Top Ten: Table Lamps

Phoebe Howard
La Maison Gray

Phoebe Howard Design

Phoebe Howard Design
Jennifer Backstein Interiors

Emily Henderson Design
Massucco Warner Miller Design
Lucy and Company 
Melanie Turner Design
Click on the image below to learn how to find the perfect lamp shade.
Ballard Design

The perfect table lamp makes any space more beautiful.  Hoping your weekend is the same!


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APD Architects
So many elements combine to make a beautiful entrance hall.
Hudson Interiors
The lighting, the rugs, the art…

Lee Ann Thornton
Those little entrance hall nooks are some of our favorite spots in the house. 

Julie Nightingale Design
They’re warm, cozy and even a little bit unexpected
Phoebe Howard Design
Sometimes, though, those tiny nooks that can be so eye-catching, charming and welcoming, can be a little difficult to decorate.
Mark Finlay Architect

That’s why we are such fans of benches in the entrance hall.

Elle Decor

Benches are that perfect, versatile piece that work pretty much anywhere.

McGill Design Group
For a feeling of openness and light, a bench sans arms keeps the view open and unencumbered.

Timothy Whealon Design
When space allows, by far our favorite piece in an entrance hall is an upholstered bench with a back. Suddenly, the entrance hall becomes a destination, a place for resting, not just passing through.

Classic Casual Home
A piece with an open back is still inviting but occupies less visual space.

Phoebe Howard Design
We’re big fans of symmetry — and a pair of benches in a pair of windows. So it goes without saying that this is an entrance hall we would choose!

Joy Tribout Design

What do you have in your entrance hall?

Thanks so much for visiting with us today!

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Making the Bed

Phoebe Howard Design
When it comes to gorgeous bedroom design, we think it’s all about the pillows. 
Phoebe Howard Design
They may be the butt of quite a few jokes — think Along Came Polly and the knifing of more than a few innocent pillows — but those few extra minutes in the morning are totally worth the effort.
Francie Hargrove Design
This classic three throw pillow design is always a safe bet.
Eric Cohler Design Via House Beautiful
But for a no-fuss, streamlined pillow scheme, two, perfect shams are all it takes!
Phoebe Howard Design
We absolutely adore a settee at the end of a beautifully made bed – 
Mario Buatta via Architectural Digest
And staying away from a matchy pillow scheme makes it even better.
Phoebe Howard
A fabulous lumbar pillow works well on a twin.
Leontine Linens
And we are always in favor of a showstopping monogram.
Leontine Linens
Two small bolsters are incredibly charming.
Amanda Nisbet
And a mix of textures adds tons of interest.
Phoebe Howard
For a no-fail way to add pizazz, never be afraid of color! We love this spunky shade!
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Coral Dreaming

Giannetti Home
Nothing says “beach chic” like a fabulous piece of coral.
Phoebe Howard
Interspersed in a bookcase, as a table centerpiece or as an accessory,
Kara Mann Design
beautiful coral is an interior design staple.
Of course, we’re not into destroying precious natural resources, so we’re huge fans of faux pieces.
Most of the time, you can’t even tell the difference between resin and the real thing!
A pretty bowl of shells makes such a great statement in a beach house.
We love the pop of white against a gray background.
A full bookcase display of coral is so chic. We plan on doing something similar in Beaufort


Our blue background is firmly in place in our Beaufort bookcase.
A collection of sea treasures can be casually coastal, 
Daniel Romualdez Architect
pair perfectly with other natural elements,
or look fantastic combined with dressier elements. We love a pop of coral anywhere!
We hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend and are enjoying a luxurious day off!


Things We Love: Round Mirrors

We know that many of you can’t make it through the day without stopping by to see our amazing, enchanting friend Tina of… The Enchanted Home. Her blog is one of our top daily reads, and we are so thrilled to be sharing our Christmas gift picks today. So make sure not to miss it! 
Donna Morgan Design
In other news… Don’t you just love round mirrors?
J. Randall Powers via House Beautiful
We do! 
Atlanta Home and Designs Magazine
Sans the sharp edges that square or rectangular mirrors can create, the endless round shape of a circle is eye-catching and beautiful. We’re obsessed with that tortoise shell too!
Mendelson Group
A round mirror is perfect for the bath. It’s even better when you can adjust the height for achieving that perfect light, no Clairol make-up mirror required.
Per Kristiansen Photography
Round shapes are great, but what frames them is even better. This asymmetrical wooden frame is rustic with a modern touch.
Architectural Digest
This intricate mirror is so gorgeous! We love the mirror-on-mirror look. It’s so elegant.
Massucco, Warner and Miller Design
Coastal chic!
Phoebe Howard Design
This mirror is so stunning.
What a relaxing place to bathe!
Amy Vermillion Design
Talk about a dream closet. Ahhh… to be so organized… We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Things We Love: Glass top Coffee Tables

Jan Showers
A great coffee table is about so much more than just a place to set your coffee.
Phoebe Howard
One of the most important focal points in any room, when guests are gathered for a visit, the coffee table is one of the things in the room most continuously in view.
Tobi Fairley
A glass-top table is our hands-down favorite for a variety of reasons.
Dana Lyon Designer
A glass-top table feels light and airy, which you know we can’t get enough of. 
It’s super practical because you can actually set your coffee on it and then just wipe the ring away! Or the Crayola glass crayons… You know, whatever. 
If you have a funky, fun, fabulous rug on your floor, a glass-top coffee table doesn’t cover that up.
Phoebe Howard Design
Any accessories coordinate beautifully, so if you have something great to display, then knock yourself out.
Ginger Barber Design
But, a glass-top table is also the perfect vehicle for a super-simple stack of books. 
Lonny Magazine
Either way, the look is crisp and clean. 
Katie Rosenfeld Design
From funky and modern to tailored and undeniably classic, a gorgeous, glass-top table can work in any room.
Barrie Benson Design
These rams are good karma. They’re the mascot for our UNC Tarheels, who we’ll be cheering on today as they play the ECU Pirates. Go Heels!
Wherever you are today, we hope your team wins too! (Unless, of course, your team is ECU…)


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