Chic Chat: Marika Meyer


Good morning, chic readers! We have such a treat for you today! Not only is one of our favorite (and nicest!!) designer friends, Marika Meyer, here for a super fun chic chat, but she is also offering a discount on some of her most popular handmade pillows exclusively to Design Chic readers for the next 72 hours. (Details at the end of the post!) They are absolutely stunning and the beyond perfect way to give your home a facelift for fall. The collection is created for mixing and matching, layering and, of course, loving! You can’t wrong with any combination. Read on to learn more about this talented designer’s inspirations, biggest accomplishments and much, much more! Click here to see a favorite house tour of Marika’s that we shared in February.

1. How did you get started as a designer?

Design and the visual arts have always been an integral part of my life. As a child I was enrolled in drawing and painting by age 4 and fell in love with art as a form of expression. My grandmother, Marika Aires was also a decorator in Washington and had a keen eye for design and the arts and was one of my biggest creative role models.

2.Where do you get your inspiration?

There is an opportunity to find inspiration everywhere, if you take the time to slow down and notice things. But, hands down, I must say that my inspiration comes from my family, whether that be our history of appreciation for antiquities, or specific family heirlooms.

3.Do you have a favorite project to date? Or a favorite type of project that tends to be your favorite?

A project recently completed on the Eastern Shore of Maryland is definitely a new favorite, for so many reasons. First, I was able to work with a client who I have known for many years, and we have worked on many homes together. Second, it was a start to finish project, from a totally blank canvas, raw piece of land, to the completed home. I love being able to help our clients throughout the entire process. And, lastly, the location was absolutely stunning with uninterrupted water views!

4.What is the biggest challenge you face as a designer?

As a designer one of the biggest challenges I find is helping clients navigate the design process and understand that beautiful spaces don’t have to come with a six figure price tag. Like pairing a plain white t-shirt from H&M with a Chanel bag, it’s understanding how and where to spend to make the biggest impact. One of the most rewarding parts of that challenge is giving clients the satisfaction of having a curated and collected look that seamlessly marries high and low pieces.

5. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?

Creating our own product line of textiles and rugs was a huge accomplishment. I have always been “creative” and being able to use all of my artistic skills in conjunction with interiors is the culmination of my passions.

6. Are there any designers that particularly inspire you?

Elsie de Wolfe. She was a trailblazer for women and the design world. She bucked Victorian tradition and embraced a new style of design, in both her interiors and her wardrobe. In the truest sense of classic design, her interiors would be just as fresh today (hello, cheetah pillows?!) as they were in the early twentieth century.

Go-to paint color? 

Benjamin Moore Iceberg

Ebooks or hardbacks?


M&Ms or Skittles?


Coffee or tea?


Which pillow is your favorite?  We love them all, but oh, the Elliot…

More Beautiful Designs
Marika Meyer game room with abstract art
Marika Meyer white kitchen
Marika Meyer blue and white dining room
Marika Meyer living room
Marika Meyer breakfast room with lucite chairs
Marika Meyer bathroom
MARika Meyer bathroom design
Marika Meyer living room

We love getting to know more about our favorite designers and hope you do too! 

Angie Seckinger Photography

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Creating a Holiday-Ready Guest Room with John Robshaw

Dasani Duvet cover sham and bedding John Robshaw
Dasati Duvet Set


Good morning, chic readers! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas already this year–and we couldn’t love it any more. I found out today that there is less time than usual between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I absolutely had to get on my holiday shopping stat. (Plus, all the music and movies and twinkle lights have begun and are getting to me!)


Dasati Duvet Set John Robshaw bedding
Hand Stitched White Coverlet


One of our favorite things is gathering all the family together for Thanksgiving and Christmas and, to that end, we are creating a guest-ready bedroom so our visitors can rest in style. 


Torana Indigo Bolster pillows John Robshaw
Torana Indigo Bolster


We are love, love, loving this gorgeous John Robshaw bedding that is nothing short of guest-perfect. (Okay, let’s be real: It’s us perfect, too, and we’ll be stealing it back stat!) The coverlet is soft to the touch and oh-so-cozy, the comforter inside this duvet is soft, fluffy and gorgeous, and the fabrics are absolutely to-die-for. 


 John Robshaw pillows
Pabala Indigo Decorative Pillow


As with everything in design, it’s the details that make these textiles not just beautiful but extraordinary. Hand block painting, hand block stitching and the finest down and feathers available set these linens apart and are one of the facets of John Robshaw’s vision for his spectacular brand. 


John Robshaw Dasati shams
Dasati Shams


We could barely resist climbing into this bed ourselves once we had made it. 


Anketi White sheets from John Robshaw
Anketi White Sheets


But, well, we couldn’t bear to wrinkle the softest, most luxurious sheets. The detail is simple, elegant and so inviting. 


Cabatti Bedding


Now we feel like our guest room is ready to go for anyone who wants to join us for the holiday season!


