Closet Organizing in the New Year

closet organizing
Marks & Frantz – Photo Marco Rico


Happy New Year!  The New Year and organizing seem to go hand and hand with us.  And these closets have us inspired!  We thought we had a lot of shoes. But that was before we saw Nancy Gonzalez’s closet. Now she has a lot of shoes. And, thankfully, a lot of closet to go with them!

closet organizing
Brian O’Keefe Architect – Photo Liz Ordonoz


But you don’t have to have hundreds of pairs of shoes appreciate a good closet–and the beautiful wood in this one.

closet organizing
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


And, me oh my, these gorgeous mirrored doors…

closet organizing
One Kings Lane Photo by Annie Schlechter


But your clothes don’t have to have practically an address of their own for your closet to be gorgeously neat and streamlined.

Howard Slatkin’s Closet via Fifth Avenue Style


In fact, we’d venture to say that even Howard Slatkin’s impeccably designed and sophisticated closet would look bad if it was a jumbled mess with clothes and shoes scattered all around the floor.



Tim Barber, Ltd


On the flip side, even a small closet can look fabulous with the right lights and the proper organization.

closet organizing
Jenny Wolf Interiors


Shoes lined in perfect rows add to the impeccable style of any storage space.

closet organizing
Architectural Digest via Dering Hall


A closet that looks like a boutique is a gorgeous choice, if you ask us. It takes the meaning of “shopping in your closet” to a whole new level!

closet organizing
Gomez Associates


But, then again, everything tucked away behind those beautiful doors is a great option too.

closet organizing
Dering Hall


A clean, organized closet is the best way to start the day, if you ask us. Flipping on the light to reveal rows of immaculately organized items that are a cinch to find makes it easier to see what’s there, to get dressed, and sets the tone for a calming and wonderful day ahead.

closet ted yarwood photog ad
Ted Yarwood Photography via Architectural Digest


If it’s big enough for an island to stash accessories….

Nate Berkus’ Closet via Architectural Digest


And comes complete with beautiful brass lights, all the better!

Suzanne Tucker Design


A chaise in the closet? This is the dream, we think. But, whether your closet is spacious enough to hold furniture or barely big enough to eek out space for all your clothes, there’s no question that an organized closet is a great way to start the day — and the new year!

Are you ready to organize for 2019?

Thanks to all of you, our dear, precious friends, for spending time with us at Design Chic.  Your support means the world, and we are truly humbled!  Wishing you a 2019 filled with love, laughter and of course, chic design! 

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House Tour: Coco & Jack Interior Design

Coco & Jack living room

Steve and Alyssa Terpstra, the founders of Coco & Jack ‘s home is nothing short of a retreat. 

Coco & Jack living room

Nothing is too stuffy or overdone, yet it all feels perfectly pulled together, in-place and utterly serene. 

Coco & Jack living room

Alyssa, the design mind behind the company Coco & Jack is known for her ability to combine the right details to make a house a home. Her family spaces are absolutely luxurious while maintaining a casual feel where everyone can relax…

Coco & Jack girl's room

But, if we’re honest, it’s the children’s rooms that are our very favorites! An absolutely charming space for a little girl to play, dream and invite her best friends to spend the night…

Coco & Jack girl's room

It’s all in the details, really. These bunnies couldn’t be cuter–and are very appropriate for our impending Easter season!

Coco & Jack girl's room

A sweet console between the beds provides plenty of storage for playthings. 

Coco & Jack girl's room

And we’re having closet envy! With plenty of space for her prettiest things, this closet is swoon-worthy! 

Coco & Jack girl's room

We love how every detail–down to the heat vent–is taken into account here. 

A fun and comfy nook transforms into the perfect space for a little boy.

Coco & Jack boy's room

And the simple addition of chalk paint leaves plenty of space to let his imagination run wild. 

Coco & Jack boy's room

We love the wide-plank hardwood floors–and that Mr. Bear is tucked in nice and tight! What’s your favorite space in this stunning, serene home? We don’t think we could pick a favorite!

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love it when you stop by! 

