House Tour: Shingled and Chic in Cape Cod

Richard Hallberg Interiors living room in Cape Cod

Happy house tour, chic readers! We are loving this beautiful shingled beach home, in Cape Cod by the fabulous team of  Hutker Architects and Richard Hallberg Interiors.  Take a look around and we think you’ll agree!  Enjoy!

Richard Hallberg Interiors living room on cape cod


Richard Hallberg Interiors kitchen on cape cod


Richard Hallberg Interiors dining room on cape cod


Richard Hallberg Interiors living room on cape cod


Richard Hallberg Interiors wood floors on cape cod


Richard Hallberg Interiors bedroom on cape cod


Richard Hallberg wood ceiling


Richard Hallberg Interiors porch


Richard Hallberg Interiors outdoor pool and garden

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Chic Beach Days




Stylish Outdoor Favorites





More Tour Dates


June 3: Lexington County Public Library, Columbia, SC,  6:30pm

June 4: Spartanburg County Public Library, Spartanburg, SC, 6:30pm

June 5: The Atlanta History Center at Margaret Mitchell House, Atlanta, GA,  

June 6: The Country Book Shop, Southern Pines, NC, 5pm

July 19: Browseabout Books, Rehobeth Beach, DE,  

July 19: Bethany Beach Books, Bethany Beach, DE, 7pm – 9pm

July 20: Turn the Page Bookstore with Nora Roberts, Boonsboro, MD, 11am – 1pm

August 2: The Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library, Cashiers, NC, 3pm

August 2: The Chattooga Club, Cashiers, NC, 6pm

August 3: Hudson Public Library, Highlands, NC, 2:00pm

August 8: Figure Eight Island Yacht Club Author Series, Figure Eight, NC,  

August 10: East Hampton Library Authors’ Night, East Hampton, NY, 5pm – 7:30pm



House Tour: Serene Coastal Style

serene Coastal Style living room


April showers are off to a serious start here this week, and three days in we are already looking forward to those May flowers the rain is sure to bring! 


serene Coastal Style living room


No matter the weather where you are this gorgeous home, full of serene coastal style is certain to brighten your day. 


serene Coastal Style dining room


This grand and gorgeous home designed by Atlanta’s Liz Williams is the ultimate in juxtaposition. Stunning woodwork and grand chandeliers


serene Coastal Style kitchen


Contrast beautifully with a calm color palette and comfortable furnishings. 


serene Coastal Style kitchen


Classic pieces blend beautifully


serene Coastal Style bar


with coastal touches that are charming and sparse, not over the top. 


serene Coastal Style bedroom


Bright, sunny spaces, 


serene Coastal Style bathroom


Lend that vacation vibe, 


serene Coastal Style bathroom


While vintage touches create that enviable layered look.


serene Coastal Style bedroom


The old and the new combine seamlessly in this guest room to create a space that suits every style.


serene Coastal Style bedroom


And luxurious touches ensure that guests will want to stay around. (Maybe a little too long!)


serene Coastal Style bathroom


And, oh, the monograms…


serene Coastal Style guest bedroom


They are an absolute showstopper!


serene Coastal Style bedroom


Turtle shells give a beachy, boyish feel,


serene Coastal Style porch


And well-appointed porches provide plenty of space to savor the main event: the great outdoors. 


serene Coastal Style curb appeal


The exterior of the home mirrors the interior. It’s charming, gracious and gorgeous without being over the top. 


serene Coastal Style


But the setting, as is so often the case, might just be the very best part of this stunning home. Serene and idyllic, it’s perfect for year-round living.

Photographed by Emily Followill

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

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The Southern Side of Paradise

And announcing… The Southern Side of Paradise Tour! Twelve states, forty cities…If I’ll be in a city near you I’d love to see you! Click here for full details on every event!

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House Tour: Beauty by the Sea from Urban Grace

Estuary House from Urban Grace


Good morning, friends! All we know is that today a good day to explore this Beauty by the Sea from Urban Grace. Actually, come to think of it, there’s not a bad day for that. (Also, can we talk about this gallery wall, please? Perfection!)


