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 It’s not very often that we stumble upon an incredible shop and think, “We love absolutely everything in here!” So, when we do, we just have to shout it from the rooftops!


 Lady Builder Shops is, without a doubt, one of the shops that totally resonated with us right off the bat. I mean, just look at this amazing dining room! (You have to go check them out. They are so chic and stylish you know just looking at them that they have gorgeous taste!)


Sarah Richardson Design

We can’t count the number of hours we’ve spent watching Sarah Richardson of Sarah’s House and Design, Inc. turn eyesores into unbelievably beautiful rooms.
Her new traditional style that takes elements of the past and reimagines them in a fresh way is something we’d like to emulate over and over again.
One of our favorite things about Sarah (We feel like we know her, don’t you?) is that she is a pro at taking awkward spaces and making them amazing. Here, a large living room becomes cozy and functional with two seating areas.
Sarah Richardson’s use of color is always spot on. The colors are lively enough to add interest while remaining fresh. ComFree discusses on its blog that selecting a soothing color palette is one of the most important considerations for designing an inviting guest room, saying, “a watercolor palette works well.” We couldn’t agree more!
One of the pages we’ve tried to take from Sarah’s book is combining pricey tile with inexpensive to give the luxe look with a lighter price tag.
Here’s another great example of Sarah’s expertise in making a room multi-functional. A living room and a work area combine seamlessly to serve every purpose.
If you’re a Sarah fan you know that, unlike so many designers with their own shows, she generally has to work within an actual budget. One of our favorite Sarah tricks is converting a great antique store find into a stunning vanity.
Simple tricks, like adding a wall of mirrors to make a space feel larger are tried and true. Adding a special touch, like integrating sconces into the mirrored wall, make it feel customized.
We love large lighting but it’s so important to maintain the proper balance of scale. This fixture is large enough to feel weighty in the room but the feathery texture ensures it doesn’t overwhelm the table. Perfect!
This black and silver color scheme with a hint of sparkle feels so glamorous!
From upscale baths to well appointed country living, Sarah is a master at taking any space and making it feel appropriately fabulous. We would feel right at home in any of Sarah’s houses! Which is your favorite?
We hope you’re all enjoying the start to the short work week! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day.

Images via Canadian House and Home Magazine


Fashionable Friday: Blue Oxford

classy in the city
One of the most stylish spring wardrobe staples is something you probably already have hanging in your closet. Perfect on its own or layered with the fabulous baubles of your choice, the blue oxford is the ultimate go-to for a simple summer look. If you don’t already have a blue beauty on your shelf, no worries. Borrowing one from your husband/boyfriend/father/son is even chicer!
simple pretty
Atlantic Pacific
Breakfast at Yurmans

classy in the city

zsa zsa bellagio

classy in the city

be a prepster

classy in the city

classy in the city

classy in the city

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With so many ways to wear a blue oxford, which will you choose? For the weekend soiree we know you’re all planning, we’d go with the ruffle. 


We have Boston on the brain today, and we’re sure all of you do, as well. We are thinking of all the marathoners, families and Bostonians who were affected by the bombing and hope that all is well with all of you!
On a brighter Boston note, there are so many beautiful things in that great city.
Faneuil Hall… Boston Common… And, of course, the gorgeous work of Gerald Pomeroy Design Group.
One of the things we love most about these interiors is the collected look of the rooms, as if each piece was purchased over time and landed organically in just the right spot.
And that’s what we’re all trying to achieve in our homes, right?
A mix of antique and new, 
And always full of light,

Gerald Pomeroy Design is marked by beautiful details that stand the test of time.

The layered look of Gerald Pomeroy Design,

Where the eye is continuously drawn to something new, is one of the reasons we think this designer’s work is in good taste.
Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday! Thanks, as always for visiting us.

House Tour: California Beach House

When Kim and Mark Dempster wanted to redesign their California beach home, the huge buoy light fixtures in Erin Martin’s window inspired them to ask her to become their designer. The unique nautical touches and coastal chic style didn’t stop there. We hope you love taking a peek inside this quaint, fabulously remodeled getaway as much as we did!

As if we didn’t have spring fever already… Are you dreaming of long days on the beach like we are? Thanks for stopping by today!

Source: House Beautiful


Coral Dreaming

Giannetti Home
Nothing says “beach chic” like a fabulous piece of coral.
Phoebe Howard
Interspersed in a bookcase, as a table centerpiece or as an accessory,
Kara Mann Design
beautiful coral is an interior design staple.
Of course, we’re not into destroying precious natural resources, so we’re huge fans of faux pieces.
Most of the time, you can’t even tell the difference between resin and the real thing!
A pretty bowl of shells makes such a great statement in a beach house.
We love the pop of white against a gray background.
A full bookcase display of coral is so chic. We plan on doing something similar in Beaufort


Our blue background is firmly in place in our Beaufort bookcase.
A collection of sea treasures can be casually coastal, 
Daniel Romualdez Architect
pair perfectly with other natural elements,
or look fantastic combined with dressier elements. We love a pop of coral anywhere!
We hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend and are enjoying a luxurious day off!

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