House Tour: Steeped in History in Greenwich, Ct


There is something about a white house with black shutters (bonus for a slate roof!) that draws us right in. Every time. 



And, in the case of this Old Greenwich home, we’re certainly glad it did.



Merging the past and present with considerable aplomb,



This is a home that wows with style, but is still comfortable enough for the whole family.



Beautiful built-ins in the family room,



Blend in harmony with the gorgeous kitchen cabinets, creating just another touch that makes this home feel seamless and cohesive.



This lovely desk takes full advantage of the stunning view beyond the windows, making this the ultimate writers’ retreat.



This is giving me major excitement about getting back into my house. We’ve reset the tub to take maximum advantage of the view. I can’t wait to be soaking just like this!



We just love the way the hardwood floors lead out onto the slate onto the grass and into the water. The transition is perfection!



There is absolutely no doubt that outdoor design is just as important–if not more important–than indoor decor, especially with a yard and view as stunning as this.



We can’t imagine a more peaceful spot for relaxing at the end of a long day. Wishing you blue skies and calm seas just like this today!


Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We love it when you stop by!


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In Good Taste: Bellwether Landscape Architects

Bellwether Landscape Architects stone arch


We can’t believe it’s back-to-school time already. We love experiencing every season to the fullest here in NC, but none has quite the finite ending point of summer. We don’t know about you, but, for us, this one absolutely flew by!


 Bellwether Landscape Architects planters


We were lamenting the end of long, lazy, sandy days, but these past couple the temperature has dropped just the tiniest bit, the edge has come off the humidity, and we’re sort of loving getting back on schedule. (Sort of.)


Bellwether Landscape Architects outdoor area


We think we’re ready to welcome fall! (Not that it was waiting on us…)


 Bellwether Landscape Architects curb appeal


We’re lucky to be able to spend a good 9-10 months of the year enjoying the outside, but there is no time quite as sweet or special as the fall.


Bellwether Landscape Architects boxwood pathway


Perfect temperatures, changing foliage and crisp evenings make it the ideal time for dining, playing and relaxing al fresco!


 Bellwether Landscape Architects garage and pool house


Nowhere is that better than in our own backyards.


Bellwether Landscape Architects outdoor area


And, trust, us, we are taking copious notes and tons of inspiration from these stunning outdoor spaces by Bellwether Landscape Architects.


 Bellwether Landscape Architects espalier


Perfectly manicured beds,


Bellwether Landscape Architects gate to pool


Charming accents that bid guests welcome,


Bellwether Landscape Architects garden gate


And an eye toward laid-back yet luxurious style,



Create landscapes that are perfectly styled in any season.



A stunning exterior might be the foundation,


boxwood garden
Bellwether Landscape Architects via Dering Hall


But it is the right landscaping that pulls the look together. Are you dreaming of any updates to your yard this fall? 

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love seeing you here!


Are you looking for the perfect Labor Day reads? Check out my Peachtree Bluff Series!

Peachtree Bluff Series

Harvey, considered to be the “it girl” of Southern fiction, introduces the first novel in the Peachtree Bluff Series this spring. Child, this book is everything! We’re hoping to see this soapy read on the Hallmark Channel.” (—Jamey Giddens Daytime Confidential)


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Things We Love: A Gorgeous White Garden

white garden
Howard Design Studio


It is summer and that means time for gardens galore! Sitting in them, admiring them… We love all of that!

 white-flowers white garden
Hollander Design 


The planting and keeping alive is where things get dicey. Fortunately, hardy favorites like these gorgeous hydrangeas are stunning and well within our wheelhouse.

white garden
Howard Design Studio


We don’t know about you, but we love beautiful blooms that we can cut and move into our own house. It’s such an easy and chic touch.

white garden
Howard Design Studio


We love so many different kinds of gardens, from the streamlined to the very, very complicated.

white garden
Howard Design Studio


A fabulous patio is one of the best parts of spring. But, without a luscious view, porch sitting can fall flat. That’s certainly not a problem for any of these lovely landscapes!

white garden
Loi Thai


This beautiful yard reminds us of a perfectly tailored pair of black pants. They fit so well that they can’t help but be gorgeous.


The Secret to Southern Charm

Speaking of, if you need something to read while you’re catching rays this summer, look no further than The Secret to Southern Charm! Summer is the perfect time to get up to date on the Murphy girls and Peachtree Bluff, Georgia, a town where the breeze is warm, the sun is shining, and nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems!





Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home

curb appeal white wood house


For outdoor style and adding loads of curb appeal, a few things top our list for timeless simplicity.   A white picket fence, a fabulous front door, a beautiful garden, with flowers or without, we adore how these simple touches turn a plain exterior into something extraordinary.

curb appeal black door


curb appeal black door
Serena & Lily


curb appeal white wood house
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


curb appeal gray door
Hayburn and Co


curb appeal white brick
Windsor Smith


green door curb appeal


curb appeal house with climbing roses
Domino Magazine


curb appeal


curb appeal


curb appeal red door


Happy Monday, sweet friends!

Draper James and Reese Witherspoon New Collaboration and More!


At Home with Landscape Designer Jon Carloftis

one kings lane


Draper James and Nordstrom


Reese Witherspoon and Draper James Partnering with Nordstrom

– nordstrom



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Slightly South of Simple

What People are Saying about Slightly South of Simple

“Harvey’s devotion to realistic character development pays off by the end of the novel, which provides clear resolutions to some plots and leaves other hanging in a way that practically begs for a sequel…because Harvey is meticulous about closing out each character’s arc in a satisfying way….SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE is so warm, inviting and real…”—Bookpage

Things We Love: White Houses

Patrick Ahearn Architecture curb appeal
Patrick Ahearn Architecture


Good morning, chic readers! We hope you are having a wonderful day and that, if you are in the path of Irma, you are staying safe. And friends affected by Hurricane Harvey, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you rebuild. 

