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We thought a beautiful homage to classic blue and white (and a little red!) would be the perfect way to start the day today. This lovely Greenwich escape is just the place for a little mini-vacation without ever leaving your seat. We hope you enjoy your break as much as we did!



Things We Love: Attic Living

Laura U.
Straight walls and ceilings are so last season! Attics make sneaky getaway spaces for kids of all ages. From offices to playrooms, bunk rooms to master baths, everything is more fun in an attic!
Tracy Hardenburg
Herlong and Associates
Cardea Building

Tim Barber


Lynn Scalo
Bella Mancini
House and Home
Kristi Michelini
David Howell
Urban Grace
Carol Reed Design
Lynn Morgan Design
Happy Halloween, pumpkins! Wishing you a day full of sweet treats!



Things We Love: Contemporary Art

We think one of the most fun things about design is how tastes and styles can evolve over time.
Mikhail Dantes Design
While only a few years ago we would have considered ourselves staunch traditionalists, our tastes have morphed to be much more eclectic.
Ashley Goforth Design
And thank goodness!
Suzie Anderson Home
These days, we find ourselves more and more drawn to contemporary art. 
Veere Grennery Design
While, previously, we would have put it in the box with strictly modern design, which we appreciated and thought we might want to implement “someday,” now we think contemporary art fits in with pretty much any design scheme.
An antique table and bamboo chairs… 
Chris Everard Photography
Or a dainty, tailored pleated skirt both pair well with an unexpected pop of art less ordinary.
Lynn Morgan Design
Instead of trying to pick art that “goes” in a room now, we’re trying to be a hair more adventurous and follow that time-tested rule that is so, so important.
Nato Welton Photography
Find a piece you love and worry about a place for it later!
Table Tonic
Because, after all, when it comes to the spaces where we live, work and play, isn’t being surrounded by things we love what it’s all about?


Things We Love: Window Seats

Jeffers Design Group
Jeffers Design Group

Desire to Inspire
Barsanti Design
Beckwith Interiors
Gideon Mendelson Design

Lynn Morgan Design
Zolda Interiors
Lynn Morgan Design
Peter Dunham Design

Taking the Edge Off

Douglas Friedman Photography
The shortest point from A to B might be a straight line, but when it comes to design, who’s looking to take a shortcut? 
Lynn Morgan Design
Straight edges and boxy corners certainly have their place, 
Cote de Texas
but for a simple way to add a little sass,
The Yvestown
a scalloped edge takes the cake.
Jane Moore Design
From elegant bedding 
Jan Showers Interiors
to glamorous mirrors 

Susan Gilmore Design
and combining form and function in any space, 
House Beautiful
a scalloped border can figuratively (and literally!) take the edge off.
Jane Moore Design
We hope everyone had an amazing weekend and a very happy Monday! 


Things We Love: Banquettes


Banquettes. Not only do they look beautiful but they sound beautiful as well. The word just rolls off the tongue… Just like this first curved banquette rolls around the room. These benches are elegant, comfortable and, if they’re tufted like some of these examples, all the better. The antlers over the stove are super cool too.

This window seat banquette is so fabulous. What a great way to maximize every inch of space in a smaller room.

                              Lynn Morgan Design

Many of these banquettes are in casual spaces, but this one is just so incredibly elegant. It just goes to show that these pieces are so versatile, not to mention that it’s possible to have a formal dining area even if you don’t have a lot of space.

Love, love, love the lucite!


The color flow in this house is so amazing. We love how they’ve incorporated splashes of the bold citrus in the adjoining room with those great bamboo chairs and vintage light fixture.

This just goes to show that pattern doesn’t have to be scary. I would never have been brave enough to have checks on the floor, stripes on the bench and pattern on the chairs. But the effect is just so finished. And bold.

I think this one is my favorite. The color palette is so serene.

The cabinetry really makes this room, in my opinion. These display cases are so well done and create an instant focal point — not to mention a great place to store all your pretty things!

Tufted leather = to die for. I always think of black tufted leather for a man’s den, but this shiny banquette is so unexpected in this space. It’s amazing!

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