When you look at my textiles, it’s as if you’ve been on the world tour alongside me. — John Robshaw

We think it was perhaps that one, beautiful thought that first made us fall in love with John Robshaw Textiles.



If you’re a long-time Design Chic follower, you know that we love homes–and products–that tell a story.



John Robshaw’s road to the creation of his handcrafted textile line has been just that: a story. 



His journey to India began with a mission to find natural indigo dye for his paintings, in the wake of studying traditional block printing in China and earning a fine arts degree at Pratt.



What he found, instead, was a love of fabric-making, a fascination that would change the course of his life.  



When he founded his eponymous company that love of exploring new cultural influences and techniques didn’t end.



Robshaw continues to travel the world, finding inspiration for his new collections.



“I want all the colors, techniques and designs from each culture to blend,” he said. “I redesign them and mix up the processes. I edit them, learn from them, make them my own, but retain their essence.” 



A focus on hand stitching, hand painting, hand block printing and hand quilting are all hallmarks of the exceptional textiles that the company produces.  



And that commitment shows. 



Each and every piece from John Robshaw’s collection bears the mark of that excellence, from the towels that are as beautiful as they are functional,



To textiles that positively transform a bathroom, 



Each artfully designed piece is a showstopper. 



John Robshaw makes setting the table a special event, and helps create memorable celebrations with the people we hold most dear. 



One peek at Robshaw’s travel journals, and it’s easy to see where he gathers his inspiration–and why every piece in his gorgeous collection tells a story.

To learn more about John Robshaw and his creative process and to view the entire collection, visit johnrobshaw.com


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