Storybook Cottage in Connecticut

Storybook cottage living room


Happy Valentine’s Day, chic friends! 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard living room


We don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard kitchen


Not just for the cards and the flowers and the chocolate and the wine (Although, yeah, those things are pretty awesome!) but because everything is so darn cute. 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard


The red hearts and pink xs and os. Sweet shaped cookies and homemade cards. It is the stuff of storybooks. 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard kitchen


Speaking of storybooks, this charming Connecticut Cottage is absolutely out of one. 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard kitchen


With a kitchen perfect for baking cookies, 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard - dining room


A breakfast room practically made for sipping hot chocolate, 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard- mudroom


And even a pair of red boots by the back door


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard - bedroom


This is the kind of house that’s made for celebrating Valentine’s Day and every other holiday all year long. 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard porch


One of our favorite spots in this stunning house is this charming porch, the perfect, idyllic spot to start or end the day. 


Storybook cottage Martha's Vineyard - garden


The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Why, flowers, of course! In a vase or in a yard. We aren’t picky!

Photography Jane Beiles Photography

Architecture by Louise Brooks for Brooks & Falotico

Design by Melissa Lindsay for Pimlico Interiors

We hope this pretty pink has started your day out on the right note–and has you dreaming of Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!

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