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With back to school back in full swing, and everyone back on schedule, it’s time to focus on the one person who so often gets left out when things get too busy: you!

We don’t know about you, but one of our top priorities right now is healthy living—and that means healthy cooking! Fortunately for us, the Macy’s Fall Home Sale is going on right now—until October 2–so we can save 30-50% plus an extra 15% off with code Fall. From cookware to cutlery, we’ve been stocking up on everything we need to make healthy cooking a breeze!

With family birthdays abounding and Halloween right around the corner, entertaining is a fact of life right now, so we always make sure to have the fridge stocked with nibbles and noshes for guests. This JA Henckels cheese board with knives is the perfect set to make us guest ready all season long. And, lucky for us, the trend in appetizers this season is light on the cheese, heavy on the veggies and healthy nuts. Displayed this beautifully, we can’t help but want to eat fresh from the garden!

Speaking of veggies, we love to get our fair share, but all the chopping and cutting is kind of a bore. This fabulous chopping and slicing attachment for our KitchenAid mixers is one of our new favorite kitchen electrics. Now it’s a breeze to chop huge batches of veggies on Sunday afternoon for fresh salads, soups, smoothies and omelets all week long. Yum! All KitchenAid’s healthy attachments are an extra 20% off, so don’t wait to pick yours up!

Fun new kitchen electrics like AirFriers and Sous Vide cookers ensure that healthy cooking also means tasty cooking. While Airfriers fry food with a tiny amount of oil, Sous Vide is a process by which you cook vacuum-sealed food at the precise temperature—in nothing more than water. No fat, no salt, no guilt! Our Crux Sous Vide ensures chef-quality meals every time. And nothing makes us want to stick to our goals more than that! (And Crux is 30+15% of at Macy’s!)

But healthy cooking doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Our new Cuisinart baking set has us ready for baking everything from grain-free breads to egg muffins for a pop of protein on the go to simple baked veggies that are full of flavor to, yes, healthy, refined-sugar free alternatives to our favorite sweets for staying on track.

Another thing that helps us stay on track? Hot tea! From matcha green to immune-boosting white to seasonally appropriate apple cinnamon, tea is great for curbing our appetites, inducing calm and keeping us from mindlessly snacking. Our Cuisinart tea pot makes tea easy and stylish.

But don’t misunderstand us: Coffee isn’t off the menu. And thank goodness with National Coffee Day right around the corner! Macy’s has the sleek, beautiful and easy-to-use Nespresso Evoluo Machine on sale for only $129.99 to celebrate—and we will be partaking. Morning isn’t morning without a great cup of coffee—and a great coffee maker. One that’s an espresso maker too in an absolute no brainer. We love ours with a splash of unsweetened coconut milk and a dash of cinnamon and stevia. Yum!

What healthy cooking essentials will you be stocking up on at this year’s Macy’s home sale? We can’t wait to see!

We hope you had a fabulous weekend. Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!