Dining Nooks

Peter Pennoyer Architect
If you’re like us, choreographing a delicious meal is always a part of the day’s equation.
Windsor Smith Design

As we all know, it’s not only about the food. Those family meals are where stories are swapped and bonds are forged, days are analyzed and plans are made.

Thibault Jeanson Photography via House Beautiful
That’s why where we eat those meals is oh-so important. Who would want to zone out in front of the TV when you could sit around this beautiful spread and savor?

MH Design via At Home in Arkansas
When creating the kind of atmosphere that everyone can enjoy at the end of the day, few things are as important as dining room furniture.
Muse Interiors
The right dining furniture not only adds style but also sets the tone for the sort of meal that is about to be enjoyed.

John Kernick Photography via House Beautiful
Bold colors add energy in an instant! Few combinations feel more positive than bright red against stark white.

Coastal Living
Add the same pop of red to a richer color palette and the mood instantly changes. We love how cozy and intimate this nook feels.
A fabulous farmhouse table is always a good bet for feeding a family. When it’s filled with fresh fruit, all the better! 
You know us… We think the lighting makes the space! This chandelier is the ideal combination of  rustic and modern, making this space feel airy and easy.

Traci Rhoads Design

Even more traditional dining furniture can feel youthful and fun when combined with the right accessories. For us, these out-of-the-ordinary candlesticks make this tablescape!

Sally Stephonkus
Gray and white is a color palette we’re loving right now, no matter what the feel it’s used to create. The Louis ghost chairs and Saarinen table are sleek and modern.

House and Home
When it comes to creating the perfect dining nook, we could go all kinds of different ways. From the starkly modern to this cottage style, we love them all! And what’s happier for a dining table than sunflowers?
We hope that you find time to savor a meal with someone you love  in the perfect dining nook this week. Happy Monday!


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Things We Love: Round Dining Tables

Benecki Fine Homes
King Arthur and those knights had the right idea.
Kathleen Hay Designs
Sitting around a round table is the way to go.
Philip Mitchell Design
Not only does a round table facilitate dinnertime (or breakfast or lunchtime…) conversation, it also looks fabulous in a dining room.
Mabley Handler Design
From the chic, casual and modern
McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier Design
to more sophisticated fare, a round dining table is just right in any room.
We adore this beautiful, antique table. Paired with the casual shells it’s a laid-back, yet very together look.
Benjamin Dhong Design
The base on this table is so unexpected and elegant. It adds a real wow factor to the room.
Ellen Grasso and Sons
This is the ideal space for a round dining table. The windows flank it perfectly.
Spitzmiller and Norris
In a square room, nothing could look better than a round table. It’s a perfect fit.
A round table is stunning in a charming breakfast room too. We wouldn’t mind one of those cupcakes. Wonder if Arthur and the knights had cupcakes at their round table too…
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Have a great afternoon, everyone!


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