Estuary from Urban Grace


I spent a fabulous weekend by the sea with my Tall Poppy Writer friends soaking up the best of what the Hamptons has to offer. Between a book signing at The White Fences Inn in Water Mill, staying at The Topping Rose House in Sag Harbor, and a handful of other spectacular events throughout the Hamptons, I was thoroughly spoiled. 


urban grace house by the sea


And, as luck would have it (if you call the inconvenience of a cancelled flight “luck”…) I got to spend an extra night in NYC to boot–and finally meet one of my coolest Instagram friends, Ashley Bellman. She’s a host of New York Live and QVC and all around fabulous. (And nice. So nice. Don’t you love it when that happens?)


Urban Grace by the sea family room


Plus, since this is a room full of fabulous bookshelves, it seems right to say that I got to go visit my publisher, Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster, and check out a really fabulous display of my forthcoming May 7 novel THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF PARADISE


Estuary Urban Grace


All in all, it was a great bonus day in the city, but the real bonus might have been coming home and seeing that THERE IS FINALLY SOME PROGRESS AT MY HOUSE.


Urban Grace by the sea


If you’re new here, let me get you up to speed: Hurricane Florence invited a tornado friend to have a party at my house on the Carolina coast. Let’s just say they didn’t use coasters, the house has been gutted since September, and they will not be invited back. 


Urban Grace by the sea


One of my favorite parts of the house is the third floor. It has charming angular rooflines, the best views going and, as of yesterday, shiplap in every nook and cranny. Honestly, I was on the fence about this move, but it is our son’s playroom, and, now that it’s up, I am so thrilled with the decision. It is darling!


Urban Grace by the sea


If I needed any more confirmation, this beach beauty is making me more confident than ever. 


Urban Grace by the sea office


It makes use of basically all of our favorite things: steel windows


Urban Grace by the sea kitchen


The right kind and amount of shiplap in all the right places, (P.S. I’m emailing you for this wash color, Urban Grace!)


Urban Grace by the sea staircase


And more light than money can buy, which, let’s face it, is the most important part of any beach house


Urban Grace by the sea kitchen


Urban Grace masterfully combines unexpected touches, 


Urban Grace by the sea dining room


A nod toward tradition,


Urban Grace by the sea entrance


And practicality with aplomb. 


Urban Grace by the sea


They should write a handbook, really. 


Urban Grace by the sea


And as for the main event? Well, it isn’t too shabby either… 

We hope you’re feeling warm and sunny now. We know we are! Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!




In Good Taste: Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects

 Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects entrance

Ike Kligerman Barkley Architect – IKBA


If you’ve ever built a house, you know that architecture is everything. 


 Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects living room


The way a home sits on a lot to take advantage of the morning sun,


Ike Kligerman Barkley dining room


The addition of beams and built-ins to a make an open concept feel cozy and just separated enough, 


Ike Kligerman Barkley family room


The brilliant way that the right paneling, the right molding and the right accents can make even a new house feel like it has a sense of history


Ike Kligerman Barkley family room


The stunning portfolio of Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects never ceases to amaze us. 


Ike Kligerman Barkley family room


Their work proves that the little things–like figuring out how to make the very most of a small space–are actually everything. 


Ike Kligerman Barkley bedroom


From indoor spaces that capitalize on both a charming slanted roofline and a killer view, 


Ike Kligerman Barkley porch


To a chic porch that doubles as the ultimate living space, 


Ike Kligerman Barkley porch


To a multi-purpose indoor/outdoor space with so much personality it almost has a pulse, these architects have a knack for creating truly unforgettable spaces


Ike Kligerman Barkley pool


We need a vacation in this exact spot, immediately if not sooner!


Ike Kligerman Barkley pool


Because the only thing better than unforgettable indoor spaces is their outdoor counterparts.

What is your favorite Ike Kligerman Barkley space?

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love it when you stop by!

