Things We Love: Hermes Blankets

A throw for reading.
Reynolds Still
An extra cover for chilly nights.
An amazing living room accent.
Erica George Dines Photographer
Anywhere, any time, any place, we love an Hermes blanket.
Tommy Smythe Design
As the ultimate room accessory, it makes a subtle statement like no other.
Courtney Cox’s House
You might say it’s the Birkin of interior design.
M. Elle Design
They’re all fabulous, but, hands down, the orange is our favorite. 

It’s so classic Hermes. 

Veranda Magazine
But we’d take any color, really.
Simply. Stunning. I can just see this blanket draped over the arm of my couch… With a little spit up running down the side… Maybe it would be better to wait a few years after all! 
Halfway to the weekend! Any exciting plans?


Silver, Sort Of

Brooke Slezak Photographer via Southern Accents
Ahhhh, mint juleps. There’s simply nothing like them to remind us that Southern summer is quickly approaching. And it comes as no surprise to me that Mom put this photo first. She always wanted a summer wedding on the lawn with mint juleps in monogrammed silver julep cups. Unfortunately, I got married in December and juleps didn’t seem quite appropriate. We had snowtinis instead. 
Erica George Dines Photography
Speaking of weddings… I know you are all probably so over talking about the royal one, but, confession time: I just watched it. I know, I know. The wedding of the century, and I waited days to tune in. But Will and I had to clean out the garage on Friday (How do two people accumulate so much stuff?) and then we went straight to the beach.

Kim Zimmerman Interiors
So now I have watched it, and I must say that I’m not generally a super emotional person, but even I teared up a little when Kate walked down the aisle. I know there were critics out there, but I thought she was absolutely stunning. Inside that 24-inch waist, she must have nerves of steel. Or silver. Which is what this post is supposed to be about. Isn’t silver just lovely, by the way? We think so.

Ruthie Sommers Interior
NY Social Diary

Slim Paley

Flowers in silver just like Slim’s are one of our favorite things. We use our champagne buckets, pitchers, julep cups, etc. to house our favorite blooms all year round. 

The Zhush

A few friends and I are starting a new book club, and we’ve decided to forgo the lunch thing in favor of something a little more civilized, a little more British, if you will. We think tea will be a nice way to spice it up. So I guess now I’m going to have to make crumpets. I doubt you can buy those around here.

Toby West Design

This photo makes me want to have a hunt party. We may not have crumpets, but I bet my husband can shoot things just as well as Prince William. And, as one who has just cleaned out the garage and closets, I am certain he has as many hunting outfits — and boots. I have too many pairs of shoes? Please.

Viva Amore
On to more palatable topics, Mom and I are hosting a bridesmaid’s luncheon this weekend where guests will dine on things they didn’t shoot. Yes, there will be peonies there.
Peter Dunham Design
And silver vases.

Jose Solis Betancourt and Paul Sherrill Design

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s anniversary is only six months away, and, after that wedding, he may not be able to afford to buy her jewelry. We think silver would do nicely.


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