In Good Taste: Segreto Impressions


It’s here! It’s here! Our most anticipated design book of the year! (That wasn’t supposed to rhyme, but I’m thrilled that it did.)



Our friend Leslie Sinclair is one of the best in the business when it comes to finishes. And with the launch of her fourth fabulous book, Segreto Impressions, her unique talent is evident on every single page. 



We have absolutely devoured Leslie’s three previous books and they are on our coffee tables as we speak. 



But I had the privilege of seeing this beauty when it was still little more than a spiral-bound notebook, in Houston last spring when Leslie very generously hosted not one but three book launch events for me. 



I knew even then that this was going to be her best book yet. 



From kitchens that wow–



And are totally unique–



To a mix of colors and textures that will leave you breathless,



To a closet that is the culmination of every fabulous closet fantasy we’ve ever had (check out the boots!) Segreto Impressions hits all the high notes when it comes to style and is not only a fabulous resource to keep handy, but also the ultimate guilty pleasure for those days that you want to spend lost in another world. 



Leslie’s latest (and her previous books!) are available from her not-to-miss website, Segreto Finishes. And, trust us, you aren’t going to want to miss a single amazing page!

More about Segreto Impressions

Filled with exquisite interiors that serve as visual inspiration, Segreto Impressions takes you on a breathtaking tour of homes from an eclectic mix of top designers and architects, whose work and artistic vision transcend the style spectrum. With over 400 pages, this 4th installment of her design book series explores how color and finishes affect a home’s overall allure, exploring color information and an array of finishing techniques in vivid detail. This collection is a timely-and timeless-visual reference of the latest design trends in furnishings, lighting, architecture, flooring and surfaces serving as an invaluable reference guide for designer and design enthusiasts for years to come. 


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Becoming a “Blaygreen” Believer!!

As interior bloggers, you know we love finding favorite, amazing, totally talented interior designers. When those interior designers also happen to be great bloggers and pretty much the sweetest, nicest, most supportive friends you’ll ever meet, well, there aren’t really even any words for that. Leslie Sinclair of Segreto Secrets (we know you love her as much as we do!) is so talented, making her work so get-on-the-waiting-list-years-early-if-you-want-her popular, that we don’t know how she even has time to be so fabulous. But, she certainly is. No doubt about that. And, today she’s being fabulous over here at Design Chic, making “Blaygreen believers” out of us. She’ll make one out of you too! (For more on Leslie, make sure to check out Segreto, Segreto Style and the forthcoming Segreto Vignettes… Oh, yeah: she’s an author in her free time. We’re pretty sure she hides her cape somewhere!)

Screenshot 2015-09-21 00.36.52

Discovering that perfect shade of neutral “blue” can be rather difficult. My clients are often looking for the ideal blue, gray or green. Not too blue, but a little muddy, sophisticated, but not depressing. I take a deep breath listening to their descriptions, and then I recommend what I’ve come to call “blaygeen.”

Whether on walls, cabinets, trim or accessories like pillows, tableware and art, every design magazine, book and blog seems to be incorporating this elusive, but much sought-after shade. It may appear as your favorite French blue on an accent island in the kitchen. It could adorn the family room walls as a beautiful “greige” with a hint of blue – or that “just right” tone that complements Calacatta and Carrara marbles.


Segreto Secrets


 Happy Monday, friends! We hope you had an incredible weekend! Even if you didn’t, we have a feeling that your Monday is about to get a whole lot brighter! We’re sure you know Leslie Sinclair from the amazing blog Segreto.


We were crazy about her first book, Segreto Finishes, but her new one, Segreto Style, is even more fabulous! (One look at these reclaimed wood floors would tell you that!)


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