Entrance Hall Rugs Say Welcome

Structures Building Company
We all know how important that first impression can be. 
House Beautiful
And it isn’t just about a firm handshake and eye contact. (And those shoes that make you feel oh-so confident!)
SCW Interiors
The first impression your home makes is almost as important as the first impression you make!
The furniture, the lighting, the accessories and the wall decor are all important parts of that first impression.

But nothing says “Welcome” quite like a beautiful entryway rug.

New England Home
You all know that we adore natural fiber rugs.

Greige Design
They are casual, comfortable and work with absolutely any decor, from the luxuriously lavish to the delightfully down to earth.

James Radin
But the floor is also a great place to play with patterns, colors and bold accents. It is the perfect place to start layering eye-catching patterns that define the personality of the space.
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
Of course, when another element in the room is the major eye catcher, sticking with something simple is always a good idea. And we are crazy for these big, bold stripes! Aren’t you? Talk about setting the tone!
The rug in this entryway anchors the rest of the elements and creates a space that we would love to come home to! 
We hope you all had an amazing weekend and are enjoying your Monday. Thanks for making us a part of your day!

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Things We Love:RoundEntryTable

Cindy Rinfret Design
There’s nothing like making a grand entrance. 
Nathan Egan Design
We all want our homes to feel inviting and open, the kind of place where friends and family want to gather and stay awhile.
Nicholas Haslam Design
There are few things we find as gracious as a perfect round entry table.
Ken Gemes Design
Paired with a stunning yet simple flower arrangement, an entry table is just the right way to make a great first impression.
Thornton Design
For those of you (like us!) who like a few well-placed accessories at every turn, stacks of books are a great way to fill in the blanks.

They help add height and interest.

Anthony Todd Design
Speaking of height, a basic floral arrangement is far from the only choice when accessorizing a round entry table. Live branches add a more modern touch.
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A round entry table is so versatile for entertaining. It’s an instant space for overflow dinner guests, no flimsy card table required.

Mark Sik
If you know us, you know it’s all about the lighting. 
Cindy Rinfret Design

A fabulous centerpiece reaching up to a gorgeous fixture? We can’t think of a better way to say, “Welcome.”


Black Front Doors

pretty world
Coming home is always a wonderful feeling. Pulling in the driveway, walking through the front door…
pretty world
That’s why we think the front door is so, incredibly important!
pretty stuff
We’ve been ruminating over color choices for the front door of the Beaufort house. It is white, white, white, and, looking at these homes, we can’t think of anything more classic and striking than a black front door. If you’re looking to do a little sprucing to your house too, it’s a great time to consider home improvement loans.

Pacific Peninsula Group – David Buergler Architect
It’s gorgeous on these white backdrops, but, really, we can’t think of any facade where a black door wouldn’t look great.
Southern Grace
The little black door…
Jeffrey Alan Marks
It’s the little black dress of entryways.
It’s a bold statement to mark the passage between the outside world and your indoor sanctuary.
It’s the dividing line between outside stress and indoor relaxation.
We can’t think of a better way to say, “Welcome home!” 
We hope you’re all lounging around in your fat pants after a resplendent day of turkey and a few too many treats. Happy weekend!


Things We Love: Burlap Drapes

When we hear the word “burlap,” “chic,” isn’t usually what comes to mind.
This Photographer’s Life
But, far beyond potato sacks and seeding material, burlap can be a charming addition to a stylish home.
House Beautiful
The texture is great, the color is fabulously neutral and the price is… absolutely unbeatable!
Southern Living Idea House
For a laid-back feel in a charming entryway,
a touch of rustic in a writer’s retreat,
or a casual, unfussy finishing touch in a formal space,
Cote de Texas
burlap is so much more versatile than we ever would have believed.
Elle Decor
We’re thinking it might just make an appearance or two in the Beaufort house.
House Beautiful
What do you think of burlap?
The Lettered Cottage
Would you use it in your house or leave it to the potato sacks? 
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