 John Robshaw duvet cover and pillows
Elephant Family Bolster


But the great thing about John Robshaw’s Collection is that the colors, patterns, style and variety mean there is the perfect selection for every space. His degree in fine art from Pratt and expertise in block printing are evident in every beautiful item.


 John Robshaw duvet cover and pillows
Makasa Bedding


We are so partial to these stunning indigos.


 John Robshaw duvet cover and pillows
Sakuna Sheets


And we love how pieces from John Robshaw ‘s collection can be mixed and matched to create a completely custom look. 


 John Robshaw duvet cover and pillows
Sutta Duvet Set


They are never fussy, never overdone, but these linens are pure luxury all the way. 




The only problem now is that your guests might want to stay a little too long… ‘Tis the season, right?

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Luscious textiles make the perfect gift!

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Coastal Chic Makeover with Serena & Lily

Good morning, chic readers! It’s here, it’s here! Serena & Lily’s Friends and Family 20% off sale. You could say we are a tiny bit excited…. We love all that is Serena & Lily (We know you do too!) and, there is no better time than their annual sale for a quick coastal spruce, right?

Serena & Lily makeover

Whether you live at the coast, have a beach house or are simply looking to add a little bit more of that coastal vibe into your house (vacation all the the time, anyone?) Serena & Lily is the one-stop shop for all that is fabulously coastal without being kitschy. If you’re looking to add a little beach to your life, check out what we did! 

Serena & Lily in the Bedroom:


Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover

 You know how sometimes you move somewhere and you get like 90% finished with everything and you just run out of steam? There’s no doubt that decorating can be a total joy. But it’s also a creative process and it can just burn you out. We were sort of like that with this guest room in our Beaufort house. We loved this gorgeous shell console and had the beginnings of a nice guest bedroom. We just needed to add in a few coastal touches!

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover

One of our favorite looks is a bed with no footboard–and something fun at the end. A chaise, a pair of chairs and a bench are all nice choices. For us, nothing could top this stunning Shore Bench from Serena & Lily.

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover

It’s perfect for a guest room in particular because it gives guests a place to sit to read, watch TV or simply put on their shoes. Isn’t it the perfect touch? Just add a Monaco throw in a beachy color, a couple Sarasota pillows and voila! Your guests will never want to leave!

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover before


This little area in the guest bedroom was particularly troubling. It needed a console, desk or table that fit the space and a lot of pizazz!

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover

After looking at consoles and tables and chests and desks, we decided to go with something a little bit different… a bar cart! In this case, the South Seas Bar Cart from Serena and Lily. We love using pieces we love in ways that are a little bit unexpected. Here, styled with favorite books and accessories, this bar cart becomes perfect for a bedroom. (And, hey, you can always roll it out for a party!) We love a little height and, for a space that can’t have a lamp, this vase works well.

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover

 But we think this Artichoke Table Lamp takes the cart to a whole new level! A previously neglected chimney wall becomes a focal point–with plenty of coastal flair! Plus, we love adding extra light wherever we can.

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover

Bedding is paramount, of course. In a guest room and especially a guest room on the coast, we love keeping things light and bright. The detail on the Savoy Embroidered Duvet Cover and Shams adds interest while maintaining that relaxing, airy feel. These linens are positively luscious! (Read: Our guests will never want to leave!)

Serena & Lily in the Kitchen:

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover


Of all the rooms in this remodel, the kitchen was by far the biggest transformation. With seven layers of linoleum, no island, no windows and 1960s appliances, it needed some help. We loved the remodel, but it needed a little something. 

It’s amazing how just one tiny element can completely change the look of a room–and add so much coastal chic style! The Riviera Counter Stool in natural is just that extra touch that made this kitchen feel like, well, a day at the beach! The stools added much-needed warmth, perfect for spring. We can see flip flops and sandy towels in this kitchen’s future!

Serena & Lily in the Bathroom:


Serena & Lily  bathroom makeover


My son’s bathroom upstairs was another case of major renovation and salvation. Converted from a closed-in upstairs porch to a bright, sunny spot for a little boy was so much fun.

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover

Nothing says “coastal” quite like teak. This darling Teak Step Stool is pretty and practical, making it easy to reach the sink. Rope baskets are the ultimate in coastal touches. The large one makes a perfect dirty clothes hamper! 

Serena & Lily in “Blogging Central”:

Serena & Lily  bedroom makeover

This converted laundry and storage room is actually one of the most-used spaces in the house. Little Will does art and homework there and these chaises with lucite trays are perfect for working. The Brahms’s Mount Herringbone Throws at the end of the chaises are absolutely stunning, give a finished look and feel–and were one of the first things we ever bought for the house. That just goes to show that, when you get your “before” right, with gorgeous pieces from Serena & Lily, you don’t even need an “after!”

If you are looking to add a hint of coastal style to your space, Serena & Lily’s 20% off sale is not to be missed! Let us know what you pick–and we’d love to see how you use Serena & Lily in your coastal home makeover!

Photos By Smith Hardy

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A Few More of Our Favorites From Serena & Lily

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