In Good Taste: Sea Island Builders

We know we’ve said this before, but, as much as we love old houses (We must to still be hanging in on the Beaufort renovation after more than a year…) we absolutely adore the “new old” house. All the charm and detail of a place centuries its senior, the “new old” home is efficient, easy-to-maintain and combines the convenience of the new with everything we love about the old. 
The trick is finding the perfect builder. When we spotted this Low Country gem, we had to find its creator. When we did, we realized that it isn’t just this house. All of Sea Island Builders’ work is in good taste!

We adore a home that appears to be a tiny cottage from the front but still has plenty of space. A garage is nearly a necessity in the salt air, and it’s all the better when it doubles as a spot for guests. It’s easier to say “the more, the merrier,” when you don’t have to share your bathroom!
This room is the ultimate place for lounging — especially on a rainy day. We can see this being the best spot for older kids and teens to congregate after a long day on the beach or the boat!
This aesthetic is so perfect for a beach home. It’s simple, uncluttered and easy to maintain. Wet bathing suits are welcome on the dining chairs and the sand can be swept right out the door!
Banquettes are, in our opinion, one of the best uses of small dining spaces. They take advantage of every square inch of available room, hold tons of people and can be used for lounging any old time of day. We wouldn’t ever want to leave this sunny spot!
Wow! We love adding interest to that fifth wall, and these ceilings are phenomenal! That barrel in the hall adds loads of height and the coffered ceiling in the living room complements the built-ins.
Shingles are without a doubt one of our favorite picks for a coastal home. In a bright — but not too bright — Bahamian color, this home is so welcoming. You know, even from the outside, that, inside, a good time is had by all!
We seriously can’t get over the details in this space. That paneling is just the right laid-back fabulous, and the ceilings everywhere are a true focal point.
We love dining rooms, but, when a breakfast bar is around, they seem to get used less and less! This eat-in kitchen is ideal for grabbing a quick bite without the muss and fuss of setting the table.
King Arthur had something going all those years ago when he started meeting with those knights at the round table. Round dining tables add such intimacy to a dinner party and the feeling that no one around the table is too far away to talk. The octagonal feature in the ceiling mirrors the table creating a sense of balance and the feel that the table was positively made for the room.
The earth tones of this kitchen blend with the wilderness outside the doors to create a feeling of harmonious living. The continuity between indoors and out is so soothing.
One of the best things about the beach is enjoying it with friends! Little nooks like these that double as extra eating and sitting space are crucial for adding guests while keeping everyone comfortable.
This wall of sailing flags is the perfect nautical chic touch. Those gorgeous doors set the tone of the house from first glance.
We’re speechless over this staircase! It is truly a work of art and an out-of-the-box way to get from one floor to the next without hogging so much room with a massive staircase. We bet the view from the top of this spiral case is something else!
Everything about this kitchen feels low maintenance and clean. The bar stools add the right amount of industrial personality without overwhelming the space.
We are all about outdoor living, and this screened porch couldn’t be more inviting. Don’t you just love an outdoor fireplace? It makes the room livable all year long.
The inside of a house is only as good as the outside. We love the attention to detail on this deck and have the distinct feeling that everyone who leaves this home is as impressed leaving as they were coming.
We hope you’ve enjoyed Sea Island Builders as much as we did. Thanks for visiting with us today!

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The Best of 2012

best posts of 2012
Maybe we’re a week late, but we thought we’d take a moment to revisit some of our most-pinned Pinterest images from 2012. If they were great once, we thought it might be fun to see them all in the same place, all over again! We hope you enjoy!
Fittingly, some of our most popular pictures of 2012, were on white clapboard houses in the year when we bought our own white clapboard house in Beaufort!
best posts of 2012


Along that same vein, all of you were just as taken as we were with these adorable cozy cottages. It’s like Hansel and Gretel — without the witch.


best posts of 2012


It’s no surprise that burlap drapes were a hit. Doesn’t this look like the most inviting spot to get a little work done?
best posts of 2012


A perfect spread for a perfect meal. The botanical prints are the icing on the cake!


best posts of 2012
Who wouldn’t love a clean and simple butler’s pantry like this one?
best posts of 2012
Or a sparkling, elegant butler’s pantry like this?


Hands down, these out-of-this-world farmhouse sinks were a Design Chic favorite of 2012.
A farmhouse sink is so incredibly charming!


Eat-in kitchens are a great way for the family to get together.
We love the jar of starfish on the table in this eat-in kitchen.
A beautiful coffered ceiling makes such a statement!
The detail in this coffered ceiling is amazing!
We don’t know if our laundry rooms could EVER be this organized… But we’re working on it!
Historic shore decor can take many different forms.
We just love them all!
We hope our new living room feels a little something like this!
We think Joy Tribout has great taste and all of you agreed!
There’s no better way to spend a day than with a little beach house dreaming
So, there it is, the year’s most-pinned pictures in a nutshell. If you’re new to the blog, that was sort of like watching the highlight reel from the past season. Thanks to all our readers, old and new, for making 2012 so much fun. We hope that 2013 will be just as beautiful! 


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Coffered Ceilings…

Susan Gilmore Photography
Plain old ceilings with plain old ceiling white might be a staple.
Ashlee Raubach Photography
But, really, can’t we do better?
Tobi Fairley Design
Nothing thrills us more than when that fifth wall (sixth wall?) brings something to the table.
Phoebe Howard Design
Coffered ceilings add warmth, interest, and, oh yes, tons of style!
Better Homes and Gardens
We adore them especially in kitchens, where they add such a homey feel.
Susan Gilmore Photography
Exposed beams are great, but, if they feel a little too rustic, shiny white coffered ceilings add that same distinct element while still feeling fresh and modern.
Brooke Giannetti Design
Especially when you don’t want to lose an inch of ceiling height, a flat molding on the ceiling can form a fabulous pattern without stealing much of that precious floor-to-ceiling space.
Kelly G. Design
The paneling throughout this space is gorgeous! It’s an accessory in and of itself.
Pioneer Construction Co.
Great cabinetry and a beautiful coffered ceiling absolutely make a kitchen.
Urban Electric Co.
Of course, a coffered ceiling is no reason to skimp on the fabulous lighting… Not that any of you ever would!
Angus McRitchie Photography
Oh my goodness,  only four shopping days left… We hope you’ve all shopped ’til you dropped and are enjoying a mug of cocoa beside a roaring fire admiring your tree!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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