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The Magic of Mirrored Furniture

mirrored furniture
Beth Webb


Good morning, chic readers–and Happy President’s Day! Some design trends come and go, but others capture our imaginations and seem to stay on the scene for years, becoming classic pieces that shape our interiors.

living room mirrored furniture
Beth Ervin Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


For us, mirrored furniture, is one of those things, adding a touch of glamour or, when done right, a bit of Hollywood Regency style to any room.

mirrored furniture
Phoebe Howard Design


And Out There Interiors is one of our favorite spots for finding all the mirrored pieces we adore, from a pretty chest that accents a space in style, 

mirrored furniture
Domino Magazine


To a stunning mirrored bed fit for a queen! (And perfectly paired with pink, of course!)

mirrored furniture


From a simple splash of mirrored style,

mirrored furniture
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


To an entire gorgeous dressing room covered in pretty panels, mirrors always make a statement. 

mirrored furniture
Alessandra Branca


When it comes to mirrors, the more the merrier we say! A chic bamboo table with mirrored accents combined with that stunning coastal mirror over top makes such a statement. And that chair is the perfect finishing touch!

mirrored furniture
Architectural Digest


The mirrored vanity is a forever classic, at once sweet and dainty and elegant. Who wouldn’t want to spend the morning get ready here?

mirrored furniture
Laura U Interior Design


For a glamorous bath, just add mirrored vanities! They add instant appeal.

mirrored furniture
Mario Buatta via Architectural Digest


Whether a full mirrored look,

mirrored furniture
Architectural Digest


Or just a touch, mirrored furniture always makes a splash! Are you a fan of mirrored furniture? If you were going to add a piece to your home, which room would you choose?

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love seeing you here! Wishing you a wonderful week!









Things We Love: An Organized Closet

organized closet litchfield design
William Litchfield 


 Oh, New Year’s… Champagne… confetti… closet cleaning…

organized clostet
Butler Armsden Architects


We don’t know about you, but we tend to do better on the closet cleaning 

window-seat -organized closet
Emily Followill Photography


if we’re drinking the champagne simultaneously.

Jute Home


Because here’s the thing: We’re great at getting the closets organized. Fabulous, actually.

wood-organized closet
Miles Redd


We have all the special organizing stuff and pretty baskets and can fold Barney’s-worthy stacks of sweaters.

paint ----organized closet
Jeff Herr PhotographyTerra Cotta Properties


And it will stay that way for awhile.

bedroom.organized closet
Jute Home


But then a huge load of dry cleaning comes in and we can’t tackle it right that second.

lights.organized closet


Or that “perfect outfit” looks perfectly hideous and it’s five minutes before we have to walk out the door and suddenly, this pretty, bare carpet is strewn with fifteen outfits.

paint.organized closet
Mimosa Lane 


Our blog friend Albertina from Mimosa Lane participated in the One Room Challenge with a gorgeous, totally inspiring closet redo. And we are sure that after all her hard work that her closet is still just this pristine! (Love that paint color!)

brass organized closet
Mimosa Lane


So chic — and the little window seat is adorable! We bet she drinks champagne while she closet cleans too… Well, or mimosas!

Liz Caan Interiors


So, we’re going to take a page from Albertina’s book and get elbow-deep in closet cleaning once again. Because everyone needs a fresh start every now and then, right?

What’s the state of your closet? Is it totally orderly a little bit messy?

Thanks for stopping by today. We always love it when you do!



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In Good Taste: Summer Thornton Interior Design

Summer Thornton

Last week, we had the best time touring one of the most incredible dental offices (that did not look like a dental office at all) designed by Summer Thornton. 

This week, we’re going outside the office and checking out Summer’s good taste inside the home. 

One of our favorite things about Summer’s designs is her use of color. 

Each room feels fresh, light, bright and never overdone. We love yellow! And we really love a chaise. So the combination of the two couldn’t be better.

This is an example of how a statement light fixture can totally transform a room. 

The color of this bar cart is phenomenal. All of the touches in this room are totally luxurious.

This is black and white done right. Summer transformed this nook into a destination.

A gold fume hood? Yes please!

Who thinks of a stairwell as a fun cheery spot you don’t want to leave? We sure don’t! But this stairwell is that and more.

Now, this is a closet! Is there a better combination than hot pink and leopard?

It seems like stunning closets might be a Summer Thornton specialty! 

A luxurious bathroom is such a treat!

What a sweet little girl’s room!

Talk about a nursery that grows as he does! Well, they might have to get him a little bigger car eventually… But, otherwise, it’s perfection! Don’t you love the good taste of Summer Thornton? We knew you would! Thank you so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. 


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