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In Good Taste: Darryl Carter

Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Town & Country, Veranda and Southern Accents are just a few of the publications that have duly noted the keen eye and exceptional detail found in each of Darryl Carter’s rooms. Flawless choices are one thing, but we think it’s the attention to creating spaces that reflect a family and a lifestyle that make Darryl Carter’s choices in such good taste.
We know all about double sinks, but double tubs? That’s like the couples massage on steroids. Yes, please. And thank you, Darryl Carter. We don’t mind if we do.
This is our idea of one gorgeous room. The juxtaposition of the crisp, modern table with the delicate, intricacy of the French daybed gives this space something for every taste. And fresh fruit and flowers can connect every element.

Grand, gaping rooms are great, but, at the end of the day, it always seems to be those tiny, hidden getaways that are our favorite spaces. Perhaps it goes back to the esteemed Virginia Woolf, but these tucked away hideouts — grown-up versions of the childhood treehouse — are the best representation, to us, of a room all of one’s own. 
One of Darryl Carter’s main design goals is to honor both the past and the present in their work. That adage is so noted in this design. This kitchen is fabulously functional and modern while still feeling a part of the past. 

Dining rooms often feel so stiff. Maybe it’s the settee for lounging or the volumes stacked in the corner, but something about this dining room makes us want to sit down, tuck our feet underneath us, and stay a while. And isn’t that what we should want our guests to feel in our homes?
Light, height and a fireplace. We could move right in. That wine fridge isn’t half bad either… 
We’re not sure who says white walls are boring, but we disagree. This all-white room feels cleansing and restorative to us, not blank and bare. Perhaps it’s the expert decor — or the view to the outdoors — but we don’t think a room could feel lighter, brighter or better.
A pair of suitcases stashed casually is one of our favorite ways to accessorize. It makes use of that oft-forgotten, under-the-table spot, and, just as important, makes those impromptu getaways a breeze! Who has time to climb attic stairs in search of a bag when Paris is waiting?

Darryl Carter refers to his design projects as “environments.” That’s right on, isn’t it? They aren’t just rooms, and it isn’t just furniture and accessories. These spaces are our ecosystems, where we breathe, where we work and play and eat and live. We think we’d be right at home in any one of these natural habitats…
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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