Things We Love:RoundEntryTable

Cindy Rinfret Design
There’s nothing like making a grand entrance. 
Nathan Egan Design
We all want our homes to feel inviting and open, the kind of place where friends and family want to gather and stay awhile.
Nicholas Haslam Design
There are few things we find as gracious as a perfect round entry table.
Ken Gemes Design
Paired with a stunning yet simple flower arrangement, an entry table is just the right way to make a great first impression.
Thornton Design
For those of you (like us!) who like a few well-placed accessories at every turn, stacks of books are a great way to fill in the blanks.

They help add height and interest.

Anthony Todd Design
Speaking of height, a basic floral arrangement is far from the only choice when accessorizing a round entry table. Live branches add a more modern touch.
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A round entry table is so versatile for entertaining. It’s an instant space for overflow dinner guests, no flimsy card table required.

Mark Sik
If you know us, you know it’s all about the lighting. 
Cindy Rinfret Design

A fabulous centerpiece reaching up to a gorgeous fixture? We can’t think of a better way to say, “Welcome.”


Things We Love: Round Dining Tables

Benecki Fine Homes
King Arthur and those knights had the right idea.
Kathleen Hay Designs
Sitting around a round table is the way to go.
Philip Mitchell Design
Not only does a round table facilitate dinnertime (or breakfast or lunchtime…) conversation, it also looks fabulous in a dining room.
Mabley Handler Design
From the chic, casual and modern
McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier Design
to more sophisticated fare, a round dining table is just right in any room.
We adore this beautiful, antique table. Paired with the casual shells it’s a laid-back, yet very together look.
Benjamin Dhong Design
The base on this table is so unexpected and elegant. It adds a real wow factor to the room.
Ellen Grasso and Sons
This is the ideal space for a round dining table. The windows flank it perfectly.
Spitzmiller and Norris
In a square room, nothing could look better than a round table. It’s a perfect fit.
A round table is stunning in a charming breakfast room too. We wouldn’t mind one of those cupcakes. Wonder if Arthur and the knights had cupcakes at their round table too…
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Have a great afternoon, everyone!


Still Loving Tolix

Architectural Digest

We hope you all had an amazing Halloween and treated yourself to plenty of delicious Halloween goodies! 
Today, we’re treating ourselves to an extra helping of something we love: Tolix chairs. They’re kind of like Reese’s Cups; one is good, but two is so much better!
We aren’t expert chair historians by a long shot, but we would be willing to bet that few chairs have made as big of a splash and had such prolonged popularity as the Tolix chair. 

The simple chair crafted of sheet metal, originally created by Xavier Pauchard for outdoors, hospitals and offices has found its way into homes and design schemes all across the globe — and, incidentally, the Vitra Design Museum, the Pompidou Center and even the MOMA.

Amy Neunsinger Photography
But, we must admit, we love it best at a dining room table. This dining room is such a fabulous juxtaposition of all the things we love. A chandelier for glamour, a farm table for that rustic feel and, of course, Tolix chairs for that industrial chic touch. This room is like that perfect first date outfit: It’s fabulous but doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.
When we think of Tolix chairs, it’s usually a silver tone that springs to mind, but who couldn’t use a little more color? Green is the most restful color, and, after a long day, we can’t think of much nicer than a delicious meal and a glass of wine around a restful table. 
WT Wonen
Ahhhh…There’s that silver we love so much. Combined with the industrial pendants, lacquer table and snazzy storage, this is such a great room. And magazines in the dining room? Why didn’t we think of that! 
Robert Stubbert Photography

One of our favorite things about Tolix chairs is that they’re super portable — and sometimes stackable. So you can dine in them one minute and pull them into the living room for extra seating, no backache required. Plus, they really transition seamlessly into any space.

Patrick Wade and David DeMattei Design – House Beautiful
Dining al fresco has never looked better. And we’re glad to know that Tolix chairs were originally designed for outdoor use. Stylish and durable is a perfect combination. I bet strawberry smoothie/mashed green peas/soggy Puffs/half-chewed banana would just wipe right off of these!
Jose Picayo Photography
Oh my goodness! We can’t decide which looks more delicious, the setting or the spread. The modern, sleekness of the Tolix chair is, to us, the ideal pairing for a farm table — sort of like the wine to that cheese… Grown-up trick or treating!
Colin McGuire Photography – Country Living
Who says a set of dining chairs has to match? Can you imagine a more idyllic spot for eating, resting or general merry making? If this was our backyard, we wouldn’t miss a meal out here! It really must be noted that a fabulous dining room makes everything taste better!

We were very lucky here in our little part of the East Coast that Hurricane Sandy didn’t give us too much trouble. Thinking of our friends in the aftermath of the storm. We hope that all is well with all of you and your families!


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