So it may not look like it but…
Major progress has been made in Beaufort! What used to be that yucky, tiny upstairs bath and office is now little Will’s soon-to-be bedroom!
So it may be a bit hard to visualize as of yet…
But we think it’s going to be fabulous!
Picture built-in, nautical beds, an antique drum, some ships lights. A little boy’s dream!


The upstairs bathroom is framed. 
The new windows haven’t been approved yet…
But keeping our fingers crossed!
This is a little hard to visualize but hang in. The first set of framing will be the door to Mom and Dad’s bathroom, and the smaller frame inside will be their closet.
Moving from the side is the bathroom then the pantry then into the kitchen.
The upstairs master may not be framed, but it is taped! The small boxes represent two pedestal sinks, the corner shower is in — well — the corner and the attractive 1970s beach chair is the — eh hem — water closet.
The bathtub will be underneath this window, so as to take advantage of water views from every angle. I’m fairly excited about two times the bubbles. Yes, that’s bubble bath and champagne.


A girl can dream, right? 
We hope you’re all having a wonderful week!