Monday Musings: Beaufort Update

 It has been awhile since we gave an update on the Beaufort place, and we’ve made great progress! That awful mantle in the dining room is in the process of being revamped — wish we could say the same for the tile! And the new paint looks amazing! We don’t miss the pea soup green even a little bit.
 Here’s another view of the dining room paint and the molding. It’s so fresh!

 Delicious fresh paint in the living room as well. One day that tile will be gone…
 The first coat of the stain has been put on the kitchen floors, and the paint looks great too. The new cabinets should be in later this week. Woo hoo!

 Here’s another view of the floors.
 The first coat is on the new floors in Mom and Dad’s bath…
And their room and bath are the most soothing blue! We think we’re four for five on paint colors, which really isn’t bad.
 A little more blue with the pretty gray grout and fresh, clean tile.
 A couple of the fixtures are set in our upstairs master.

And the bathtub has been framed.
This pretty egg and dart molding matches the molding on the stairs.
In the most exciting news…
 The third floor construction has begun!!
 Here’s the little window in the third floor…
 Which is going to be replaced with this huge new window!
 Here’s the new entrance to the third floor…
And the affectionately named stairway to heaven! Oh how we’ve waited for you…
In other news, Will’s sound system is wired up and looking good. Here’s an example speaker.
The floors outside of little Will’s bathroom are finished. They look way shinier here than they are.
So that’s where we are… The upstairs floors are finished, (but we haven’t seen yet so no photos) the kitchen cabinets will be here this week, and we’re making progress slowly but surely. We hope we have a lot more to show soon! If you want to go back to the very beginning, it’s here and here. Sometimes it makes us feel better to see how far we’ve come!
We hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting us today!


Holy Sheetrock!

 Oh my goodness, what a difference a few (hundred!) pieces of sheetrock can make! After a long stretch of doing all those things that you can’t really see — i.e., plumbing, electric, roof, repointing the chimneys, etc., etc., we finally have progress! Little Will’s room has walls…
The old doorway in the downstairs master has been covered and the new one cut…
 The downstairs master bathroom no longer has a view to the pantry! It also has a new bathtub…
As does the upstairs master!
 The kitchen is all ready for floors, paint, cabinets and appliances!
 The chaise lounge reading room/fishing rod storage area — as you can see, we’re still negotiating on this one — has brand new windows, no cabinets and fresh sheet rock!
  The half bath is a foot taller!
 The backyard has been completely cleared out and is getting ready for new wood and a new screened porch — and parking pads.
 The front yard has been cleared of the scruffy bushes and is ready for new plants and some fresh, beautiful sod.
If you want to revisit some of the “before” photos, check out the downstairs and the upstairs original photos.
 We can’t wait until we have final “after” pictures. It’s getting closer! 

In other news, we have to thank our friend Mon — you know her from the so fab Splendid Willow — for sending Will THE BEST birthday gift! Seriously, he’s so impressed with himself and his big number one every time he wears this shirt. She has them on her super chic store Splendid Avenue. If you want to be the cool aunt/mom/friend/sister/brother, this is the gift!
We hope you all have a fantastic day. Thanks so much for visiting us!


New Windows and Furniture, Finally!

We wish we had some super-exciting Beaufort news to share — you know, like moving in furniture. But, of course, it has only been two months… We are pretty thrilled that some of the old, mismatched windows have been replaced with larger, matching ones, like this big one in Mom and Dad’s bathroom.
 So, no, these might not have been the dream windows we would have chosen, but replacing every window in the house wasn’t quite in the budget. At any rate, the new kitchen windows look so much better than the old ones did. The kitchen looks lighter and brighter already!
Just a little reminder of the old window on this wall!
The trimwork on the outside looks great too!
 In other groundbreaking news, the electrician found another foot in the new half bath downstairs! Higher ceilings are always good news, right?
Combine that with rolls and rolls and rolls of insulation and more feet of wiring and pipes than we could have imagined and a new heating and air system, and we’ve come a long way, baby!