Thank you to Parade for choosing my forthcoming THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF PARADISE, releasing May 7, as one of “12 Big Fiction Reads Every Book Club Will Love in 2019!”


What Would Jeffrey Dungan Do?


It has been 118 days since we evacuated for Hurricane Florence, which means it has also been 117 nights since I have slept in my bed. (Not that I’m keeping track.) I am not complaining about this, as I have kept all my New Year’s Resolutions–one being not to complain to my family about being out of my house and y’all are my family–for EIGHT ENTIRE DAYS. I know. It’s probably a world record. 



I’m feeling happy and inspired because, praise the Lord!, the tearing out has been done for weeks, but the putting back together is actually starting next week!! So I’m told…

I’ll be honest: I’ve been a little meh about picking everything out, which is totally unlike me. But when you spent two entire years of your life taking a house from dilapidated to your dream home, and then, four years later, you’re doing it again, your tastes haven’t really changed that much. So it’s like, do I keep it all the same? Or do I change stuff that I really love?



Fortunately, there’s Design Chic. And all the inspiration. And so, yesterday, I asked myself: 



What Would Jeffrey Dungan Do?



He would pick himself up by the bootstraps, get a new vision together, and, you know what? He’d probably add onto the house too. 



(I can’t say that for sure, but, I mean, look at his work? Who wouldn’t want more of that?)



I may have been feeling less than inspired but, fortunately, Mom has been saving up her energy for when I was feeling inspired. She is one of those people who can look at rooms taken to the studs and 1.4 seconds later have found inspiration photos for exactly what the layout should be and corresponding photos for exactly what materials you should use and…



These ceilings are definitely happening. Certainly in little Will’s room. They’re the perfect masculine touch. 



Oh, and the freestanding tub that there has been, quite frankly, a lot of grumbling about? Also happening. 



Did I say it had been 117 nights since I had slept in my bed? What I meant to say is that it had been 117 nights since I’d been in my bathtub. Cost per use, that thing is cheaper than anything else in the house. And I’m going to need it back soon or I’m never going to hit my reading goal for the year, which is an entirely different post.



If the construction doesn’t start soon, as promised, we can just build a tiny house in the backyard. (Again What Would Jeffrey Dungan Do?) This one is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and…



I’m pretty sure I could live here forever. As long as it comes with a tub. 

Are you drooling over Dungan’s work like we are?

Thank you so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We love it when you drop by!



House Tour: Cottage on Lake Keowee

Lake Keowee entrance

There’s no doubt about it: Fall is in the air. It’s still 85 degrees here on the Carolina coast, but there’s something about the air here that starts to get a little clearer that makes us know it will be here soon. The pumpkins everywhere don’t hurt either!

Lake Keowee entrance

So, sure, houses are made for all seasons, but this fabulous Lake Keowee Cottage, designed by Architect Timothy S. Adams and Westbrook Interiors in this month’s Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles,  just feels like fall to us. 

Lake Keowee living room

This is the kind of fireplace that is made for crackling logs on crisp fall nights and freezing December days. 

Lake Keowee living room

And the room around it begs to be curled up in!

Lake Keowee dining room

With Halloween parties and Thanksgiving dinner and all the wonderful occasions that Fall brings, this dining room is the perfect blend of comfortable sophistication that feels festive but never fussy. 

Lake Keowee kitchen

And a place to prepare all those wonderful holiday meals?

Lake Keowee kitchen

No problem!

Lake Keowee kitchen

And, of course, a celebration is in order!

Lake Keowee lake

Fall is our favorite time to be outdoors (Okay, okay… We’re sure we say that about summer and spring too…) and this spectacular setting is ideal for a hike or a paddle or a row. 

Lake Keowee house and garden

And there’s something about stone and wood that makes us think of the change of seasons, of cooler temperatures and turning leaves. 

Lake Keowee house and garden

There’s nothing not to love about this Lake Keowee Cottage any season of the year! 

Have you begun preparing your home for Fall? 

Thanks so much for stopping by Design Chic today. We always love seeing you here!

Emily Followill Photography

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