We have Boston on the brain today, and we’re sure all of you do, as well. We are thinking of all the marathoners, families and Bostonians who were affected by the bombing and hope that all is well with all of you!
On a brighter Boston note, there are so many beautiful things in that great city.
Faneuil Hall… Boston Common… And, of course, the gorgeous work of Gerald Pomeroy Design Group.
One of the things we love most about these interiors is the collected look of the rooms, as if each piece was purchased over time and landed organically in just the right spot.
And that’s what we’re all trying to achieve in our homes, right?
A mix of antique and new, 
And always full of light,

Gerald Pomeroy Design is marked by beautiful details that stand the test of time.

The layered look of Gerald Pomeroy Design,

Where the eye is continuously drawn to something new, is one of the reasons we think this designer’s work is in good taste.
Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday! Thanks, as always for visiting us.

Things We Love: Venetian Mirrors


Of all the unique and wonderful things about Venice — the canals, the art and, of course, the prosecco — one of the best things these inventive people ever came up with was the Venetian mirror. The delicate curves, bevels and designs of these beauties make them a show-stopping addition to any room and, consequently, one of the things we deeply, absolutely love. And the Venetians weren’t even being vain when they devised such a lovely creation. No, they used mercury to back glass with tin foil to reflect light from candles to brighten up rooms. (We thought you might want a free history lesson today. Your welcome.) Five centuries and electricity later there are still few things as enchanting as the reflection of candlelight dancing across a room. Chandelier light works pretty well too. And the best part? Everyone looks better in the reflection of a truly beautiful mirror. Happy Monday, a.k.a. 11 shopping days left!

This first picture from Decorpad obviously features a stunning mirror, but what about that demilune console? Divine.

Vicki Saxton and Renee Prudhomme via Traditional Home

Domino Mag

This idea, from Gerald Pomeroy Design Group, is one of the best we’ve seen. A wall of mirrors in a bathroom is useful and often necessary but can get, well, boring. This Venetian in the center is fabulous and makes the whole thing so very interesting.

This room designed by Lisa Epley Interiors is graced by one of the most unique mirrors in the round up.

On this 20 degree day (I know that’s balmy compared to some of your weather, but, for us, it’s pretty chilly…) I would like to climb into this bubble bath. What an incredible tub! MA Belle Designs captured that ever-illusive duality of sleekness and warmth so magnificently here.

Massucco Warner Miller Design

The ever-chic Nancy Corzine really delivers in this bathroom fit for a queen. (Kate Middleton, if you’re reading this, you should really enlist her to spruce up the palace.)

There’s a hidden spot for every necessity in this bathroom by Robert Passal, Inc. The juxtaposition of the dark wood with the marble and mirror blends feminine and masculine effortlessly. (And Mom has that awesome shell in her house!)

Sarah Richardson, who, incidentally, can also be filed under “Things We Love” has a knack for channeling elegance whether she’s in a farmhouse or, in this case, a marble bath. The area makes a dramatic statement while also being functional and taking up very little space. Sarah, come on to North Carolina. Our houses can be “Sarah’s House” any day!

This whole room from Style Me Pretty is so glamorous. The lucite stools, the delicate roses… They are perfect but can’t hold a candle to those floor-length Venetians. Honey, one (or three) of those would make an excellent Christmas surprise!

Matthew Millman and Mical Venera Photographers

VT Interiors

Such an idyllic space for a little girl… We hope your day is just as dreamy!

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