Donald Lococo Architect curb appeal
Donald Lococo Architect



All of this crazy weather really has us thinking lately about how important our homes are to us.


These stunning white houses are full of charm and character. They are welcoming spaces that we are certain beckon their owners home each night. While we focus a lot on interiors, on how our favorite cozy chair and that painting we couldn’t take our eyes off of make us feel a certain way, the exteriors of our house can–and should–do that exact same thing. 

White House with dormers
Patrick Ahearn Architect


If a home should be anything at all, we think it should be welcoming. Window boxes and a trellis covered in vines are two of the best ways we can think of to take a home’s exterior from plain to positively darling. It’s simple touches like this that make a home feel loved and lived in. And don’t our special spaces deserve to be cared for? 

Shelley Johnstone white brick house
Shelley Johnstone Design



Landscaping is obviously one of the most important ways to make your home feel unique. While we love flowers and big blooms, there’s something stately about a classic cluster of Boxwoods flanking the front door. Well-maintained foliage always contributes something special to a home’s exterior and gives the sense that there is a staid, lovely interior beyond the front door.

studio McGee white brick house
Studio McGee


We are suckers for black and white, but a splash of color is always welcome. A bluefront doors adds an undeniably charming feel to this impeccably manicured lot.


There’s no doubt about it: Adding exterior color increases curb appeal. Plus, it’s easy to tell visitors that yours is the house with the blue door! Porches add character in droves and make for great porch sitting, especially during the cool fall months. 


What are your favorite ways to add character to a home’s exterior? Do you have any home improvement projects on your wish list?

Thank you so much for stopping by today. We always love seeing you!

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clothes and others

Things We Love: Pea Gravel

Howard Design Studio


Mom and I have both always loved infomercials. I know. They’re worse than reality TV. But it’s not like you set out to watch an infomercial. It’s something that just sort of happens. Not so much anymore, but, back in the days before DVR and OnDemand, we’d be up late, and one would just come on. And then we’d get sucked in, and, before we knew it, we were pulling out our credit card  (Well, Mom’s credit card. I was a child.) and ordering Yoga Booty Ballet because the next fifty callers got a free set of resistance bands.

garden pea gravel
Hollander Designs



We already had three sets of resistance bands, but it’s something in that guy’s voice and all those women who went from a size 14 to a size 2 in three weeks and their asthma went away and they met the love of their life and won the lottery… 

Suzanne Kasler via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


So we ordered Yoga Booty Ballet. And Billy Blank’s Tae Bo. And this cool thing you used to sort cans in the fridge. And something I can’t remember the name of that involved step aerobics. (Mom is really good at step aerobics. She was a preschool mom in the early 90’s so, you know…)

pea gravel robert coultier connecticu c &G
Robert Couturier  via CTC&G


But there was this one infomercial I always used to see that intrigued me. It was for these detoxifying foot pads. You’d put them on when you slept and they would pull all the toxins and heavy metals out of your body and when you woke up the foot pads were black with all of the gross stuff pulled out of your body!

pea gravel
Hollander Design


Now, Mom still has a Tony Little Gazelle in the garage, but she made fun of me for thinking these things would work. So I never got them. 

pea gravel
Stroudwater Design Group via Dering Hall


Yesterday, I was in TJ Maxx trying to be patient while Will examined two dozen lunch boxes when I saw them. Those foot pads! And they were $4.99, so I bought them, despite the lack of a free set if I ordered in the next eight minutes. And I woke up this morning and they were black just like on the infomercial, and I am quite sure that my insides are squeaky clean and toxin and heavy metal free just like that happy girl on TV all those years ago!


So, sure, yeah, it’s probably just some sort of reaction with the heat in my body that turns that little pad black. But it makes you feel so accomplished. I mean, for every win–like the foot pad and Billy Blanks–there’s a thigh master and a can sorter that cans don’t actually fit in. But that’s half the fun. And this is why we love infomercials. 

Patrick Ahearn Architect


Something we love that’s a little less risky? Pea gravel. We installed it in our backyard in Beaufort, and it has been a miracle for controlling moisture and keeping those pesky mosquitoes away.

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


Plus, it’s so pretty, which, frankly, was our initial appeal. The lack of Zika was just a happy side effect. So, no, it’s not great for heels. But in flats or flip flops, gravel makes the most satisfying crunch underneath your feet.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


And it’s such a beautiful juxtaposition with surrounding grass.


So, no, you probably won’t get a free gift with purchase with your pea gravel. But, on the very bright side, it’s also probably not going to end up unused in your garage. Speaking of, I’m off to unearth those Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs I haven’t seen since college. They were great. And I’m having the strangest urge to hunt down this Fluidity Barre system that I used to see all the time… Although, it’s way less fun to order informercial products now that I have to use my own credit card!

Wishing you a wonderful day, chic friends!


Thanks so much for stopping by today! We always love it when you do!

Homes of Dear Carolina: Khaki’s House

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Good morning friends! Thank you again so much for your unwavering support of Dear Carolina! I am so touched and humbled and grateful by the outpouring of support for the book!

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

I think it’s normal for writers to envision every part of their novels. The characters, their hair colors, their mannerisms, their day to day routines…


But, when you’re a design blogger, you can’t help but dream about their homes!


Design Chic

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