There is no better way to start the day than with puppies! At least, that’s what we hear.


I, for one, have actually never had a puppy. Never had a dog at all, actually. I know. Generally when I say this people look at me like I have a major character flaw.


But my husband always had dogs. Big, yellow labs for hunting–that, incidentally, also lived in the house and slept in the bed. And, now that we have an almost five year old, (Hubby has done copious amounts of research and, evidently, five or six is the “ideal” age for a child to get a dog. I will be stunting his emotional mental growth if I deny him that.) we are considering the idea that maybe this should be the Christmas.


You know. The puppy Christmas. Essentially, the best ever Christmas, the Christmas that no other Christmas will ever be able to compete with again.


Even without ever having a puppy, I’m pretty clear that the puppy Christmas is the best of all possible Christmases.


But, as all mothers know, I am positive that I will be the one getting up in the middle of the night with the puppy. I will be the one potty training the puppy and taking it to the groomer and arranging dog sitters when we are away–which, with my book tour schedule, is quite often. 


I’ve seen my friends with their dogs. It is another child. No doubt about it. 


But when I weigh all of the new responsibilities I will have for, you know, the next fourteen years or so, vs. the thrill of my son coming down the stairs on Christmas morning and seeing his own little furry friend…


Well, there are some moments that are really worth all that. I’m told this is one of them.


So that leads me to my question: What kind of dog do we get? What dog are you absolutely in love with? (I am going to need to be in love to wake up in the middle of the night.)


In fact, we were strongly considering getting a dog that was a little older, already potty trained, all that. But I think I’m going to need that sweet, fluffy puppy stage to really fall in love.


It was, on the other hand, love at first glance when we saw Collins Interiors‘ amazing work. 


The art… The patterns… The gorgeous colors.


And, of course, the vision that pulls it all together so seamlessly, as though it was always meant to be this way.


In fact, we’re pretty sure a sweet puppy would be the perfect addition for any of these rooms.


And I guess it would be worth all of the extra vacuuming if it meant having a Christmas morning like this one… 

Wishing you a day today that’s filled with jumping-on-the-bed joy!

We are so thrilled by the number of beautiful homes we are going to have as a part of the Slightly South of Simple book tour for next April and May. If you might be interested in having the Slightly South of Simple tour come to your house (or town!), or would like more information, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]