Conservatories Add Character

Town and Country
It is the room on our wish list, the beautiful space we absolutely know we would live in if we had it.
Town and Country
With all of the glass and windows and sunlight streaming through, conservatories are the perfect room to make these cold winter days feel a bit more like summertime.
Town and Country

One of the coolest things about these rooms is that conservatories can be pretty easy to build. Valentine’s Day gift, anyone?
Carolyne Roehm
Maybe it’s because beautiful meals are the things that punctuate our day, that quiet space with our families to hit the “restart” button, but dining is what we think we’d enjoy very most in our conservatory. 
Town and Country
Well, and having our morning coffee with those happy, just-awake voices and newspaper scattered all around.

This looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book!

Do you have a conservatory? (We’ll try not to be too jealous!) How would you spend time in your conservatory?
We hope your week is going well!

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Things We Love: Conservatories

Tanglewood Conservatories

If there’s one room we absolutely covet, it’s the conservatory.
Oak Leaf Conservatories
Windows on five sides, and nothing but light…
Tanglewood Conservatories
There’s no better room to celebrate the impending freedom of summer!
Tanglewood Conservatories
When it opens seamlessly onto a fabulous outdoor living room, all the better.

Traditional Home Magazine

Talk about fabulous summer entertaining!

Tanglewood Conservatory
All that sunlight is amazing for dining, drawing, reading, dreaming…

Tanglewood Conservatory
 But, then again, there’s always that moment when the light can get to be a little too much, in which case specially crafted blinds for conservatories are a must.

One Kings Lane
If we were going to decorate the interior of our conservatory, we would definitely use some major white furniture like this with a pop of something fun.
Randolph Scott Keller
We love to look out a conservatory and see a perfectly imperfect garden
Oak Leaf Conservatories
Is that a double-decker conservatory? As little Will would say, “Oh, me…” Can’t you see an out-of-control wedding ceremony happening in this spot?
Lynne Pearson Pinterest

An amazing water feature — or a water view, of course — take our dream room to the next level.

Beverly Hills, California Conservatory
We would never, ever leave this room. Do you think we could somehow work a bed into the corner? Maybe just an oversized chaise… How would you use your conservatory?
Thursday is a great day! Can’t you just taste the weekend? 


Windows Welcome…

Chakib Richani via Architectural Digest

Clearly, we have light on the brain this week — and lots of it. Conservatories are magnificent, but, even if your walls aren’t entirely comprised of glass, windows can make a room nearly as spectacular. No matter what the view, simply looking out to another world can be so inspirational. Doesn’t this remind you of a bright, gorgeous church?

Everything Fab

This room, (photo from Luxist) is beyond fabulous in its own right. Add the window and the view, and it’s almost too beautiful to look directly into. What a great way to enjoy the winter weather without having to leave the comfort of your fireplace.

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and, with a breakfast room like this one, we can’t imagine wanting to spend time anywhere else! The photo is from Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss.


Beach Vintage

This view, from Beach Vintage, is reason enough to have a room made entirely of windows.

My Ideal Home

A Teepee with windows! So cool! This photo is from My Ideal Home.


This is exactly where I want to be curled up on this rainy day! (Another photo from My Ideal Home!)


What a beautiful place to wake up with the sun… This photo is from Desire to Inspire.

Things We Love: Conservatories

It’s true that the best things in life are free. The sunshine, the rain… Just being outside can totally change my attitude and frame of mind. That being said, who needs to go outside when you can experience the great outdoors from the comfort of your own handcrafted conservatory? I keep a notebook full of decorating ideas and this first photo from Castles, Crowns and Cottages is displayed in it. Last night, my husband said, “Why don’t we add something like that off our sunroom?” What a lovely idea. Perhaps we should start playing the lottery after all… The good news is, I’m not picky. I’d take any single one of the conservatories on this page. We hope these images add a little sunshine to your day!

Architectural Digest

We love light. Lots and lots of light in every room. Imagine how much we could save on energy costs if our ceilings and walls were made entirely of windows! (Love, love the fur pillows too!)


Mark Hutker Architect

This conservatory, designed by architect Mark Hutker reminds me of a greenhouse. Maybe if I had that room, I keep the orchids from two posts ago alive!


Don’t you think if you lived somewhere like this gorgeous country garden, featured in My Ideal Home, your only responsibilities would be taking that precious watering can and tending to your plants?


Inspired Design
the little book of secrets

What a perfect place to wake up every morning and have a little tea and breakfast.

Spitzmiller and Norris Architects

The contrast of the airiness of the light flowing in with the dark wood and floor is such a fabulous idea from Spitzmiller and Norris Architects. That is the ideal spot for watching thunderstorms!

the book of secrets

Breathtaking… There is no other word for this one. Thanks Little Book of Secrets!

Conservatory Designs

Peter Marino Design via Southern Accents

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