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Mary Beth Wagner is a renowned interior designer known for her unique blend of antiques and contemporary style in her designs.  One of the key features of Mary Beth Wagner’s design approach is her skill in harmonizing these seemingly contrasting elements. She carefully selects colors and textures that enhance the visual appeal of both.  By combining old and new, traditional and modern, she creates a dynamic and visually captivating environment that showcases the client’s personality and artistic tastes.  Take a peek and we think you’ll agree!



Delightful in Dallas

– mary beth wagner




Beautiful Cabinets - burke interiors






Beautiful Cabinets

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Summer Fashions - neiman marcus



Summer Fashions

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Bestselling Perfumes

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Tory Burch Leather Sandals

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I am over-the-moon excited for this gorgeous endorsement by the one and only EMILY HENRY for  my 10th novel, The Summer of Songbirds!  When Emily says “Put this in your beach bag immediately,”  we must comply, right?! 









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Four women come together to save the summer camp that changed their lives and rediscover themselves in the process in this heartwarming new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Veil

Nearly thirty years ago, in the wake of a personal tragedy, June Moore bought Camp Holly Springs and turned it into a thriving summer haven for girls. But now, June is in danger of losing the place she has sacrificed everything for—and begins to realize how much she has used the camp to avoid facing difficulties in her life.

June’s niece, Daphne, met her two best friends, Lanier Bradley and Mary Stuart Harris, during a fateful summer at camp, and the three are inseparable even in their thirties. But when attorney Daphne discovers that Lanier’s fiancé—who just so happens to be her client—has done something highly illegal, she must choose between her job and her friendship.

Meanwhile, Lanier is hiding secrets both new and old that might make Daphne see the situation in an entirely different light. When one of those secrets unexpectedly rises to the surface, it threatens to change the very fabric of their friendship.

But when the women learn that their childhood oasis is in danger of closing, they put aside their own problems and band together with June to save it, sending them on a journey that promises to open the next chapters in their lives.

From an author whose “writing coats your soul with heart” (E! Online), The Summer of Songbirds is a lyrical and unforgettable celebration of female friendship, and a love letter to the places and people that make us who we are.










Mary Beth Wagner

mary Beth Wagner

Mary Beth Wagner