One Light, Four Ways

 We are so excited this week because we have the awesome opportunity to work with Rejuvenation and three fabulous bloggers to design a pendant light and then use it in a room we are working on! The even better news? Next Monday, when we reveal the design of our light, we are also giving away a $100 Rejuvenation gift card for YOU to use on anything your little heart desires! Yay! If you aren’t familiar with Rejuvenation, they are the lighting arm of the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn family, and are stuffed to the gills with incredible lighting!

 We have this tricky little hallway in the Beaufort house that we need the perfect fixture for… So this couldn’t have come at a better time!
 Just to orient you to the space, the hall is in between the upstairs (soon-to-be) master bath…
 And the upstairs master bedroom. The entire area is that great spatial white color that we are so excited about, so we’ve narrowed our pendant colors down to something in the chrome, aluminum, stainless family, glass, frosted glass or maybe some sort of cool lantern look that will go with the age of the house.
It’s all ready and waiting for just the right light. We’re pretty excited about the reveal because this hallway is very important. It leads to the second-floor porch, so it’s sure to get tons of traffic. We’re hoping by next week the cardboard will the gone, the pictures will be hung, and, most important, we’ll have a chic centerpiece in the form of the perfect light. So, what would your vision for this space be? Something shiny? A dull steel? Glass? So many great options!
Here are the other blog friends we’re working with on this fun One Light, Four Ways project:
Calling It Home 
We’re betting their spaces look a little better in the “before” photos… But, the good news it, that means we’ll have something even more surprising to reveal! 
We are all four using the Baltimore Pendant and designing it in a way that looks good in our space. Here are a few options that we think are great! But there are so, so many great looks it’s hard to choose just one!
We shouldn’t even tell you guys this because we’re creating competition for ourselves, but, since we’re friends, we felt obligated to let you know that Rejuvenation is giving away this gorgeous Blenko lamp on April 30. All you have to do is Like them on Facebook. This lamp is the PERFECT blue for the Beaufort house, and, you might like to know, retails for a mere $590. (See what good friends we are?) We’d say to let us know if you win, but we’re pretty much planning on being the lucky ones. We think we’ll use it in the living room 🙂

Traditional Home
Here a few beautiful hallways for your viewing pleasure!
Structures Building Group
We hope ours is looking as spruced and fabulous as these soon!
Opal Design Group
Australian Decor

Tim Barber Ltd


Thanks for visiting us today, and don’t forget to check back next Monday for our $100 gift card giveaway! We know we could use some amazing lighting from Rejuvenation! Wishing you a Monday that is bright, bright, bright!

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Monday Musings: Beaufort Update

 It has been awhile since we gave an update on the Beaufort place, and we’ve made great progress! That awful mantle in the dining room is in the process of being revamped — wish we could say the same for the tile! And the new paint looks amazing! We don’t miss the pea soup green even a little bit.
 Here’s another view of the dining room paint and the molding. It’s so fresh!

 Delicious fresh paint in the living room as well. One day that tile will be gone…
 The first coat of the stain has been put on the kitchen floors, and the paint looks great too. The new cabinets should be in later this week. Woo hoo!

 Here’s another view of the floors.
 The first coat is on the new floors in Mom and Dad’s bath…
And their room and bath are the most soothing blue! We think we’re four for five on paint colors, which really isn’t bad.
 A little more blue with the pretty gray grout and fresh, clean tile.
 A couple of the fixtures are set in our upstairs master.

And the bathtub has been framed.
This pretty egg and dart molding matches the molding on the stairs.
In the most exciting news…
 The third floor construction has begun!!
 Here’s the little window in the third floor…
 Which is going to be replaced with this huge new window!
 Here’s the new entrance to the third floor…
And the affectionately named stairway to heaven! Oh how we’ve waited for you…
In other news, Will’s sound system is wired up and looking good. Here’s an example speaker.
The floors outside of little Will’s bathroom are finished. They look way shinier here than they are.
So that’s where we are… The upstairs floors are finished, (but we haven’t seen yet so no photos) the kitchen cabinets will be here this week, and we’re making progress slowly but surely. We hope we have a lot more to show soon! If you want to go back to the very beginning, it’s here and here. Sometimes it makes us feel better to see how far we’ve come!
We hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting us today!


Chaise Lounging…

Geoff Chick Design
An all-important part of any room — beyond the aesthetics, of course — is how comfortable  it is.
Caitlin Wilson
We love a gorgeous interior design scheme as much as the next girls, but, sometimes, it’s all about the comfort.
Mabley Handler Design
For our Beaufort house, we’re remodeling the third floor attic (which we have zero pictures of, by the way) that leads to the widow’s walk to be one of those great, all-purpose rooms. 
Country Living
Mainly, it will be a playroom for Will, a place to have friends over when he’s older, and a spot for people to congregate at parties when that big game is on. (Because that always happens, doesn’t it? And who wants to hear the TV droning in the background??)
So, when it comes to comfort, the couch might be king, but the chaise is queen. 
Jeffrey Bernett Design
Will and Dad vote for some sort of L or U-shaped chaise/couch configuration. 
Jute Interior
We see the merit in it for sure. And we did say that room was all about comfort…
Molly Frey Design
BUT… Though the all-in-one can be fun, but we’re always fans of the chaise/sofa combo. 
Jessica Helgerson Design
It feels less crowded to us and makes pathways seem more open.
Sarah Richarson Design
Plus, maybe it’s the only child in me, but I like to have my personal space. I think that explains my penchant for solo chaises. Mom is one of four and could cram on a couch with fifteen people, so I don’t know why she likes them so much…
The Zhush
Anyway, since it isn’t necessarily a psychology exam so much as an interior design challenge, what’s your feeling on the attached or detached chaise situation?
Nate Berkus Studio
One of the best parts of the chaise is that chic little side table that nestles in so sweetly beside it.
Lee F. Mindel Architect

Obviously this is completely too formal for a playroom, but isn’t this room stunning? What’s better than a touch of gold? Clear vote for the chaise… Please chime in, we need opinions! We hope you all have an amazing day!


