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 Happy Monday, friends! We hope you had an incredible weekend! Even if you didn’t, we have a feeling that your Monday is about to get a whole lot brighter! We’re sure you know Leslie Sinclair from the amazing blog Segreto.


We were crazy about her first book, Segreto Finishes, but her new one, Segreto Style, is even more fabulous! (One look at these reclaimed wood floors would tell you that!)


Coffee Table Eye Candy!



 Happy Monday, chic friends! If you’re looking for a little eye candy to brighten your day, you’ve come to the right place!


 Few things make us as excited as NEW BOOKS! Yay! 


The Great American House

We weren’t exactly sure what came to mind when we heard the phrase “Great American House.”


 But now, after having the privilege of reading (and seeing) Gil Schafer’s The Great American House, we are quite sure what that entails.


Tom Scheerer Decorates

It really can’t be said enough: We love books!
Not only is it always fun to come back to their pages with a fresh eye for new inspiration, but they also look amazing pretty much anywhere.
But few recent design books have caught our eye as quickly as Tom Scheerer Decorates, written by Mimi Read, and featuring the designs of an artist whose work he humbly calls “cheerful” and “no nonsense.”
Call it what you may, Tom Scheerer’s eye for proportion and scale is undeniably masterful. 
He creates rooms that are timeless and feel finished but uncluttered — a look we are craving right now.
Mimi Read’s decadent prose make Scheerer’s looks even livelier. We couldn’t help but read it cover to cover!
One of the things that captivated us about this book is that, while Scheerer definitely puts his stamp on all his work and similar themes run throughout, he never falls into that trap of doing the same thing over and over and over.
It seems that he truly designs the space with the family in mind. (Imagine!)
Just a hint of British colonial style is so chic. And these shelves made us do a double take. The hanging units are so unique! Not to mention the view…
The rich, vibrant color palettes that Scheerer uses in his work are one of the things that makes his book so visually appealing. It’s so much fun!
Kitchens that are updated but timeless seem almost impossible to create these days, but we think Scheerer gets it just right. This kitchen is warm, bright and clean but we don’t feel like we’re already sick of its elements by the time they’re installed!
So, let’s just say you don’t care a bit about this designer’s gorgeous taste and don’t appreciate Mimi Read’s enticing prose one bit. Even if all you’re looking for is a book that looks good in your room, this is still the one. A gorgeous front cover pulls away to reveal a fabulous, neutral cane pattern creating a book that is as chic on the outside as on the inside. 
All-in-all, Tom Scheerer Decorates is one for the shelves — and the coffee table — that we know we’ll keep pulling out for years to come. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon. We’d snatch it up if we were you: It’s already ranked #1 in interior design books!
Thanks for stopping by today. We hope the short week is fantastic!

The gorgeous photography in Tom Scheerer Decorates is by the uber talented Francesco Lagnese!

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Love Where You Live!

Can’t you just imagine it? Living a life in the country surrounded by fresh air, green grass and quiet
Whether you dream of country living or need some practical tips on creating a comfortable and stylish home, design expert Joan Osofsky and co-author Abby Adams have plenty of wisdom and photo inspiration in their book Love Where You Live: At Home in the Country. 
One of our favorite things about country living is the simplicity of it all, which the authors of this book capture so beautifully. Open shelving and eclectic, collected china… Fresh tomatoes from your garden on the cutting board…
Talk about a stylish mudroom! This stone is beautiful, adding a hint of that mountainous, outdoorsy feel. One of our favorite things about country living — and this book — is that there seems to be less of a need for everything to be perfect. Part of the beauty is in the authenticity of it all.
Anytime, any place, from the country to the city to the seashore, there’s something about adding sunflowers to a table that completely changes the mood. We don’t have to tell you that dining al fresco is one of our very most favorite things. And at a table this charming, who could resist?

Without a doubt, one of the most crucial parts of country living is what’s happening outside. In Love Where You Live, while interior design is important, landscape and exterior design are equally figured — and endlessly charming!

But the very best thing about Love Where You Live is that it beautifully illustrates that country living isn’t just about one sense of style or adhering to “rules.” From lovers of the uber-traditional to those with more modern tastes, anyone can be at home in the country. Furthermore, even those without the country on their radar can use Joan’s tips to recreate their houses and love where they live.
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work with us, Joan and Abby! This book is available for sale on Amazon starting September 3. Check it out! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


*Posts on Design Chic may contain links to sponsor’s sites. We try to partner with businesses we think will be of interest to our followers and always strive to bring you content you’ll love. Thanks for reading!

At Home with Town and Country

We wait with bated breath every month for  our hot-off-the-press, glossy copies of Town and Country to arrive in the mail slot. Every issue overflows with design inspiration and fantastic writing. So imagine our excitement at finding a book that could tide us over when the stretch between monthly issues feels like it’s getting a little long. The second to last photo with all the bookshelves is my favorite. A room where I can be surrounded by books is my dream. What’s your dream room?

Thanks to Decor Arts for the photos. If you want this beauty to adorn your coffee table, it’s available at Amazon.

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