Things We Love: A Touch of Mid-Century Modern

Living-room Mid-Century modern
Carrier and CoRobert Brantley Photography


 So many styles. So little time. It’s no wonder that mixing trends and time periods is so popular now. Who would want to choose just one?

wood -Mid-Century modern
Milieu Magazine


 We are huge, huge fans of the Midcentury Modern touches that we have seen cropping up here, there and everywhere. And we just love how simple touches of the look can add personality to any room. This fixture, for example, adds instant pizazz to complement traditional furnishings.

living-room Mid-Century modern


A pop of yellow, and, most certainly, touches of gold, make a living room fun and family friendly. (Adore this glass coffee table!)

Mid-Century modern dining
Evars and Anderson


 Bright colors in unexpected places are something that we are completely embracing right now! These dining chairs are the perfect example.

Mid-Century modern playroom


Even the playroom gets a hint of midcentury with a cool sconce. (And some fun, tiny chairs!)

Mid-Century modern abstract-art
Connecticut Cottages and Gardens


Abstract art is one of our favorite features of a room with a Midcentury Modern look.

Mid-Century modern dining
via Tory Burch


 And a funky and futuristic light fixture is practically a necessity.

Mid-Century modern living room


 Wood elements help tie any look together.

Mid-Century modern nursery
Christine Dovey – Style at Home


 Unexpected touches like the contrasting fixture and ceiling medallion and that fabulous writing on the wall translate beautifully even into the nursery. That rug looks so cozy too!

Mid-Century modern kitchen


Modern bar stools, abstract art, sleek wood and that fabulous bar cart combine together to create a totally stylish look. That view doesn’t hurt either!

Mid-Century modern entrance
Architectural Digest


Show-stopping artifacts and the coolest lucite ping pong table we’ve ever seen pair with an incredible Serge Mouille chandelier for a one-of-a-kind entrance hall. (Seriously. We NEED that ping pong table!)

Mid-Century modern dining
Eric Piasecki Photography


 This dining room is Midcentury Modern perfection. The fresh fabrics bring it up to date. Are you a fan of midcentury modern touches?

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In Good Taste: Timothy Brown Studio

Good morning, chic readers! We have so much good taste to share with you today, and we can’t wait!

Timothy Brown Studio‘s style reminds us of summer.

Bright, bold and oh so fun.

Pops of color and eclectic art add touches of whimsy that define these spaces.

Gray and gold are a stunning combination in this streamlined kitchen.

And an overall streamlined aesthetic creates a calming feeling in these beautiful homes.

A mix of metals, textures and materials in this chic kitchen add so much style.

And an open floor plan makes this space feel large and perfect for entertaining a crowd.

Speaking of entertaining a crowd, this fun floor plan is ideal for maximum seating and ensures that everyone in the room can actually talk–all without blocking a single beautiful window. Such an ingenious floor plan!

A round table is one of our favorite entrance hall staples. A luxurious natural stone adds an interesting touch.

One of our favorite things about these designers is that they know which elements of a room should shout…

And which should whisper. This simple yet beautiful bedding creates a room perfect for relaxing after a long day. We hope that, wherever home is for you, it feels just the same.

And the winner is….

Congratulations to the winner of the $350 Minted Gift Card, Ellen Lugat! Ellen, we can’t wait to see what you choose with your winnings!

We can’t believe that Slightly South of Simple will be out in the world three weeks from today! Thrilled to see this beautiful photo from our incredibly talented artist friend Jeanne McKay Hartmann. She said, “Going Slightly South this Sunday… so happy to have some time today to get lost in @kristywharvey ‘s Slightly South of Simple. Kristy has such a talent for creating characters – after a few pages they seem like friends. The perfect escape on slightly sunny afternoon.”

It’s never a bad time to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Thank you, Jeanne!

In Good Taste: Meg Braff

dining room meg braff

If you’re looking for a big, huge dose of happy to start your Tuesday morning off on the right foot, look no further!


In Good Taste: Cari Berg Interior Design


While sometimes good taste can mean doing things the same way as always, there are other times, like in the case of designer Cari Berg, when we’d venture to say that stepping outside the box a little is what sets the style apart.



Cullman & Kravis

We’ve always heard that good things come in threes. But, sometimes, like in the case of these fabulous chairs, we’d say some good things come in twos.




 Happy spring day, friends! If you’re feeling ready to clean, inside and out, check out our interview with Dana Casey on Domino!


Birds are chirping. Sun is shining. Daffodils are popping up everywhere. Spring has officially sprung. And, according to feng shui expert and interior designer Dana Casey, now is the perfect time to make your home feel in-tune with the season. “Naturally, spring comes and we want to clean and get rid of things and start anew,” Casey says. So de-cluttering is the number one thing that she asks her clients to do in the spring. “Feng shui is about energy and chi,” Casey said. Since everything holds onto energy, ridding your life of the things that don’t make you feel renewed makes you feel more at home in your space. Once your house is free of extra things it doesn’t need, Casey suggests writing down exactly what you want from where you live.


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