Stephen Sills Design
Oh, the tub. It’s arguably the best part of any bathroom, so why are we always content to store it away in the corner like it’s the opening act, not the main event?
this pretty space
These bathtubs, far from ordinary ceramic hidden by a plastic curtain, are so fantastic they deserve to be on display. This one is like canoeing in the fall air without ever even leaving the porch!
And bathing with a view? Yes, please. We bet that copper holds heat like crazy, even on a chilly morning.
Speaking of copper, it seems to work pretty well in a more traditional bathing space as well.
Four Walls and a Roof
Perhaps it’s a side-effect of the up-all-night-with-baby delirium, but we can’t think of anything more divine than diving into this beauty and soaking up the view. Plus, it goes without saying that we are huge fans of a chandelier in the bathroom.
So old-fashioned and so fabulous. There is nothing like rustic charm.
With a view like this, why wouldn’t you situate the tub to accommodate it?
We love this combination of chrome and mirrors. It’s so sleek.
Jessica Hall Associates
This is perhaps our favorite of the bunch. Gold, a claw foot that really makes a statement and that ceiling… Who wouldn’t want to bathe in her own personal Sistine Chapel?

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss
We’d like to be watching The Today Show in this tub this morning! We hope you all have a fantastic, relaxing Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by!