Annabelle’s Guest House!


Good morning, chic readers! We hope you had an amazing weekend! I had some of the most fun four days ever as one of the celebrity guests at the Wilmington, NC Azalea Festival, celebrating the launch week of my new novel, Lies and Other Acts of Love. Let me tell you, these people party in style.  (Check out some of my favorite photos below!)


Home Away from Home…

Desire to Inspire
When life becomes too hectic for an actual getaway, sometimes it’s nice to know that your next vacation can be as close as your own backyard. 
Traditional Home Magazine
These dreamy guest cottages look like the perfect place to escape, 
little book of secrets
miles away from ordinary, even when you haven’t gone any place at all.
Brabourne Farm
Whether it’s an afternoon with tea and a good book, 
Katarina Regina
recharging with your fingers in the dirt, 
little book of secrets
Or even a night away from the answering machine (and laundry!),
vintage rose

there’s no place more charming to escape than to a pint-sized cottage for two.

Cottage Living Magazine
If you have to cross an enchanted bridge to get there, 

tiny white daisies
tiptoe along a cobblestone path to a storybook door, 
or spend a night with only candlelight to reconnect with someone you love, so much the better.
Ada and Darcy
We hope you are all enjoying your summer and taking the time to get away, even if it’s in your own backyard!


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