We have the best news! You know we are big, huge fans of Humphrey Munson Handmade Kitchens. (I mean… the built-in kennels? Too cute!)



And while they have always been a go-to for fabulous kitchen organization and inspiration, Humphrey Munson isn’t just for the heart of the home!



Mudrooms with panache,



Laundry rooms with style,



And butler’s pantries with staying power



Are all a part of Humphrey Munson‘s chicly stylish storage.



Back door drop stations for keeping everything in its place,



Pantries that make it easy to stay organized,



And beautifully designed and implemented storage that keeps essentials squarely within view,



Become essential parts of a home’s overall style, design scheme and chic look. We can’t get enough of Humphrey Munson in any room in the house!


Paul Craig Photography


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