House Tour: Raleigh, NC Beauty by Anne Wagoner Interiors


Good morning, chic readers! This stunning Raleigh, NC home by Anne Wagoner Interiors is the perfect mix of traditional touches and updated details, well-suited for family, entertaining and more. Take a step inside and enjoy every beautiful moment!
















Is it cocktail time yet? We’d love to be ending our day right here. We hope you enjoyed this beautiful Anne Wagoner-designed home as much as we did!


Erin Comerford Photography




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We’re Going Back To Peachtree Bluff!


A super quick clip of part of my Facebook Live where I announced some really fun news: CHRISTMAS IN PEACHTREE BLUFF, the fourth novel in my Peachtree Bluff Series, is releasing October 26, 2021! Thanks so much to all of you who asked for a fourth Peachtree Bluff book. It was such a joy to write, and I can’t wait to share more about the Murphy women—and Vivi’s—lives with all of you just in time for the holidays! It is available for preorder now wherever books are sold!

In the newest installment of USA TODAY bestselling author Kristy Woodson Harvey’s Peachtree Bluff series, three generations of the Murphy women must come together when a hurricane threatens to destroy their hometown—and the holiday season in the process.
In “pitch perfect tones” (Publishers Weekly) and written with her signature Southern charm, Kristy Woodson Harvey explores the magic of Christmas, the power of forgiveness, and the importance of family in a tale that reminds us that, no matter the circumstances, home is always where we belong—especially during the holidays.






In Good Taste: MA Allen Interiors

MA Allen Interiors office

Good morning, chic readers! You know how much we love sharing favorite designers with you every week. The only thing better than sharing a favorite designer is sharing a favorite designer who lives right here in North Carolina!

MA Allen Interiors kitchen

MA Allen and her partners say that they “take a single thought, or a tiny swatch of fabric, or a family heirloom…and allow that small seed to become an explosion of ideas that eventually transforms your entire space.”

MA Allen Interiors kitchen

We love the thought of that, of starting with the tiniest kernel of an idea and using that to create something extraordinary. 

As you can see, that’s exactly what these designers do. 

MA Allen Interiors kitchen

From an eat-in kitchen worth coming home to, 

MA Allen Interiors kitchen

To a sweet pop of color that brings a crisp, white kitchen to life, 

MA Allen Interiors dining

A fun, modern dining room that practically begs for family holidays to be held (and makes great use of a space!), 

To a master bedroom where every detail is just right, MA Allen hits the high notes of style in every project. 

There is absolutely nothing we love more than an adorable nursery. A nursery like this one that can grow as he does is all the better. A simple switch from crib to bed and this darling nursery becomes a sweet room for a busy little boy. 

MA Allen Interiors playroom

In any child’s space, but especially a playroom, stylish storage is such a necessity. Books become a beautiful focal point, and her favorites are always right on hand between tea parties. 

MA Allen Interiors mudroom

Mudrooms are perhaps one of the most essential spaces in homes today–and MA Allen makes sure that even these tiny nooks not only flow seamlessly into the rest of the house but are also pinnacles of style. From North Carolina’s triangle to the Atlantic coast, New York to DC, these designers adapt every space to their clients’ needs. And we couldn’t love the results any more! 

Woman’s World thinks you and your mom will love reading my Peachtree Bluff Series together–and we wholeheartedly agree! Pick up copies of Slightly South of Simple and The Secret to Southern Charm for both of you. You’ll definitely be the favorite child this year! 

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