.
The inside of a house is only as good as the outside. We love the attention to detail on this deck and have the distinct feeling that everyone who leaves this home is as impressed leaving as they were coming.
We hope you’ve enjoyed Sea Island Builders as much as we did. Thanks for visiting with us today!

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In Good Taste: Suellen Gregory Design


New Windows and Furniture, Finally!

We wish we had some super-exciting Beaufort news to share — you know, like moving in furniture. But, of course, it has only been two months… We are pretty thrilled that some of the old, mismatched windows have been replaced with larger, matching ones, like this big one in Mom and Dad’s bathroom.
 So, no, these might not have been the dream windows we would have chosen, but replacing every window in the house wasn’t quite in the budget. At any rate, the new kitchen windows look so much better than the old ones did. The kitchen looks lighter and brighter already!
Just a little reminder of the old window on this wall!
The trimwork on the outside looks great too!
 In other groundbreaking news, the electrician found another foot in the new half bath downstairs! Higher ceilings are always good news, right?
Combine that with rolls and rolls and rolls of insulation and more feet of wiring and pipes than we could have imagined and a new heating and air system, and we’ve come a long way, baby!

So let’s get down to some good stuff:

 We’ve started gathering furniture, lighting, accessories etc. This Currey & Company Grotto Chandelier was the starting point for the entrance foyer. It just arrived, and it definitely makes a statement!
 The chandelier will be hanging over this great dining table from Halo Styles.
A pair of this Rutledge occasional chair (Fabric TBD!) from Phillips Scott is also going on one side of the entrance…
With a gorgeous, handmade stool from Hampton Row (in another color, of course) in between.
This Regina Andrew Le Chic floor lamp will grace the corner of the room. 
And these Gascoigne chairs from Phillips Scott, the outside and back covered in raffia with another great, yet to be found fabric on the seat are going on the other side of the room.

Progress! It’s going to be so fun to see it all come together in a few months!
Thanks for stopping by today!


Ceilings, Moldings and Walls… Oh My!

 So, no, a ceiling of white sheetrock may not look like much to the average homeowner, but, to us, it is a sign that something terrible is gone! Remember those awful ceiling tiles in the Beaufort house? They are gone, gone, gone! 
 In their place is fresh, white sheetrock and thicker new moldings upstairs.

 Moldings up close. We can’t wait for the ones downstairs to go up! 

These thinner moldings still in our future bathroom are what they used to look like. You don’t think that wall needs any work, do you?
 Guest room has new ceilings and moldings too.
 And, Will’s room, previously a gutted mess is starting to actually look like a room!
I never thought I’d be so excited to see walls! As one of the workers said day before yesterday, (Yes, he was there finishing the upstairs molding on a Saturday) “It feels good that the tearing down is finished and the building back up has begun!”
 Speaking of walls, this one that now creates a hallway to get out of the upstairs deck in between what is now our master bedroom and bath is up!
 See? Bedroom doorway, wall, bathroom doorway.
 A little Good Will Hunting going on between our future bathroom sconces…
In other exciting news, we are heading to the High Point Furniture Market this weekend! We are so excited about all the fabulous finds that are sure to be there. Anyone else planning a trip??

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks, as always, for stopping by today!

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Beaufort House Update!

 We wish we had extremely exciting Beaufort updates… You know, like furniture and rugs and light fixtures hanging. 
 We’re kind of at the boring part, though. Ripping out all those terrible ceilings took a solid week.
 But, on the bright side, the doorway from the master bedroom to the soon-to-be bathroom was cut.

Here’s another view.
 The wall to the bathroom separating it from the new hall has been framed. 
 And a lot of plumbing…
 And work for the new HVAC system has been going on! 

On a fun note, we are so thrilled to have gotten a couple of Kendall Bogg’s amazing paintings for the house! This one, A Black Tie Affair, is one of our all-time favorites of her work — hers too! — and we’re so glad we got it!
We couldn’t leave little Will out. He had to have a Kendall too!
We hope you all have an amazing week!


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