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A mirror leaned up against a wall can serve a variety of wonderful purposes: it makes a room look bigger, doesn’t create any extra holes in the plaster, and, best of all, makes you look thinner! We love these examples of how a leaning mirror can be oh-so-chic and might even implement the suggestion ourselves to make it seem like those holiday pounds never happened… Happy Monday!


Inspired Design

M. Group Design

Bits of Lovely

Kemble Interiors

Dave Coote Interiors
hopscotch and grace

Frank Roop Design
Paul Corrie Design

Attic Living…

Oliveaux Blog

They are often the most overlooked, groaned-about spaces in a home, but, when revamped properly, those attic spaces, complete with their slanted roofs and sometimes low ceilings, can, with a little imagination, become the most fabulous rooms in any home. Whether for a kids’ playroom, an extra guest bed, an office, or that much sought-after room of one’s own, these small spaces can pack a mean decorative punch. My own attic space (which came complete with green indoor-outdoor carpet!) started as a headache but quickly morphed into one of my favorite rooms in the house. Yours can too! We hope these images give you a little inspiration for your Monday!

McMillen Plus Design
Inspired Design
Emma’s Design blog
Dave Coote Interiors]
Carrier and Company
Candice Olsen Design
Kristen Panitch Design
Lonny Magazine


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