So let’s get down to some good stuff:

 We’ve started gathering furniture, lighting, accessories etc. This Currey & Company Grotto Chandelier was the starting point for the entrance foyer. It just arrived, and it definitely makes a statement!
 The chandelier will be hanging over this great dining table from Halo Styles.
A pair of this Rutledge occasional chair (Fabric TBD!) from Phillips Scott is also going on one side of the entrance…
With a gorgeous, handmade stool from Hampton Row (in another color, of course) in between.
This Regina Andrew Le Chic floor lamp will grace the corner of the room. 
And these Gascoigne chairs from Phillips Scott, the outside and back covered in raffia with another great, yet to be found fabric on the seat are going on the other side of the room.

Progress! It’s going to be so fun to see it all come together in a few months!
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Ceilings, Moldings and Walls… Oh My!

 So, no, a ceiling of white sheetrock may not look like much to the average homeowner, but, to us, it is a sign that something terrible is gone! Remember those awful ceiling tiles in the Beaufort house? They are gone, gone, gone! 
 In their place is fresh, white sheetrock and thicker new moldings upstairs.

 Moldings up close. We can’t wait for the ones downstairs to go up! 

These thinner moldings still in our future bathroom are what they used to look like. You don’t think that wall needs any work, do you?
 Guest room has new ceilings and moldings too.
 And, Will’s room, previously a gutted mess is starting to actually look like a room!
I never thought I’d be so excited to see walls! As one of the workers said day before yesterday, (Yes, he was there finishing the upstairs molding on a Saturday) “It feels good that the tearing down is finished and the building back up has begun!”
 Speaking of walls, this one that now creates a hallway to get out of the upstairs deck in between what is now our master bedroom and bath is up!
 See? Bedroom doorway, wall, bathroom doorway.
 A little Good Will Hunting going on between our future bathroom sconces…
In other exciting news, we are heading to the High Point Furniture Market this weekend! We are so excited about all the fabulous finds that are sure to be there. Anyone else planning a trip??

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks, as always, for stopping by today!

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So it may not look like it but…
Major progress has been made in Beaufort! What used to be that yucky, tiny upstairs bath and office is now little Will’s soon-to-be bedroom!
So it may be a bit hard to visualize as of yet…
But we think it’s going to be fabulous!
Picture built-in, nautical beds, an antique drum, some ships lights. A little boy’s dream!

The upstairs bathroom is framed. 
The new windows haven’t been approved yet…
But keeping our fingers crossed!
This is a little hard to visualize but hang in. The first set of framing will be the door to Mom and Dad’s bathroom, and the smaller frame inside will be their closet.
Moving from the side is the bathroom then the pantry then into the kitchen.
The upstairs master may not be framed, but it is taped! The small boxes represent two pedestal sinks, the corner shower is in — well — the corner and the attractive 1970s beach chair is the — eh hem — water closet.
The bathtub will be underneath this window, so as to take advantage of water views from every angle. I’m fairly excited about two times the bubbles. Yes, that’s bubble bath and champagne.

A girl can dream, right? 
We hope you’re all having a wonderful week!


Beaufort House Update: Seeing the Light

Hi, friends! We hope you all had a wonderful Monday. We didn’t get to Beaufort this week, so not much to report, but, the good news is, that means double progress for next week! One of the first things we need to pick for the house is the light fixtures, and we have a few things that we’re considering. 
For the kitchen, these clean, simple, white pendants with silver on the inside are one of our possible picks.
But we also are partial to sleek, chrome fixtures like these, especially since we’re thinking of using this kind of bar stool. 
Another cool pendant choice for the kitchen. This one is a little more rustic.
These are so gorgeous! Which would you pick for your kitchen?
We’re pretty set on this driftwood sphere for the living room. It adds that rustic, beachy touch while still being fabulous.
We are thinking of this oyster shell fixture for the dining room. The intricate detail of it is amazing.
This gorgeous shell chandelier is one of our favorite choices for the entrance hall. 
Aren’t these great for the downstairs master? A splash of gold is always fun! 
Thanks for stopping by and following our progress.


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