Things We Love: Bobbin Chairs

Phoebe Howard
Spindle, spool, bobbin… Whatever you call these fabulous chairs, originally conceived in the early 18th century, we love that designers are putting their contemporary spin on this old favorite. In spots where a club chair is too solid but a french chair is too formal and a plain wooden frame seems a little ordinary, a spindle chair is a breath of fresh air.
Phoebe Howard
I’m partial to white, off-white or distressed finishes, myself.
Massucco, Miller and Warner
I love a dark piece to anchor a room, but, when it comes to these chairs, I think the roundness of the spools calls for the softness of the lighter shades.
Phoebe Howard
Mom is more a fan of the darker shades.
VT Interiors
That is a shocking revelation as I truly believe she would live in a house of all gleaming, shiny white if possible.
Miguel Flores Photography
The true, dark black is her favorite shade of spindle chair.
Vallone Design
I’ll have to admit that it does work well with a darker patterned fabric…
Caitlin Creer Interiors
But, ahhhh, aren’t those just stunning?
Christina Murphy Design
No matter what the color, we both agree that we love the style of these unique chairs.
Inspiring Interiors
What do you think about this look? Is it timeless or a passing trend?


Statement Making Black and White Art

Pamplemousse Design
Design Traveller
Sally Wheat’s kitchen

Ralph Lauren’s Home

Massucco Warner Miller Design
Kate and Andy Spade’s Home
Life of Polarn Per
Mary Douglas Drysdale Interiors
Kate and Andy Spade’s Home
Kate and Andy Spade’s Home


Things We Love: Telescopes

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss
Long the best friend of birdwatchers and stargazers, the telescope might just have a new acquaintance: the interior designer. Whether it’s a brand new model perfect for scoping out even the most faraway constellations or a priceless antique whose hard work is through, a telescope is a stylish addition to any room. 
Massucco Warner Miller Design
Douglas Friedman Photography
Susan Ferrier

Eric Cohler Interiors
Phoebe Howard Interiors
Lisa Cregan
Eric Cohler

Kendall Wilkinson Design
We hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Thanks for stopping by.


Room for Reflection

Craig Wright Designer
We all know that mirrors make a space look bigger. 

Kristen Buckingham Design
Whether you need a 360 degree view of your favorite cocktail dress,  

Massucco Warner Miller
or a simple full length view before heading off to work, 
Patricia McDonagh
mirrors are not only essential in any dressing space 
Design Darling
but also add light and interest to the doors in spaces that, otherwise, could be just a bit bland. 
Design Traveller
From the very ornate
to the stylishly simple
Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss
there’s a mirrored door just perfect for every space. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying this week!


Show-Stopping Stripes

Picture Perfect Home

While as a clothing choice they’re said to be unflattering, as a design technique horizontal stripes are anything but. From subtle tan to bold black, horizontal stripes on the wall are unique, eye-catching and fresh. We think you’ll agree that, from the shower to the dining room, these stripes completely steal the show.


Elle Decor

Turquiose Tulips and Bliss

Janet Simon Interior
Amoroso Design

Amoroso Designs

Design Sponge

Massucco Warner Miller Design

Design Traveller

Crush Cul de Sac



Beautiful Hallways

Life of Polarn Per
Everything Fabulous

G.P. Shafer Architect

Herlong Architects


Massucco Warner Miller Design

McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier

McGill Design Group


my pansy eyes

The Steward

viva amore



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