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 It’s only Tuesday, and we’re dreaming of a weekend at the beach again already… It’s just that time of year I guess! From sailboats to sea shells to a hint of nautical rope, we’re celebrating those tiny touches that take a home from chic to beach chic. We hope these photos make you feel like you’re on a mini-vacation today!

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 Thanks for stopping by and making us a part of your day.   Wherever you are, we hope it’s amazing!

House Tour: Sullivan’s Island


Beaufort Update!

Hi, friends! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We still have a ways to go with the Beaufort house, but we wanted to give you a little sneak peek of a few things! As my husband delicately pointed out, my photography skills are abysmal. I think I should take a class or something… Anyway, we still have a some painting to do, curtains to hang, etc. etc. But we’re so excited for progress!

 These gorgeous Kerri Shipp drawings make a great statement wall coming down the stairs!


 Blog-writing desk!
 My sink! These mirrors are some of my favorite things in the entire house!
A beach house isn’t complete without a sea turtle!
We thought this guy was going on the screened porch, but we love him here!
This is just a little taste of our progress, and we can’t wait to show you more! Happy Monday, everyone!


In Good Taste: HB Home Design

If there’s one thing that unites the diversely lovely stylings of HB Home, it’s luxury.
And no matter what our design budget, taste or style, couldn’t we all use a little more luxury in our life?
This perfectly set table complete with fresh flowers is one of those special little somethings that we can all use to make an ordinary day feel extraordinary.
It’s so easy to be intimidated by too much pattern, but doesn’t it add such a fun feel to a space?
Then again… there is something soothing about that classically neutral palette. 
Here is one of those delicious canopy beds we want to sink into… Can’t wait to get one of my own!
This color palette is so fabulous. The bright blue contrasts beautifully with this deep brown.
We adore a pink and brown color scheme too. Paired with a deep shade, pink is a perfect pick for any age.
Here’s another incredible example of that layering of patterns. 
Sigh… And, yet again, crisp white with a splash of blue is the ultimate scheme for a soothing bubble bath.
In a small space like this half bath it’s crucial to make every square inch count!
There’s no room a fabulous piece of art can’t bring together.
We would never ever have thought of putting these colors together. But, then again, we weren’t in House Beautiful
The splashes of gold add so much glamour!
What a chic space for a growing girl. The mix of pattern, color and texture is so much fun!
Thanks for coming by today, friends! We hope HB Home brightened your Tuesday as much as it did ours!


House Tour: Leta Austin Foster

Few places on earth compare to Palm Beach when it comes to fabulous, over-the-top design.
But, if loud colors and bamboo furniture everywhere you look are all you equate with Palm Beach style, think again.
This stunning Palm Beach place is crisp, clean and even a little subdued at times.
This neutral palette with pops of blue is, to us, the ultimate in soothing shore decor. And we love the bamboo silverware.
These chairs are so pretty and add such a delicate feel to the room. We’re big fans of dark floors for contrast against a white table and chairs. Plus, bare dining room floors are just practical. Easy sweeping!
It really is those thoughtful touches that take a morning meal from simple to sublime.
Fresh vegetables are always a part of a well-appointed kitchen, ready for laid-back entertaining.
Twin beds are so chic, from kid’s rooms to guest rooms.
We love a chaise, but a comfy chair with ottoman can be just as good.
These lovely ladies prove that true fashion never goes out of style. And few places know style like Palm Beach. We hope you enjoyed today’s home tour. Thanks for visiting us!
Source: Leta Ann Foster

Monday Musings: Beaufort Update

 It has been awhile since we gave an update on the Beaufort place, and we’ve made great progress! That awful mantle in the dining room is in the process of being revamped — wish we could say the same for the tile! And the new paint looks amazing! We don’t miss the pea soup green even a little bit.
 Here’s another view of the dining room paint and the molding. It’s so fresh!

 Delicious fresh paint in the living room as well. One day that tile will be gone…
 The first coat of the stain has been put on the kitchen floors, and the paint looks great too. The new cabinets should be in later this week. Woo hoo!

 Here’s another view of the floors.
 The first coat is on the new floors in Mom and Dad’s bath…
And their room and bath are the most soothing blue! We think we’re four for five on paint colors, which really isn’t bad.
 A little more blue with the pretty gray grout and fresh, clean tile.
 A couple of the fixtures are set in our upstairs master.

And the bathtub has been framed.
This pretty egg and dart molding matches the molding on the stairs.
In the most exciting news…
 The third floor construction has begun!!
 Here’s the little window in the third floor…
 Which is going to be replaced with this huge new window!
 Here’s the new entrance to the third floor…
And the affectionately named stairway to heaven! Oh how we’ve waited for you…
In other news, Will’s sound system is wired up and looking good. Here’s an example speaker.
The floors outside of little Will’s bathroom are finished. They look way shinier here than they are.
So that’s where we are… The upstairs floors are finished, (but we haven’t seen yet so no photos) the kitchen cabinets will be here this week, and we’re making progress slowly but surely. We hope we have a lot more to show soon! If you want to go back to the very beginning, it’s here and here. Sometimes it makes us feel better to see how far we’ve come!
We hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting us today!


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