Closet Organization

Bakes and Company
For us, it’s the mother of all resolutions.
Woodmeister Master Builders
And, nope, it’s not to lose ten pounds or exercise more or eat better.
Austin Bean Design Studio
It’s mastering the art of closet organization.
Nate Berkus Design
It isn’t that getting them clean is such a challenge. In fact, that part’s invigorating.

Inspirational Interiors
The bags of things to give away and sell, the feeling of cleansing and order. The instant lightness inside. (In fact, if you are trying to lose ten pounds maybe you should just clean your closets instead!)

Catherine Kwong Design
But keeping them that way is the challenging part.
Martha O’Hara Design
Obviously, life goes so much more smoothly with closets that are tidy, neat and perfectly in order.
The Fuller View
And, most days, the hanging back up and straightening the shoes isn’t that big of a deal.
Tim Barber Design

But then there’s that one time. You know what we mean. You go on a really long trip, your flight is delayed, you get home in the middle of the night, and, instead of organizing every garment back in its place, you cram it all on the long hanging rack and throw the bags on the floor.

LA Closet Design
The next morning, when you wake up late, jet-lagged and exhausted, with a big meeting/event, you can’t find your shoes, which means — yup — that shoe duffel gets emptied out all over the floor. And the outfit you had roughly bookmarked in your mind as being “right” is suddenly all wrong, and in a rush to change, instead of everything being neatly hung back up when you decide you’d rather not wear it, it’s on the floor. 

Bright Bold and Beautiful
And then you’re back to square one.
A Life of Grace and Beauty
Only, nothing like that ever seems to happen to any of these people. 
Martha Stewart Armoire Closet
And (fingers crossed) it’s not going to happen to us this year either! And, if it is, it goes without saying that we will immediately take the ten minutes it would probably take to rectify the situation instead of letting it get all messy again.
Interiors by Studio M
I’m super lucky because, this year, I have a head start. We had our closets painted a couple of months ago, and, in the process, cleared the clutter, cleaned and got everything super organized.
Inspirational Interiors
I even took the major plunge and got rid of all the shoe boxes, leaving straight, clean rows of my favorite things!
If you’re hoping to join us in the mother of all resolutions, here’s a good place to start. Happy organizing, friends! We hope 2014 has been the best ever so far!

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Amazing Armoires!

Magnolia Custom Homes
You can always tell when we’re on an organizing kick… Because our thoughts immediately turn toward storage! How to organize those storage spaces, and, yes, how to get more of it!
RH Baby and Child
We can always get excited about great storage. But when that storage is also a piece of gorgeous furniture, all the better! All the compartments in this armoire are so perfect for keeping all of baby’s things nice and neat.
Toronto Interior Design Group
Beautiful door fronts that keep clutter hidden are always welcome in our rooms. (Will has that Blabla stuffed animal — Cloud — in blue! We have a lot of Clouds to avoid leaving-him-at-the-restaurant disasters…)
My Home Ideas
One of our biggest pet peeves in our own homes is the endless cords from the TV, sound system, TiVo, etc. 

Tammy Shaw
A few minor adjustments to the back of your favorite armoire and… voila! What cords?

Plus, we all know that TV has its place in a home. But it’s so much better when you don’t have to be reminded of it all the time!

Elizabeth Kimberly Design
These stunning built-ins are storage magic– and make incredible use of what can be a dead space beside the bed. We love that these can be closets, desks,  vanities… Anything a girl needs, all in one!

If you’re like us, the closet is basically where you start and end your day. We think it sets the tone. And who wants their tone to be messy, crowded and dark?
Linda McDougald Design
Talk about a custom look! Building a favorite antique piece into the closet scheme is brilliant — and beautiful! 
Things you love make any occasion special. It’s nice to have an equally lovely place to store all those treasures until it’s time to use them.
We hope you have a terrific Tuesday. Thanks for inviting us into your home today!


*Posts on Design Chic may contain links to sponsor’s sites. We try to partner with businesses we think will be of interest to our followers and always strive to bring you content you’ll love. Thanks for reading!

New Year’s Organization, Take 3!

Mark Sikes (magazines)
In case you didn’t have enough organization yesterday or the day before, we have a few more inspiration photos for keeping all those shelves, cabinets and drawers in tip top 2013 shape!

This is always my aspiration for my office. Here’s the thing: If they wouldn’t keep sending me more bills and mail after I got it all filed away, then my desk would always be perfectly neat and tidy. Geez.

