Going Gray

La Maison Gray
It’s not just about aging gracefully…

                                                                           crazy for cars

We think going gray is the best thing since basic black.
Classy in the City
It’s no wonder that gray is a close cousin of the interminably chic silver.
this is glamorous
For marvelous manicures…

Robert Roth Artist
And pretty paintings…

La Maison Gray
Fabulous furniture…

Helena Wants More
And classic kitchens…

Echoes in the Wind
From what we wear to where we wear it, gray is the shade to beat.

La Maison Gray
Cozy corners…

La Maison Gray
Furry friends…
Cabout Face and Fashion
And perfect presents…
The Fuller View
Everything’s better when you go gray.
We aren’t promising not to color our hair when the day comes, but in regard to aging, accessorizing and everything in between, we couldn’t agree more… 
Wishing you a weekend full of favorable wind!


Fashionable Friday: Shades of Gray

Even before the advent of the bestselling novel, gray was one of those shades we couldn’t get enough of. Although it’s perfect for year-round wear, we find it fits so very well during this time of year, when the weather is cooler and white slowly dwindles away and is incrementally replaced with more subdued tones. We know it’s the little black dress that gets all the attention, but, this fall, we’re wanting to make some closet space for the little gray dress as well.
Pearl of Carolina

This gown with so many shades of gray is so incredibly chic for any black-tie affair. We love how the bow at the neck gives it a touch of youth and whimsy. 
zsa zsa bellagio
We love how, in the right fabric, gray is so shimmery and elegant.
zsa zsa bellagio

This is so, so glamorous!
Heartbeat Oz
Little ruffles are so feminine and chic.
casa bella

A touch of sparkle is always just the right thing for a night out. 

This frock is beautiful at any age, but can’t you see it as a super-chic Mother of Bride dress? 
zsa zsa bellagio

Love the lace!

I need this dress for holiday parties. That neckline is so amazing, and I adore the shape. Don’t you feel like it’s one of those perfect, not-too-dressy, all-occasion designer dresses?
Bill Blass Designer
Sleek, simple and stunning!
Victoria Beckham

Gray really is such a versatile color. It’s amazing in this more casual dress. Although, we’re pretty sure that Victoria Beckham looks good in anything…
Heartbeat Oz

Definitely another contender for holiday season 2012 party wear. I love, love, love a bit of a full skirt! Who doesn’t want to feel like a little ballerina every now and again?

We hope you all have an amazing weekend full of fun and a perfect gray party dress!


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