Good morning, friends! We are so excited to share this fabulous house tour from our friend Lucy at Lucy Williams Interiors. We always love her work and this Pinewood house is no exception. It is the kind of place where you want to gather friends and family to celebrate all the wonderful moments that life has to offer. 

Speaking of wonderful moments, we think that one of those moments is meeting new people. Which we did at brunch last weekend. In the “do as I say, not as I do” category, this is a prime example. My parents always told me not to talk to strangers. And they always did. 

Now I always do too. Constantly. In elevators. On a train, a plane, waiting in line at the post office. Even in New York. I know. 

So, as we were sitting outside on a beautiful morning at Beaufort Grocery Company, one of our favorite Sunday brunch spots, we started chatting with some strangers. It was January in North Carolina, so we only assumed they were from North Carolina too, had day tripped from somewhere nearby. 

When we found out that they were from New Orleans, we were more than a little surprised because, well, most people come here for the summer. They don’t realize how wonderful the stillness of the winter can be. Nevertheless, we recently visited New Orleans so I could take part in their Women’s National Book Association event, and everyone, everywhere we went was so incredibly friendly to us that we couldn’t help but mention it.

We could tell right off that these were those kind of New Orleans people. Warm and welcoming and so nice. 

It was a Sunday. In January. And those are a little slow around here. So we had them over for drinks, of course. 

And between the Rose and the pimento cheese, we laughed and shared stories and shared mutual friends–and then, in no time at all, became them as well. 

And now next time we go to New Orleans, we won’t be staying at the Windsor Court. We’ll be staying with our new friends. (It really can’t be said enough. New Orleans has the best people. Food too.)

And that is why you should always talk to strangers. We have met some of our most favorite people that way. Because after you talk they aren’t strangers any more. So then you really aren’t breaking any rules at all. 

Besides, there are times when the rules can be bent. Design is one of those times. Because, just like with new friends, if it feels right, it usually is. We think you’ll agree that this fabulous Lucy Williams home feels pretty all-around wonderful. We hope your Wednesday does too!

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