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The fabulous Tina of The Enchanted Home “tagged” us in a super fun game where you answer eleven questions about yourself and then come up with eleven more questions to ask eleven other bloggers. Isn’t that great? We are sure you know about Tina’s gorgeous blog, but, if not, be sure to check her out! She is as lovely as her amazing home is!

                                         A few shots of her spectacular home

So, here goes…

1. Do you have a hobby? Tell me about it, if not tell me a hobby you wish you had!
Kristy: I love to do yoga. I’m pretty good at fitting in short sessions here and there around the baby’s schedule, but I miss my hour and a half long practices! 
Beth:  I love gardening, bridge and blogging…can you tell who’s the mother and who’s the daughter?!
2. Whats worse, failing at something or never trying to begin with?
Kristy: Never trying to begin with, of course! All those little failures ultimately lead us to where we’re supposed to be. (I mean, I think. I’m still pretty young to philosophize like that!)
Beth:  Definitely never trying – how else can we learn?
3. Would you rather be a great cook or a great designer?
Kristy: A great designer. My husband is a great cook, so I eat well already!
Beth:  A great designer – how fun to be surrounded by beauty that you are able to create.
4. If you could only have two rooms in your house which would they be?
Kristy: My bedroom because I love my bed and, currently, our whole little family sleeps in there together, and it’s wonderful 🙂 I’d want little Will’s playroom too because it’s so bright and sunny and he can play, I can do yoga and we have super-comfy couches in there — and a window seat It’s a great place for us to all just be together.
Beth:  My bedroom – love my comfy bed and it’s certainly a respite at the days end, and my den. It’s  warm, cozy and a perfect place to watch tv and relax with my husband.
5. Tell me which 2 famous people you would choose to have dinner with (dead or alive)
Kristy: Emily Giffin because I’m fascinated by how she juggles a high-profile writing career, husband, three children and life in general. I’d also love to meet Princess Diana.
Beth:  Agree with Princess Di.  I always found her endearing and fascinating, and of course you, Tina.  Would love to meet one of my most favorite blog friends.
6. What are four descriptive words that describe you well?
Kristy: Resourceful, extroverted, determined and, unfortunately, lately, just a hair scattered 🙂
Beth:  Good listener, hard working, family oriented, happy
7. Best book or two that you read in the last year?
Kristy: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It’s my favorite book, and I’ve read it a million times, but I always get something different out of it. I absolutely adore it every time.
Beth:  Definitely The Help.  A fabulous book, and unbelievable that it was Kathryn Stockett’s first novel.
8. What do you miss most about being a kid?
Kristy: Free time with no responsibilities.
Beth: Being totally carefree.
9. If you had a freaky Friday experience and had to trade places with one person for one day, who would it be? Why that person?
Kristy: I think it would be really cool to trade places with my husband for a day. I know it seems like a waste of being someone really awesome, but I think we would learn so much from seeing what the other person truly does on a daily basis. 
Beth:  Bill Gates – weird, but how fun to be that wealthy, yet that philanthropic for a day.
10. Describe a perfect day for you from morning till evening…..
Kristy: Wake up and do yoga on the beach, come inside and have coffee with my mom, snuggle and read with little Will, have lunch with my friends, spend the afternoon writing, squeeze in a massage, mani/pedi, have a date with my husband capped off with a family stroll on the beach under the stars, a bath and reading until I fall asleep!
Beth:  Sleep late, leisurely coffee with Kristy in my pj’s, a delicious brunch with my family, gardening, shopping with a little massage thrown in, a quiet dinner out with my husband, a warm bath, a stack of magazines to devour until I fall asleep. 
11. A place in the world you have never been that you would love to go……
Kristy: Egypt!
Beth:  Bali

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11 Questions:

 1. If you were given the choice between a million dollars and maintaining your dream weight for the rest of your life what would you choose?
 2. What is the best lesson you learned from your parents? 
 3. Where would your dream vacation home be?
 4. If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life what would it be? 
 5. What is your all-time favorite movie? 
 6. If you could choose an animal from any movie to be your pet what would you choose? (i.e. Babe, the monkey from The Hangover…)
 7. Up to this point, what has been the best day of your life?
 8. If you could date any famous person (assuming you were unattached, of course!) who would it be?
 9. If you could take a one year sabbatical and go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
10. If you were given a million dollars to donate to your favorite charity/cause, what would you choose?
11. If you could go backstage to meet any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?


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