House Tour: Beaufort Update!

 So, you know we’re dedicating our Wednesdays to house tours. We thought this Wednesday might be a good time to give you a little update on the Beaufort house! If you’re thinking What? This is PROGRESS! check out our before pictures here and here. Obviously, this is only primer on the walls and a couple of spindles have been painted white to test. But it’s amazing how big of a difference just a little white paint can make!
 Our original plan was to rip out this fireplace and start over. As it turns out, it was going to be a major structural deal, so we’re experimenting with other options. It’s amazing what an eyesore it was before and how much better just this little tester paint looks! 
 Dark half bath door primed! 
 The upstairs master bath is painted, and I am obsessed with this color. It’s one of the only times in my life I walked into a room and thought, “Yup. Nailed that paint choice.”

Here’s another view.
 The floors up here were painted brown, so we’re exploring some options. They might possibly be able to be sanded and refinished, but we’re trying a little white paint just in case it doesn’t work. We love it! It’s so fresh. 
 The bathroom has been painted too. And, no, this fabulous chair isn’t staying… We’ll auction it off to the highest bidder 🙂

Untold baths are going to happen here, just admiring the view out the window!
 Little Will’s bathroom tile is finished as well!
 We think the gray grout looks great!
 Laundry room! It’s small for a reason, people.
 The lighting is clearly not finished in Will’s room. Sorry for the horrible pictures.
 We might seal these window frames off and leave them looking rustic. We think it would pair well with the built-in ships beds. This is one of those times, like normal, where we walked in and thought: “We picked that color…”
The blue lines in the hall wall are the site of the future third floor demo, affectionately named the “stairway to heaven.” And, let us tell you, when you get out on that widow’s walk, you feel pretty close to it! We’re hoping to bust that ceiling out this week.
The floors in the kitchen/mudroom are down. We can’t wait to see this place with a pair of chaises!
We’ve come a long way, baby. 
As a reminder, here’s the old kitchen. Ahhh, memories!
The upstairs guest room with shiny, new paint! Is it weird that I miss the pink walls?
Mom and Dad’s bathroom floor is down and the tub and tile — sans grout — are in! 
Shew! We can’t wait to show you even more progress in a week or two when we go back to check on things. 
We’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s safe to say that this project will be finished one day… Thanks for visiting us today. We hope you’re having a wonderful day!


Monday Musings: Beach Chic

The Fuller View
We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was a gorgeous one here in NC, and, frankly, we aren’t ready for it to be over! Are we ever really ready, though?
Hickman Interiors
The Beaufort house is finally looking like it might come together! The paint color samples looked great, and the door and window frames and moldings are mostly up. Next comes the paint, floors, kitchen, etc. 
Hickman Interiors
We are shamelessly daydreaming of the days when it will all be finished, although, this really has been one of those times that the journey has been as amazing as the destination will hopefully be. We’re getting inspired just looking at all these beautiful photos!
The Fuller View
Natural beauty is the best!
The Fuller View
Binoculars are a beach necessity. If they’re antique, all the better!
The Fuller View
Love the shabby chic!
The Fuller View
This color scheme is quintessentially coastal.
The Fuller View
Who says silver needs to be polished to perfection? Between boat rides and sunbathing, who has the time?
The Fuller View
The ties on these drapes are perfection. So casual, yet chic.
The Fuller View
A chaise is great anywhere!
The Fuller View
We hope we nailed this fantastic water blue for the backs of the dining room bookshelves.
Old buoys are almost as good as the water behind them! 
We hope your Monday is as fun as your weekend was!

All these pretty treats reminded us to remind you: There’s still time to get up to $500 free shipping at Jamie Shop with the code DESIGNCHIC2012.


Things We Love: Pocket Doors

Nicety Live Journal
If there’s any room divider that we love, it’s the pocket door.
Nancy Fishelson Design Nantucket Cottage

Reminiscent of an era gone by, the pocket door adds that cozy, cottage feel to any home.

Either fully opened and tucked away for later use, 
Or slightly open so the beautiful details add to the room.
Studio Annetta Blog
Pocket doors are a great way to add interest to a room, 
inspired charm
Or close off a space while keeping an open feeling.
They are the perfect place to add a splash of accent, like a bold color.
Delight by Design
This mirrored design is so pretty we might want to keep it open all the time!
This open-weave design adds privacy while maintaining the space’s airy feel.

loulou pear

These great black doors really set off the room. 
The pocket doors at the Beaufort house are one of our favorite features. We’re working on sanding them back to the original wood for that coastal feel. We’re heading down there today, so we hope we have a long-overdue update soon!

Thanks for stopping by today. We hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!


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