Oh, oh, oh, how we love having guest posts from our favorite bloggers on Fridays! Aren’t they simply wonderful? Today, you are in for another treat… A musing from our talented, amazing, fabulous, always stylish friend Tina from the The Enchanted Home. We feel a special kinship with Tina because we started our blogs about the same time, and it has been so fun to see what amazing heights hers has risen to at her skilled hand. She is truly a tastemaker, and blue and white is her signature color! Colors? Well, we think when a combination is this timeless it simply must go together. We think our friend Tina would agree! Check out her blue and white here and then go visit her stunning blog and store immediately!

Hi there, so happy to be over at one of my favorite blogs on all things beautiful, Design Chic. Today I am here as a guest to talk about a color or two and it might not be much of a surprise to most of you that I have chosen to talk about my favorite color combination in the entire world…..blue and white:)

I live eat and breath it and just can’t imagine my life and home without it! I also offering a blue and white giveaway from my shop (details on bottom)

I love it in my home but it shows itself quite beautifully in some other unexpected ways. It is a classic that will never ever go out of style, a truly timeless color combination that surprisingly works with literally just about every color. So today, is an homage to all things blue and white, how about you? Are you a member of the blue and white fan club? Even if you aren’t you might be after reading this post……



One of my all time favorite vignettes using gorgeous tulips, the combination of colors is just so beautiful


Always have blue and white on my kitchen island filled with some kind of flowering plant, makes me happy to walk into it every morning:)


Leave it up to Dolce and Gabanna to create the most fabulous footwear in blue and white


Blue and white is fabulous in well…..just about everything!


And of course outside there is a healthy dose of blue and white as well


Is this not the most adorable tote! A client sent this to me…it’s my everyday hold everything bag, Pineapple Grove Gifts


Blue and white makes one heck of a theme for a party


A showhouse space I did in which blue and white took center stage with a healthy dose of green


If I had young kids, I would do this in an instant…a blue and white bunkbed, how chic!


A stunning white arrangement in blue and white is always a winner in my book


Yes your eyes do not deceive you..this is indeed a blue and white chinoiserie cake, magnificent, Uta Hornemann


This vignette on my hallway chest features the most beautiful blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins from Karolyn of The Relished Roost


How about handpainted heraldry such as this gorgeous blue and white version by Gina Langford?


Another blue and white setup outside towards the end of summer, added some purple for a dash of color


A beautiful collection of beautiful blue and white new additions to my online shop


Want to make sure your beloved pet is not left out of the blue and white love? How about one of these exquisite blue and white pet bowls handpainted (with your dogs name inside), so beautiful. Indigo Home


I cannot imagine a more beautiful dress than any one of these three blue and white beauties from Naeem Khan


One of my favorite table settings from a showhouse I did earlier this year, blue and green is a favorite combination


Angela of Queen of Tarts truly takes cookies to the next level….amazing!


I love adding various sized blue and white jars for my mantle and adding seasonal flowers


Blue Willow shoes….genius!


And finally this is a recent space I did for the Ronald McDonald “A Taste of Design” where I incorporated my beloved blue and white


So does this post have you craving a bit of blue and white of your very own ? Then read on….


I am offering up one of my best selling blue and white flat top jars (one of three styles) to one lucky Design Chic reader. All you need to do is visit my shop site by clicking here, choose a favorite blue and white item, come back and tell us what it is and you are in the running! A winner will be selected on Sunday.


Thank you for stopping in and to Kristy and Beth for asking me to come over, always a pleasure to visit their fabulous site and be a part of what is happening in their world. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and end to your week!


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