House Tour: Farmhouse Restoration

     If you follow our blog, you know we are restoring a home in Beaufort, NC. It is our love of historic homes that makes us so excited about this Southern Living Ideahouse. A far departure from the usual, brand new construction we see in ideahouses, this was a renovation of the historic kind. Did we mention it’s a farmhouse? Is there anything better than that? It’s modern yet classic, clean and streamlined yet undeniably charming. It combines the best of both worlds, a perfect representation of the new old house. We hope you enjoy touring this beautiful home as much as we did!

Doesn’t this make you want to ditch city life a la Green Acres? We hope your Wednesday is full of fresh air, sunshine and plenty of green! Thanks for sharing part of your day with us!

Source: Southern Living


Things We Love: Double Front Porches

Watermark Coastal Homes

Southern Living
Oh my Lord, do we ever love a double front porch.
Southern Living
Rocking chairs…
Catalyst Architects
Mint juleps…
The Hunnicutt Team
Fresh-squeezed lemonade…
wedding cake house, New Orleans
Maybe a few fireflies…
Coastal Living Magazine
All par for the course on a perfect, Southern, summer, porch-setting night.
Double porch Antebellum
Double front porches are the perfect place for saying “hey, y’all” to the neighbors as they stroll down the street.
Tria Giovan Photography
Or welcoming guests who stop by after church — while on their Sunday drive, of course.
Edmonston Alston House,  Charleston, SC
You could invite them in for a sweet tea.
Eh hem, shot of Crown.
But, if you ask us, we’d rather sip it right there on the porch.
Charleston, SC
If you really love double front porches, maybe you could take on these two. Kind of looks like the Beaufort house… All we can say is, if you decide to restore a pair of historic front porches for your own summer settin’, well, darling, bless your heart.


Things We Love: Intaglios

Caldwell Flake Design

Antique or new, one or a few, we absolutely love intaglios. Whether it’s one statement seal in a frame all alone or a dozen or more in a single frame, the dimension, shape and uniqueness of each one make them a favorite for gracing our walls. Of course, a great frame never hurts either. Here are some incredible uses of intaglios for your Wednesday viewing. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Emily Jenkins Followill Design

Caldwell Flake Design

Celerie Kemble Design

Swedish Dekor
Kendall Wilkinson Design

Anouska Hempel Design

Inspired Design

Vallone Design
Southern Living
Thanks for visiting us today! Come by tomorrow for a great post on the very talented artist Kendall Boggs!

Stop by our latest post on our brand new “She Said, She Said” column at Houzz. Today’s topic: black and white art!


A Grand Entrance…

Southern Accents

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is drive around and look at everyone’s houses all decked out for the holidays. I try to take notes and get ideas from the elegant wreaths and garlands, but, I must admit, there are few things more fun than seeing those houses covered with lights and dancing Santas and blow-up snowmen. I’m always in awe of those people’s artistry because, honestly, getting the wreath and garland hung is about all I can manage, much less getting 100,000 blinking lights wrapped all over the place. There are no green and red blinking icicles hanging in these entrances, but we hope you like them anyway!

Martha Stewart

We are obsessed with this moss wreath. The entire entrance is so elegant — especially for people (like me) who aren’t red fans.

Birch and lily

Such an elegant use of tree lights. Love it!

Southern Living


Traditional Home

Morgan Harrison Design

Wow! Now that’s an amazing entrance.

Eddie Ross Designer

This garland is so gorgeous. I think that goes without saying. But I can’t help but wonder if they have pine needles shedding all over the place like I do…

JRR Company Floral

JRR Company Floral

We love to incorporate non-traditional colors in the Christmas decor. This yellow is such a fabulous punch.

Jean Allsopp Photographer

Fire hazard or no, I am definitely putting lights up my stairs this year. There’s nothing more magical than a little candlelight…

Things We Love: Bamboo Chairs

         This room was designed by Keithley Miller and featured in Florida Design Magazine.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s bamboo. Mom bought a fabulous set of white lacquered bamboo chairs for her breakfast room last weekend — I’ll admit that I might have been a bit of an influence in that decision — and they totally transformed the room! We think bamboo chairs play a huge role in transforming each of these rooms, as well. Whether it’s used for dining or occasional, bamboo is definitely back in a big way — and it isn’t just for Palm Beach anymore. We hope you enjoy these beautiful photos as much as we did!

“Also pictured in Florida Design Magazine, this room was designed by Wolfe Rizor Interiors.”

Alexandra Rowley photographed this room for Southern Living.

This room was designed by Kimberly Ayres.

This room was photographed by Giovan Photography for Coastal Livin

This room was designed by Waterleaf Interiors.

Thanks to Simply Seleta for this picture!



Jacuqes Grange

Jonathan Adler Designs

Things We Love: Window Boxes

We always think it’s the little details that take any house from cute to over-the-top charming — and there are few things that make shorter work of that feat than window boxes. Designer Jane Coslick adds interest and dimension to this tropical, eye-catching home with turquoise window boxes. And she gets extra credit for the adirondack chair!

We love these other great uses of window boxes, as well.

Flowers by Gabrielle, featured in Traditional Home Magazine, stands out from the other storefronts on the street because of these adorable window boxes.

This guest cottage, photographed by Stacey Bradford for Canadian House and Home, is inviting in its own right. But the precious, yellow window boxes add a punch of color and loads of charm.

This photo is of Cabot Cove in Kennebunkport.

This fairy-tale, ivy-covered cottage was designed by Thomas Callaway.

Designer Albert Hadley used window boxes to add dimension and interest to this space.

The use of fruit in these window boxes, featured in Southern Living, makes this home stand out.

Another window box photographed for Southern Living…

And another one from Southern Living, the handiwork of designer Tracee Lund.

If you are looking to add a little charm to your home, we absolutely adore the Fairfield Window Box, the Hanging Window Black Box and the Nantucket Window Box. Happy planting!

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