Better Homes and Gardens
We have organizational goals, sure, but I can’t ever foresee a time when my wrapping paper will be gorgeously displayed like this. I’m not thrilled about it being shoved in a chest drawer in my entrance hall, but I think neat rows are all I can strive for!
Better Homes and Gardens
We are drowning in children’s books, but it isn’t practical to keep them all hidden behind cabinets — too hard to grab when the little squirmer will stay still for two minutes. This is cute, organized and super practical for toddlerhood!
Chandra Beck
Ok. Now it’s time for some opinions. We keep our shoes in the shoe boxes in the shoe shelves in our closets. But when we see photos like this it makes us want to ditch them. What do you think? Boxes or no?
Kate Morgan
Sigh… We’ve dealt with plain, dry cleaners, wire hangers for years, but there’s no denying that all those wood ones make quite the impression.
Better Homes and Gardens
Double sigh. So lovely.
Lonny Magazine
We’re in heaven. Our hands-down favorite organizational tool is the natural fiber basket. So gorgeous!
Better Homes and Gardens
We can only imagine how easy Christmas wrapping could be next year in a space like this…
Pulp Design Studio
This is a hair more realistic for us!
Country Living Magazine
Oh, wow! I’ve been trying to talk Will into a garden shed lately. If the inside could be this organized I think I might win my case…
Marianne Simon
This makes us want to become hard-core gardeners.

La Dolce Vita

This is what we need. A plan. It all seems so easy right here in black and white. (And green.) 
We hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day and are feeling super inspired for whatever you are going to do this year — or, better yet, super relaxed that you’re where you want to be already! Thanks for reading today. Stop by tomorrow. We might put up a few pics of our organizational progress!


Mission Organization: 2013

Bijou Kaleidoscope
It’s that time of the year again… Time to start thinking about who we’re going to be in 2013! 
A Well Traveled Woman
We’ve already started on this year’s resolution: Become organization queens! 
Organization Household Tips
Is there anything like the feeling of opening a cabinet and seeing it looking perfectly, neatly organized?
Martha Stewart
So far, I’ve come a long way toward getting my pantry and cabinets obsessively organized. Matching baskets… rows of matching glass jars… Pretty labels… You get the idea. 
Martha Stewart
But, honestly, I’m just not sure that there’s any hope of getting things this gorgeous.
Brabourne Farm
We just adore the idea of getting our sheets tied with beautiful ribbon into neat bundles. But, honestly, a good portion of the time I’m just shooting for getting them off of my laundry room floor! 
Martha Stewart
It’s always good to have something to shoot for, though, right? I mean, if Martha can do it…
Alexandra Golovanoff
The bathroom is one of my major pitfalls because it seems like so often I’m in a hurry trying to get ready in the mornings. (That’s just me though, right? 🙂 )Maybe it’s the one-year-old frantically signing “strawberries” and pulling on my leg!
Paul Moon Architect
So, this year is going to be just as much about creating systems to keep it all organized as it is about getting it that way. 
South Shore Decorating
After all, we don’t want to be back to this same resolution in 2014! Have we mentioned our complete obsession with everything glass? It looks so clean and streamlined, no matter what’s inside.
Leslie Sachs
Another thing that makes everything feel clean and finished? Flowers! They’re like the period at the end of the sentence.
Steve Gianetti Architect
So, what’s your resolution? Do you have any great systems for keeping your closets glass-front worthy?
Check back for the rest of the week to see more great, home-sprucing inspiration!


In Good Taste: Jeffrey Alan Marks

So, as it turns out, they don’t just put you on Million Dollar Decorators for nothing.
We love watching Jeffrey Alan Marks’ on Bravo, but it’s his stunning design choices that we find truly captivating.
We love that he can make one outdoor space upscale chic, 

And another casually stylish. 

What an idyllic spot to daydream away an afternoon…

This is what we need. It always looks streamlined and organized even if sometimes the inside of one of those cabinets is filled with the result of last night’s the-outfit-I-thought-I-was-going-to-wear-doesn’t-look-cute mayhem.
What a great way to keep all your recipes and ingredients where you can see them. With this pantry, there’s no choice but to stay organized!
Now this is our idea of coastal chic!
A multi-use space has never looked so good. What a great place to work and relax!
We love how warm this kitchen is. That wood is exquisite!
Thanks for stopping by today!


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